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wild script – The Strange World of GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies

What do you do while you wait for Bond 20’s premiere or for the next Bond Collectors` Weekend to commence? Why, you examine the many bizarre similarities and space-time continuum opposites between Brosnan`s first two outings as 007. The following list has caused more than one barroom brawl between fans!

Have fun with this list. How is it that talented Bruce Feirstein and one dozen other writers, directors and producers worked with GoldenEye and Tomorrow Never Dies, making them dissimilar films, and yet so bizarrely alike? Am I seeing conspiracy where none exists? Am I drinking too much coffee or watching too many TBS days of 007? Is something seriously wrong with me and the Mrs., authors of the following list of useless trivia comparisons? You be the judge!

PS: Read the whole thing (if you dare!) and at bottom you get a special bonus, “proof” that Brosnan will never make a third James Bond film. (That was a good one.) Have fun!


Cast, Crew & Production:

Both films had title songs and end title songs composed by different artists.

Only the title songs appeared as single CDs.

Both films had stars who are singers themselves, Jonathan Pryce and Isabella Scorupco.

Both were over two hours, even after significant editing down; both made over 350 million at the box office and were advertised and had tie-in products for many millions.

George Lazenby and Sean Connery were rumored for villains, and a rival Kevin McClory was rumored for both films–This did not happen!

Both had excellent re-mixes of the Bond theme prepared for them that were never used in the film score.

In GEYE, Bond plays cards for a hobby. Ricky Jay who plays “Gupta” in TND, throws cards for a living.

Both titles end with a “long I” sound.

Both flicks were turned into “The Making of” books that were not as good as their predecessors, The Making of License To Kill or Roger Moore’s account!

Both were published as movie tie-in novels in England by Hodder as their only hard cover versions, both were published by Charter and Boulevard in the UK and US respectively in soft cover–neither were as good as their predecessors, “License to Kill” or the Wood…even Raymond Benson calls his latest Benson Bond Three and not his fourth James Bond novel!

Both movies were produced by Michael Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Wilson makes cameos in both, not as a villain but as someone employed by the bad guys, and both times his working context involves the government of a superpower nation.

Both movies debuted in odd-numbered years.

Both Brosnan and Feirstein were rumored to have a good relationship with Martin Campbell and a crummy one with Roger Spottiswoode.

All four songs were sung by single acts, not bands; the title songs were both done by single female acts; Tina Turner and Sheryl Crow both have ten-letter names composed of a four letter and a six letter word–The title song of GoldenEye is 4:46 on the movie soundtrack and TND’s song is 4:47 long. The soundtracks had 16 and 15 songs respectively–Both title songs use the word “eye” or “eyes” in them.

Taking away common letters from both titles leaves “GRIMLY SORROW TV” or what might happen when these films move to TBS!

Both had posters with Bond in the middle, gun to cheek, a female on either side, a fiery explosion and movie vehicles pictured; both ad campaigns featured prominent circular shapes in their logos and design; the 007 logo blown up in size and the GEYE satellite path.

Bruce Feirstein gets a main script writing credit on both, though technically speaking, he was the first (and last) author to handle both projects!

Fun cast fact: Hollywood Irish Pierce Brosnan’s first big movie was “Goldfinger” starring Sean Connery; Sean Connery’s first big movie was “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”, where he stars as an Irishman.

Both had Walther guns, BMWs and trading cards tied in to their toys.

Both movies polarized fans who tend to either love or hate the film intensely.

Joe Don Baker was a last-minute replacement in both.

Both starred Brosnan, Llewellyn, Dench and Samantha Bond; both were not influenced much by Albert Broccoli; both reflected 90s sensibilities and are the two most discussed, pictured and advertised Bond films on the Internet; both carried new gun barrel sequences and music for their film and displayed the new United Artists logos and music.

Desmond Llewellyn appears as reading off cue cards in both films.

Only a fan would understand both titles; that GEYE was Fleming’s villa and that the working title or TND, Tomorrow Always Comes was the working title of a Gardner novel. One title was one of the best loved titles by fans, the other, one of the most disliked– both movie titles refer to the villain’s chief tool or weapon.

One had one of the best loved title sequences, the other one of the most disliked by the same technician; same thing for the two title songs and the two end title songs, “Surrender” and “The Experience of Loving!”

Both were especially popular in Japan, where TND did better than Titanic in its opening weeks.

Both films had controversial score composers; David Arnold for being a great bond composer who some thought erred with Shaken Not Stirred and with using the Bond theme and Barry riffs too much; Eric Serra for being a poor Bond composer who did not use the Bond theme enough! Both Serra and Arnold join John Barry and Bill Conti in having a last name with just one more letter than in their first name!


Teaser Sequences.

006 hides and observes the villains in one teaser sequence, 007 in TND.

When we first see Bond, he says nothing until he acknowledges the first victim he punches unconscious with one punch to their head–He then cracks a joke afterwards–Both jokes refer to bodily habits; using the bathroom or cigarette smoking.

Bond steals the plane for his escape in both teasers after first riding upon another vehicle to get there–He dumps the pilot out of each plane sometime before escaping into the title song.

Both teasers involve a Russian who General who orders soldiers not to shoot their weapons.

In TND, not knowing his location is about to be blown up, a villain chases Bond’s getaway plane, in GoldenEye, Ourumov knows his location is going to be blown up and halts the chase of Bond and his getaway plane.

Both teasers are in or near Russia in a frozen locale with ice and snow–Both films will end in a warmer climate elsewhere.



Brosnan sliced open a body part while both films were in production and needed to hide that fact for both his finger and lip during filming.

Brosnan visibly pulsates his jaw in GEYE and visibly pulsates his eyelids in TND.

A shaken not stirred vodka martini is ordered by Bond in both movies.

Bond apparently has no money and does not need to eat anything or order a meal in either film.

Bond uses explosives working on timing devices in both films to take out the villain’s headquarters…both explosions do only a partial job of destruction which Bond must afterwards finish!

Valentin Zukovsky was shot in the leg by Bond but that did not stop him. Mr. Stamper is knifed in the leg by Bond–without slowing him down much either.

Bond and friends destroy at least one space satellite in both films.

Bond smokes in neither film.

Bond uses an ejector seat in both movies to save his life.

Bond speaks his “native” French in one film and his “native” German in the other–in both films, Bond speaks in these languages to incidental movie characters who are helping him with his car!

Bond comprehends one other non-English language in each film; Russian in GEYE and Danish in TND.

Bond shuts off Carver’s power source in Germany and the radar station’s power source in Cuba. Both serve as only temporary measures, which serve mostly to anger the villains, more than ever.

Bond gets down to cases and solves both problems in 48 hours once the main plot gets rolling.

Bond only says “Bond, James Bond” one time–He says it each time to a villain or villainess.

Bond comes into physical conflict with more than one person in each film without killing them dead.

Bond meets the villain’s gal in both films and at that time the two of them order something to drink.

Bond is on at least three boats and ships in each film–if we disregard the submerged wreck of the ship Devonshire in TND; the first craft in both films is a privately owned fishing boat or yacht–the next in each film is a small-sized speedy craft–the next is a large boat that is motionless in the water while Bond is aboard!

Bond is stripped to the waist in both films…each time, he is in water and also has a misbegotten seduction take place at that time–further, he is handcuffed in one film by Wai Lin and legcuffed by Xenia Onatopp in the other!

We see Bond using three planes in both movies–the first was stolen for escape; the second is his flight to the mission and the last he moves away from at speed!

Bond uses body parts other than his hands to influence flying vehicles in both films by banging his head into instruments and steering with his knees.

He wears Brioni suits in both and a black, not white, tuxedo jacket in both.

After a dramatic pause, Bond says the one word, “Commander” in both films to a villain or villainess.

In one movie, Bond quips, “How original.” In the other, Bond quips, “Very novel.”

Bond’s female passenger criticizes his driving skills in both films.

Bond clutches a rope or chain like Tarzan in both films; once just after escaping the villain with his heroine; once just after losing the heroine to the villain; once he swings into glass to avoid machine gun fire, the other time he shoots glass with a machine gun after his swing; he also dangles from a bungee to enter a villain’s HQ in one flick and angles from a rope to leave a villain’s HQ in the other!

Bond dodges numerous machine gun bullets in both and uses machine guns himself in both.

In GEYE, a villain looks at Bond’s Omega and wonders if Bond is still using Q’s old and supposedly outdated spy watch; in TND, two years later, Q has learned nothing from Bond’s presumed report of the incident since Wai Lin also criticizes Bond’s Omega and says, “the Chinese have made improvements!”

Brosnan is criticized in both films for not being a physically imposing Bond though he gets into more brutal fights and kills more people using knives and heavier guns than in previous Bond films.

Bond is uncertain of both heroines’ allegiance during their first encounters.

Bond drinks straight liquor from a glass in both films.

In both films, Bond is intimate with a woman who wears a necklace during that movie scene. For Both films and all six women, Bond makes love to each on screen one time only.

Bond bites two women with his teeth in TND. Bond is himself bitten by Xenia Onatopp in GoldenEye–Xenia bites Bond’s lip in their fight scene until he bleeds in GEYE–in real life a stunt man bled Bond’s lip during filming a fight scene in TND!

Bond empties and loses or discards a Walther in both films.

Bond uses a machine gun and dodges numerous machine gun bullets in both films.

Bond does not know M has read the report of Trevelyan’s death in GEYE–Bond does not know M knows about his relationship with Paris Carver in TND.



Sean Bean was considered for the role of Bond himself, Jonathan Pryce asked to be considered to sing the title song; Sean Bean’s henchman was the former Colonel Ourumov, Pryce played the former Colonel Juan Peron in Evita!–Both men have light colored hair–Both die in their films while located in Communist countries and both are ultimately killed by their own devices–both are covert devices a one-time underwater radar antenna mast and a one-time underwater grinding submersible.

One villain damages a communist country to cover his tracks–He then plans to hurt England and steal power and money–The other villain hurts England to cover his tracks, so he can steal power and money from a communist country!

Bond says the final words to both villains just before he kills them–Both scream as their death overtakes them.

Both villains are pursued by Bond across two continents.

Bond casts doubt on Elliot Carver’s plot during their last meeting, with his two henchmen present, before their final showdown. Carver prophesies that as his plot succeeds, he will “Reach more people than God.” Bond casts doubt on Alec Trevelyan’s plot during their last meeting, with his two henchmen present, before their final showdown. Travelyan prophesies that as his plot succeeds, he will “Have more money than God.”

Alec Travelyan tells Bond, “God didn’t give me this face. You did, when you set those timers for three minutes.” Elliot Carver tells Bond, “I didn’t write my late wife’s obituary. You did, when you asked her to betray me.”

Both villains arrange Bond’s death using a helicopter without being present themselves, in both instances, the heroine’s life is threatened at the same time by the same helicopter and Bond improvises a rescue, both rescue methods see the helicopter blown to pieces.

Both villains holds the heroine hostage at gun point; disdain their intelligence and abilities, and then taunts Bond that they have his woman now

One villain sought to destroy mass communications and electronic media, the other to foster mass communications and electronic media.

The GoldenEye weapon works on a principle of thermonuclear pulse defeated by the chip stolen back by Bond in A View To A Kill; Tomorrow Never Dies involved the manipulation of space vehicles which Bond had helped defeat in Dr. No!

Both villains had mobile headquarters that were hidden by water on or near islands!

Both movies have villains refer to an American movie, since Zukovsky’s girlfriend sings “Stand By Your Man” from Coal Miner’s Daughter and Carver’s competitor emblazons “The Empire Strikes Back” for a newspaper headline.

Both feature an English villain who leaves his native country to live elsewhere and then seek to wreak havoc on only England and one other, Communist nation. Both villains need to steal a special helicopter from France or special computer equipment from America to achieve their ends, though!

Both villains are seen for one scene only in their moving headquarters of a stealth boat or stealth train; the only other vehicles Carver and Trevelyan are referred to as using are helicopters.

Both Carver and Trevelyan admonish Bond for being too late; Trevelyan to Bond in their first dialogue together, Carver to Bond in their last dialogue together!


Henchmen & Minor Villains:

Both villains had henchmen who were generals, Chang and Ourumov. Both Generals considered themselves the old guard of their nation and sought to take leadership of their country!

Bond was associated directly or indirectly with both villains before the present day of the film; in one, Bond has crossed oaths with the villain’s henchman Ourumov, in the other, he has crossed paths been with his wife, Paris.

By accident, the floor collapses under Natalya and she plunges to where the henchmen are waiting. Henchmen shoot the floor from beneath Bond and Wai Lin’s motorcycle intentionally yet they escape.

Both films focus on a minor villain handling a subplot, Zukovsky and Kauffman, who are played mostly for laughs.

Bond kills the main villain a few moments before the main henchman, Boris and Stamper, die.

As with the main villains, technically speaking, Bond does not kill Boris or Stamper; they are destroyed by the villains’ own weapons–both were stolen weapons; the liquid nitrogen in the stolen GEYE site in Cuba and the stolen missile from the ship?

Both films continue the tradition of the last few films as having at least one blond-hair, Aryan looking villain or henchman.

Henchman, not the main villains, steal special computerized equipment utilizing satellites as essential to the plot; both the henchman who steal computer equipment steal it from a locale in or near Russia that is demolished within minutes of the theft; the terrorist bazaar and Severnaya; both men die with one bullet shot into their forehead while Bond is in the same room!



At first meeting, Bond is unsure of the heroines’ allegiance–thinking Natalya might work for the KGB and Wai Lin might want to work for Carver.

The main villain makes a pass at both heroines.

Both films have a female character, (Paris Carver and Natalya Simonova) aloof to Bond initially and even tries to strike or resist him; they then tell Bond that his job is too dangerous and prohibits their relationship; then they urge him not to go after the bad guy in the morning, then after sleeping with him that night, they both change their mind and help him on his mission the next day!

Both movies have heroines who receive a gun from Bond; he directs them where to go and what do to in the final battle scenes–both comply and both know how to handle their weapons with skill.

Both heroines reside in Communist countries to which Bond encourages their loyalties and helps and protects their people!

Both heroines use personal computers in a way Bond is unable to so they can locate the villain’s location for the final showdown–our brilliant Bond, however, is able to give them both clues so each then can locate the villain’s base location in under sixty seconds!

The last danger is averted in GEYE when Natalya rescues Bond with helicopter from plunging into a satellite that was submerged a few minutes before; the last danger of TND has Bond rescuing Wai Lin from drowning while they are both submerged!

Both movies have Bond and the heroine in “impossible” stunts; neither sliding down a satellite or the helicopter jump into a building roof look like one could survive.


Other Bond Women:

Both films have at least one woman who wears a black dress.

Dutch actresses played in both films.

Bond is intimate with three women in both films–two of these women have dark hair; the third one has light hair, red or blonde–The two brunettes in each film are depicted as more intelligent and more combative.

The “light hair” women are throwaway characters who are less astute; one; probably the most English of the women Bond has been with ever, meets with Bond for the first time outside of England to evaluate his fitness for the Secret Service; Bond uses her and discards her to the frustration of M; the other, one of the most obviously foreign women Bond has been with ever; meets Bond in Oxford, England as a regular dalliance to instruct him and Bond discards her because M is impatiently waiting for him!

In one movie, Bond turns down the main villainess then kills her afterward; in the other movie, Bond accepts the villain’s wife and the villain kills her afterward!



In both GEYE and TND, Bond has a missile fired at one of the planes he flies–One missile downs his vehicle, the other nearly downs his opponent’s vehicle.

Bond uses his Aston Martin in both movies; presumably the same car; neither is depicted as a Q branch vehicle and neither has gadgets greater than a champagne compartment; both are driven at the insistence of a red hair woman; in GEYE Caroline tells Bond he is driving too fast and should slow down before Bond makes love; in the other, Moneypenny tells Bond he needs to hurry up and drive faster to the Ministry of Defense right after Bond has made love.

Bond drives motorcycles in both films–both bikes are stolen vehicles and both bikes are discarded by Bond after their use–one smashes into a wall beneath the a helicopter, one smashes into the bottom of a cliff face.

In one movie, Bond uses the biggest, sturdiest vehicle possible, a tank…in another, Bond uses the tiniest and most vulnerable, half a motorbike.

In one movie, Bond dives out of a plane wearing a parachute, in the other, Bond dives into a plane not wearing a parachute.

In both movies, product placements are spilled and knocked over during a vehicle chase in second third of the film. Both products are made outside the UK which Bond has never traditionally ordered without a strong liquor chaser on the side.



M is criticized for being a female head of the Service by English characters in both movies.

M’s “balls” are referred to in both films despite her lack of them; in GEYE, M states that Bond is “dead wrong” that she doesn’t have balls to decide to send a man to his death; in TND, M states that the lack of them is an advantage to making decisions!

In both films, M shows genuine remorse at the prospect of losing Bond.

M holds a drink in her hand as she assigns Bond both of his missions.

M thought 006 was killed in the teaser of GEYE, though he was not, and believes the same of 007 during the teaser of TND.

M accepts with rectitude that 006 gave his life at the beginning of GEYE; Bond feels terrible about his mistakes in 006’s death and M offers him forgiveness–at the end of TND, M says the villain gave up his life to cover up Bond’s success in the mission!

M sends Bond on both adventures while asking for discretion–in neither movie does she send Bond after consulting the Minister of Defense or the PM.

Both the control rooms M is in have screens that go blank after explosions hit the scene she are viewing.



Q gives Bond one device in both films, a belt or a cell phone, which Bond quips he is familiar with until Q points out the innovations inside.

Q insists in both movies that Bond return his equipment in pristine condition.

Q gives Bond two BMWs, both have missiles on board; one uses all points radar and the other has a radar tracking system; both have all the “usual refinements” plus something Q is “particularly proud of”–both have devices Bond used before, missiles were in Dalton’s Aston Martin and self-inflating tires were used For Special Services.

In GEYE, Q hands Bond his airplane ticket just before Bond gets on the plane from England to his mission–in TND, Q fills out Bond’s car ticket just after he steps off his airplane from England to his mission!


Other Characters:

The “good guys”, miles away from the villain’s headquarters in Tomorrow Never Dies and knowing Bond is inside but unable to see if bond is inside, help Bond destroy the stealth ship. In GoldenEye, the “good guys” are yards away from the villain’s headquarters and are watching Bond in desperate danger, but do nothing to help him!

Jack Wade is a gardener in GEYE and dresses in TND like he was working out in the garden–GoldenEye was written by John Gardner!

Jack Wade does not speed the plot but actually slows the tempo of both films and puts Bond into a situation sub-plot that two scenes after lead to his capture by the villain.

Moneypenny’s repartee is less lighthearted than Lois Maxwell’s in both films and begin and end in both movies on strongly sexual overtones.

Both movies have Russian officials, the Minister of Defense and General Bukharin, who work towards the detriment of the movie villains.

The character listed in the credits as M’s Chief of Staff, is informal and friendly with Bond in both movies, also he is competent, yet in each movie he misses a vital detail visible onscreen in the control room, that Bond is able to spot and further the plot.


Odds & Ends:

Sophisticated fingerprint or voice code locks are used in both movies to hide the computer equipment needing to be stolen; neither is ultimately effective.

Both Judi Dench, “M”, and Geoffrey Palmer, “Admiral Roebuck”, who are at odds in TND, play husband and wife in the British comedy show, “As Time Goes By”.

Our daughter, named Alexandria, was seven months old when she first saw Alec Trevelyan in the theaters. Our son, Benjamin Elliot, was seven months old when Elliot Carver in TND came out on video.

Both movies debuted in Winter.

I saw both films in Gainesville’s Litchfield theater with Kees Boer–Kees owned acquired preview copies from MGM of both movies before they were sold in video stores–I borrowed both copies from him on at least two occasions.

I went broke discussing both GEYE and TND with Steve Kulakoski on the phone long distance–Both our wives got upset when we bought all the merchandise available from the two movies.


Bonus: My Prophecy Fails: You Only Star Twice or why Brosnan can only be in Two Bond Movies!

Pierce Brosnan starred in 2 American TV series; Manions of America and Remington Steele.

Manions was made into a sequel so Brosnan was in it 2 times.

When tapped to play Bond, Remington Steele was renewed under contract and got a 2nd wind with Brosnan in the title role.

Brosnan, of course, was replaced by Timothy Dalton, who made only 2 Bond films.

The Living Daylights had 2 early poster releases, one with a Brosnan-like Bond character and one with Timothy Dalton!

One of Brosnan’s 2 loves and mothers of his children starred in a Bond movie, the other one commented on Bond for Entertainment Tonight.

After Remington Steele ended the 2nd time, when tapped for the Bond role a 2nd time in the 90s, Brosnan could say, “I am lucky to have fallen in love 2 times in my life, and that is enough for any man.”


“James Bond Will (Did!) Return!”

James Bond and MTV… Entertainment Weekly… and more

Blockbuster Awards 1996 Pierce Brosnan nominated for Best Action Hero in “GoldenEye”

MTV Movie Awards 1995/96 Goldeneye nominated for Best Fight Sequence (Steam Room Scene) Nominated for BEST ACTION SEQUENCE : Motorcycle/helicopter chase, “Tomorrow Never Dies” (1998) Nominated for BEST FIGHT : Michelle Yeoh/bad guys, “Tomorrow Never Dies”(1998)

Entertainment Weekly Named Goldeneye as the Best Marketed film of 1995, saying the marketing dept. “made Bond seem like new”. Named Tomorrow Never Dies as one of the 5 Best Marketed Films of 1997.

The Razzies 1985/86 Tanya Roberts Nominated Worst Actress for her role as Stacy Sutton in “A View To A Kill” (she may have picked up a Golden Turkey award for the role as well)

Saturn Awards 1997/98 Pierce Brosnan wins Best Actor Award for James Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies.

Licensing Industry Merchandisers Association (LIMA) 1996 Winner for Goldeneye 1998 Winner for Tomorrow Never Dies

BAFTA In 1989 The British Academy of Film and Theater Arts awarded Cubby Broccoli the Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution to the Bond series. The award was presented to Cubby by Timothy Dalton.

Gigantic Goldeneye007 Guide With Hidden Mission And Cheats

Your name is Bond, James Bond. The Goldeneye team at Rare Ltd. have been squeezing everything they can out of the Nintendo 64 system to make a first person, cinematic experience that puts you into the action of the thriller.

Goldeneye 007 features action from Russia to Cuba, the likenesses of virtually all of the Goldeneye characters, and universally known Bond signatures such as the theme music, wild chase scenes and heart thumping escapes. As the British super agent, players will use a host of weapons to stop the Janus Corporation`s plot of nuclear extortion. That`s about all you have to worry about for plot. As in the movie itself, the plot is simply a means to cool action scenes.

From a detailed first person perspective, players look out on a world taken directly from the movie. In most areas, Bond has to think on his feet, avoid shooting enemies, penetrating installations and blowing up everything that looks expensive. But Bond is also the most versatile man on earth. Put him in a Russian tank and he will charge through bustling city traffic with no more concern than a hungry weasel in a chicken coop. Other vehicles will come into play, as well, but the flashy BMW didn`t make the cut. The designers also hope to maintain a sense of reality in the character of Bond. For instance you can`t carry an arsenal around with you. At most, you`ll be able to pack two weapons at one time. And Bond doesn`t magically heal himself using medical kits found scattered randomly about. When he`s hit, it reduces the effectiveness of his body armor.

Goldeneye explores many of the key areas in the movie, including the high dam, the nerve gas plant, the Russian base at Severnaya, the Soviet statue park, the military archives, the chase in St.Petersburg, the depot and missle train, and the antenna complex in Cuba.

Other areas that are merely glossed over in the film are also used as major levels in the game. You`ll be able to explore the destroyer, infiltrate a missle silo, dodge troops in the Cuban jungle and descend into the drainage caverns beneath the huge flooded antenna. The developers used actual blue prints of the set designs from the film and made numerous trips to the studios near London during the production of the movie.

The game designers spent much time thinking about their license to kill. The biggest advance in game play is that you will be able to shoot up, down, and all around at any angle. Movement through the game world has also been improved over most 3-D, first person games. Bond doesn`t just stand, walk and run. He (or rather you) will be able to kneel, climb ladders, walk up stairs realistically and move forward at a variable rate due to the Control Stick of the Nintendo 64 controller. Even more intriguing, you can control the volume of Bond`s footsteps by slowing down or speeding up, which may be just the trick you need to sneak past a wary guard.

Over the decades, James Bond has tracked down some of the most colorful villains in movies: Blofeld, Jaws, Goldfinger, Dr.No, and Scaramanga. In Goldeneye, you`ll face the treacherous Trevelyan (006), the cruel General Ourumov, and the twisted Onatopp. Digitalized texture maps of the actors` faces have been painted on the polygon figures to give an added sense of reality. But the developers went beyond using the latest villains. They also plan to include hidden areas featuring characters out of Bond`s past such as those mentioned above. Bond himself might even be shaken if not stirred by this high tech adventure of his illustrious career.

Characters Goldeneye007 is shown from the perspective of James Bond. Along the way, you`ll encounter characters from the film such as Natalya Simonova, Xenia Onatopp, Alec Trevelyan, Valentin Zukovsky, General Arkady Ourumov and Boris Greshenko.

On multiplayer level you`ll be able to choose from a wide assortment of different characters to be. They include Moonraker tecnicians, May Day, Baron Samedi, Jaws, Russian Helicopter Pilots and more.


There are 8 multiplayer scenarios for you to choose from: Competitive Shootout, free-for-all, two on two and two on one. Special match themes are based on other Bond films:

The Man With The Golden Gun– The player with the Golden Gun can defeat enemies with a single shot.

You Only Live Twice– you only have two lives in this round.

License To Kill— where every hit is fatal.

The Living Daylights—the winner is the player who carries the flag the longest.

Each mission level comes with a full debriefing. With each debriefing, you`ll receive six or seven pages in a dossier filled with confidential information from MI6. The first file always outlines the primary objective. You cannot continue to the next mission until you complete the objectives of the current mission level and get out alive. M, Q, and Moneypenny will also provide brief summaries to you as the game proceeds.

The number of objectives for each level increases with the difficulty level you choose. The most common objective for each level is to minimize civilian casualties. This is NOT Doom!


Sure, you`ve got lots of nifty gadgets, courtesy of Q, and weapons. But, the trick is to know how and when to use them. Don`t rely on them as a crutch. For Goldeneye007, Bond will carry covert modems, door decoders, automatic bomb defusers and high speed copying devices.

There are other special weapons hidden in crates and alcoves throughout the game. The savvy player will look for these extra special devices. The really resourceful player will figure out how to get multiple uses from each gadget. HINT HINT!

As a player, you are automatically fitted with handguns, automatic weapons and explosives. With the handguns you can use silencers, and some of these handguns have the potential to blow through doors. The automatics will hold off large contingents of enemies, BUT with the recoil your aim will be thrown off if you fire repeatedly.

1.) PP7: Has silencer capabilities with minimal stopping power. Low recoil. Magazine of 7, with a max of 800 bullets.

2.) DD44 Dostovei: VERY loud. Not recommended for enclosed area(Facility for example). Low recoil. Magazine of 8, with a max of 800 bullets.

3.) Golden Gun: Possibly the strongest of all the hand-guns. One shot SHOULD kill. Low recoil. Magazine of 1, with a max of 100.

4.) KF7 Soviet: Zoom capabilities. The Russian guard gun of choice. Medium Recoil. Magazine of 30, with a max of 400.

5.) Remote Mine: May not be a gun, but it is one very effective explosive. Best for out- door use :-). No recoil. Magazine of 1, with a max of 10.

6.) Timed Mine: Possibly the weirdest explosive because of its abilities. Takes about 3-5 seconds to go off. NOT recommended for any use whatsoever. Magazine of 1, with a max of 10.

7.) Proximity Mine: The very best of explosives. When a guard comes by, it will automatically explode. Doesn`t no the difference between friend or foe. Be careful! Magazine of 1, with a max of 10.

8.) Grenades: Toss a grenade; hope for the best. That`s all there is. Just be careful because like the timed mine, it takes about 3 seconds to explode. Magazine of 1, max of 10.

9.) Sniper Rifle: Zoom and silencer capabilities. The best gun for long-range killing. Useful for stages like Dam with the open areas. Magazine of 8, with a max of 400.

10.) D5K Deutsche: Maximum stopping power. Magazine of 30, with a max of 800.

11.) ZMG(9MM): Fast-Firing Sub-machine Gun. Very effective. Magazine of 32, with a max of 800.

12.) Klobb: worst recoil. Recommended to you 2 to make up for the sluggishness of just one. Magazine of 20, with a max of 800.

13.) Phantom: Very Good. Almost identical to the D5K Deutsche in terms of sound and stopping power. Magazine of 50, with a max of 800.

14.) US AR33 Assault Rife: Zoom capabilities. Has less recoil than the KF7 Soviet. Great with 2 at one time! Magazine of 30, with a max of 400.

15.) RC-P90: The best gun out of the entire Bond Arsenal. Truly one of the best guns out there, and just imagine with 2 at one time! Almost an endless Magazine of 80, with a max of 800!!!!!!!!

16.) Laser: Possibly one of the most useful guns because of its endless magazine of 0!! That`s right, there is an infinite amount of the “bullets” to go around, so have fun! It can also shoot through doors just incase some person is about to kill you.

17.) Watch Laser: Not exactly a weapon, but more of a gadget. This has an important use in the “Train” level of Golden Eye 007. It can be modified for a weapon IF USED UP CLOSE. Magazine of 1-300, with a max of 300.

18.) Rocket Launcher. This behemoth has the most effect stopping power. It releases a missile to anyone who wants to die instantly. Just don`t get to close, cause you will die too! Magazine of 1, with a max of 3.

19.) Grenade Launcher: With this weapon, you can just about destroy everything just like the Rocket Launcher. Alittle bit less accuracy, though. Magazine of 6, with a max of 12.

20.) Automatic Shot-Gun: This gun/rifle can clearly hurt an enemy. Has the ability to totally destroy certain objects as well. Magazine of 5, with a max of 100.

21.) Shot-Gun: Not exactly the “prettiest” thing you have, but just like the Automatic Shot-Gun, it does have an effect towards enemies as well as certain objects. Magazine of 5, with a max of 100.

22.) Throwing-Knife: Take a stab at chucking these bad-boys at bad guys and see what it does. “Re-defines stealth”. Magazine of 1-10, with a max of 10.

23.) Tank: I don`t like to consider this a weapon, but with the All-Guns mode, it is. This is 3 times more effect then the Rocket Launcher, therefore 3 times more likely that you will be killed by the explosion. Magazine of 1, with a max of 50.

24.) Tazer Boy: One of the most secret weapons. Can only be used in All-Guns mode. Little is known about such a weapon, except that you can mainly only use it up close to get the “full effect”.

25.) Your Hand: When all-else fails, this is your only means of survival. It obviously has an infinite amount of “bullets”.


1.) Plastic: A bomb that with kill. Enough said. C-4 explosives. Watch out………

2.) Bungee Rope: Automatically activated as you throw yourself off the dam in Byelemorye Dam. Also known as the Arkangelsk Dam.

3.) Bomb Defuser: Used for when Bond, James Bond, needs to defuse 2 bombs on the Frigate, the “La Fayette” in Monte Carlo. Just go up to the bomb and press A or B or Z.

4.) Key Analyzer: Useful in Severnaya when you need to copy the infamous Golden Eye key. Has been modified by “Q” and is now said to be quite easy to use: just walk up to it and press “Z”.

5.) Covert Modem: Used in the Arkangelsk Dam. Just press “Z” and aim it with “R”.

6.) Camera: The 007 camera used in many Bond movies. Just press “R” to aim the camera and take pictures!

7.) Door Decoder: This is extremely useful in the Facility because you need it to fulfill all of your missions. Dr. Doak will give it to you, but first you must find him………

8.) Detonator: You will automatically have it once you get any of the mines. Just press “Z” to blow mines up.

9.) Tracker Bug: The Janus Syndicate can run, but it surely cannot hide. That is because you have the tracker bug which you must use it in the Frigate, the La Fayette. Just press “R” to aim and Z to throw.

10.) Data Thief: Used to hack the passwords in Severnaya Bunker. Just go up to a mainframe and press “Z”.

11.) Watch Magnet: Also useful in the Severnaya bunker because with out it, you would be stuck in your jail cell. Just aim “R” and press “Z” to activate.


A:) The “A” is the Control Stick. This allows for 3D Movement in the 3D “terrain”. To move Bond, press “up” on the control stick to move Bond forward; press “down” to move Bond backward. The same goes for right and left.

B.) The “B” is the “B” Button. In GoldenEye 007, this is used as the “action” button. To open doors, just go up to one and press “B”. It will open. Also, you can use it to reload your magazine clip. While after firing your weapon, you can press “B” and it will reload.

C.) The “C” is the “A” button. This button is only used for scrolling forwards through your weapons. To scroll through backwards, just press “Z” and “A” simultaneously.

D.) The “D” is the “C-Buttons”. The “C” buttons are used to look up, down, strafe left and strafe right.

E.) The “E” is the Control pad. It acts just like the “C-Buttons”.

F.) The “F” is the start button. The start button is used to look at your deluxe “Q” Watch. This is the options screen where you can select between Aborting the mission, Sound options, weapons, or controlling.

G.) The “G” is the “Z” Button. The “Z” button, also known as the trigger button, is used to fire your weapon, and use any items that you have selected using the start option(s).

H.) The “H” is the “R” button. The “R” button is used for targeting. Just press “R” and the cross-hair will appear. Aim the cross-hair by holding the “R” button and moving the cross-hair using the control stick. It can also be used to throw objects like the tracker bug or the covert modem.

I.) The “I” is the “L” button. The “L” button is used just like the “R” button.

Character Backgrounds

1.) James Bond (007): The main character and hero of GoldenEye 007. You are 007, assigned to save the MI6 as well as the world from a Russian Space Weapons Facility. With a license to kill, you are forced to go to places like the Arkangelsk Dam, to Severnaya and even St. Petersburg.

2.) Natalya Simonova: Who James Bond rescues while trying to save himself in Severnaya. She is an Assistant Programmer at the Severnaya Space Station Facility in Russia, who almost gets killed by Russian guards in the second bunker.

3.) Alec Trevelyan: Friend of Foe? That is the question that you must decide for youself in GoldenEye as you and Alec Trevelyan try to save the world from the Chemical Weapons Facility in Byelomorye. He is later identified as a Lienz Cossack and Janus.

4.) Boris Grishenko: A brilliant Russian Programmer who likes to”spike” the FBI and the CIA. Was the only surviver at the Severnaya Incident along with Xenia Onatopp and General Arkady Ourumov(and Natalya Simonova). Is a serious threat to the entire world. He could even be the deadliest person alive…..

5.) Defense Minister Mishkin: This Russian Politburo Member intends on finding out exactly what happened at Severnaya. Even though he suspects General Ourumov, he still must lead out an investigation at the St. Petersburg Archives.

6.) Xenia Onatopp: She has theighs of steel, so you better stay out of their grasp. Was a former pilot of the Soviet Air Force, now is a Janus Operative. She is waiting in the Cuban Jungle……….

7.) General Arkady Ourumov: Was formally the head of the Soviet Space Weapons Divison until the Politburo suspected him of the Severnaya incident. Was not aware that Natayla Simonova witnessed the incedent, he is now out to find and kill her. He is the traitor of the Soviet Space Weapons Division and of the entire country of Russia.

8.) Valentin Zukosky: During the cold war in the early 60`s through the 70`s, he was a member of the KGB. He now operates an arms business near St. Petersburg, but has a permanent limp as a result to a past encounter with James Bond. He doesn`t want to have another limp with the other leg(I think), so he agrees to work with Bond. He claims “I like to see my compitition out of business”, but I think the opposite.

9.) May Day: Not much is known about this character except that she is in the multiplayer mode, NOT the main game. I repeat, she is NOT in the main game prior to previous belief.

10.) Jaws: This huge character will not bark, just bite! He has jaws of steel, literally, and can only be found in Aztec Complex in the Main Game and as a character in Mutliplayer mode. He isn`t exactly the best choice for multiplayer because since he is so big, he is an easy target to hit.

11.) Odd-Job: This little-man is quite odd. He is the smallest of all the characters, and he CANNOT be found in the main game. I highly recommend him in multiplayer because he is so small, it is hard to kill him.

12.) Baron Samedi: He, too, is very odd. Not much is known about his witch-craft or himself, except that he can be found in the Temple in the main game.

13.) Russian Soldier: The most common of all the Russian bad-guys.

14.) Russian Infantry

15.) Scientist 1: Can be found in the Facility stage.(Male)

16.) Scientist 2: Can also be found in the Facility stage.(Female)

17.) Russian Commander: Can be found in the Bunker and the Dam stages.

18.) Janus Marine: A Janus Operative. Can be found in Statue and possibly the Depot and Train stages.

19.) Naval Officer: Can be found in the Frigate stage(La Fayette).

20.) Helicopter Pilot. Cannot be found in the main game.

21.) St. Petersburg Guard: Can be found in the Statue level.

22.) Civilian 1: Can be found in the streets stage.

23.) Civilian 2: Can be found in the streets stage.

24.) Civilian 3: Can be found in the streets stage.

25.) Civilian 4: Can be found in the streets stage.

26.) Siberian Guard 1: Can be found in the Dam stage.

27.) Artic Commando

28.) Siberian Guard 2: Can be found in the Dam stage.

29.) Siberian Special Forces: Can be found in the Surface stage.

30.) Jungle Commando: Can be found in the Jungle stage.

31.) Janus Special Forces

32.) Moonraker Elite 1: Can be found in the Aztec Complex stage.

33.) Moonraker Elite 2: Can be found in the Aztec Complex stage.

There are more, about 31 more, however you will need the 64 characters code which can be found in the codes section.

Goldeneye Mission #1

Goldeneye007 Mission #1 begins in Arkangelsk and is divided into 3 subsections: the dam; the facility; and the runway. Within each subsection you`ll find various goals that must be achieved and a wide range of obstacles and enemies to overcome.

The Dam: Agent Level

OBJECTIVE: Bungee jump from platform.

At the first guard tower you`ll find a sniper rifle . Grab it. It`s useful for long range firing. At the second guard tower you`ll find body armor lying on the floor. Grab it. Most of the box crates contain weaponry or ammo. Take it. You cannot get enough. To activate the security walls, walk up to the control panel and hit the green button on your controller. To move through the fence(s) do the same. You`ll need to shoot the lock off the last fence in order to get to the dam.

You should now be on the dam. You`ll have to pass two guard towers to get to the launching pad for the bungee jump. It will be on your left.

The Dam: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1–Neutralize all alarms
Objective #2–Bunjee jump from platform

Repeat the same steps you took in Agent Level, but now you must also destroy the 4 alarm boxes. One is located before you get to the dam, and the other three are located in the guard towers.

The Dam: `00 Agent` Level

Objective #1–Neutralize all alarms
Objective #2–Install covert modem
Objective #3–Intercept data backup
Objective #4–Bungee jump from platform

The Facility: Agent Level

Objective #1–Gain entry to laboratory area
Objective #2– Contact double agent
Objective #3–Renevous with 006
Objective #4– Destroy the bottling tanks
Objective #5–Minimize Scientist Casualties

Leave the bathroom and begin your search of the lower lobby area. Pick up body armor and more weaponry. One soldier will have a security card that you`ll need. Look for him to drop it and then you will have to scoop it up. After about 10 minutes of running around…if you go back up to the bathroom and check the stalls, you`ll find a frightened scientist who drops his security level card. You`ll need that one also. With both security cards you can now access the rusty iron doors that will take you into the bottling areas. There, look for Dr. Doak. (Only on Secret Agent and `00` Agent levels is this necessary) He`s a scientist doubling for the good guys. He`ll give you a door decoder. It will help you gain access to the bottling plant. Once inside the bottling plant, plant your remote mines on the tanks. Only detonate them when Alec is far away from them. If you accidentally blow him up you fail the mission. Escape on the conveyor belt.

The Runway: Agent Level

On AGENT level you`ll have just two objectives: find the plane`s ignition key and escape in the light aircraft. It`s possible to escape the runway without destroying the bunkers from which the soldiers will be shooting at you. Here`s a step by step guide on what to do:

Carefully look to your right. There will be a guard directly to your right or hiding in an inlet. He`ll have grenades to pick off, plus a box of timed mines are sitting on the floor. Grab them.

You then need to leave the facility. You can slide down the ramp like in the movie or you can open a bay door. The noise of opening the bay door will definitely attract more soldiers. I suggest sliding down the ramp.

The airplane ignition key is in the building directly on your left. There`s a guard patroling outside the building and two inside. Be careful. The key is lying on the table.

Unless you`re prepared to shoot it out, there just happens to be a tank located at the far end of the bottling plant. Run to it and jump in.

Use the “A” button (blue) to change your firing mechanism from your gun hand to the cannon mounted on the tank. From here you will encounter heavy opposition. The plane is located halfway down the runway.

You can simply fire at the soldiers with the cannon, or still drive the tank while firing from any weapon you have handy. Don`t be afraid of these soldiers. You can run over them with your tank. Oh, they make a squishing sound when you run over them. Ugh!

Drive the tank up carefully next to the plane and get out. Run up to the door and press the “B” button. The plane will then take off. For Secret and 00 Agent levels you may need to knock out the firing bunkers first or they`ll shoot the plane down.

Runway: Secret Agent

Repeat steps from Agent Level, but now you must take out the two missle batteries

Objective #1–Find the plane`s ignition key
Objective #2–Eliminate missle battery
Objective #3– Escape in plane

Runway: `00` Agent Level

Repeat previous steps, but now you must eliminate the three firing trenches.

Objective #1–Find the plane`s ignition key
Objective #2– Destroy the heavy guns
Objective #3–Eliminate missle battery
Objective #4– Escape in plane

Goldeneye Mission #2

Mission #2 begins in Severnaya. The Severnaya level is divided into two subsections: Surface and Bunker.

Surface: Agent Level

Objective #1– Power down the communications dish
Objective#2- Enter the base via the ventilation tower

Surface: Secret Agent and 00 Agent

Objective #1– Power down the communications dish
Objective#2 – Obtain the safe key
Objective#3 – Steal the building plans
Objective#4 – Enter the base via the ventilation tower

Bunker: Agent Level

Objective 1 — Copy Goldeneye key; leave the original
Objective #2 — Photograph main video screen

Bunker: Secret Agent

Objective#1 Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Objective#2 Copy Goldeneye key; leave original
Objective#3 Photograph main video screen

Bunker: `00` Agent

Objective#1 Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Objective#2 Copy Goldeneye key and leave original
Objective#3 Get personnel to activate the computer
Objective#4 Download data from the computer
Objective#5 Photograph main video screen

Goldeneye Mission #3

Mission #3 takes place in Kirghizstan at a missle launch silo.

Silo: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Photograph the satellite
Objective #2 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Silo: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1 – Photograph the satellite
Objective #2 – Retreive Telemetric Data
Objective #3 – Retreive Satellite Circuitry
Objective #4 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Silo: `00` Agent

Objective #1–Plant bombs in fuel room
Objective #2–Photopgraph satellite
Objective #3–Obtain telemetric data
Objective #4–Retrieve satellite circuitry
Objective #5- Minimize Scientist Casulties

From the start, bear off to your left. Open door. Take out guard. Grab weapon. Follow the path up the stairs to the first labaratory. You`ll be met with heavy resistance along the way. Once inside Lab #1 get a keycard from one of the scientists to go to the next level of the silo. They`ll drop one in fear of being shot. Also, in the far left hand corner are two circuit boards. Pick them up.

With keycard in hand, go up the stairs and open the door. At interesection turn right and open door. You`re now in the missle silo.Take out guards and open door. Follow path up to the second laboratory. In the laboratory you`ll find body armor in the far left corner. Grab it. Also get a keycard from one of the scientists to get through the door and on to the next corridor.

At intersection hang right. Cross gangway, and proceed into labarotory. You`ll get yet another key card here, but peek around for a scientist hiding in a corner. He`s got a DAT that will prove vital for missions other than AGENT level.

Repeat the previous movements. At lab 4 you`ll find the Goldeneye satellite suspended in a blue harness. Pull out your camera and photograh it. Move up the stairs to the door. Open it. Ourumov will be with guards in the hallway. You can`t kill Orumov at this stage of the game, but you can shoot his briefcase away from him which may prove useful on missions of more dangerous levels.

At the intersection, turn left. Orumov should`ve fled that way. At Lab #5 all you need to do is manuever around the computers. In a side passage there will be an elevator. Get to it. That`s your escape route from this mission.

Goldeneye007 Mission #4

Mission #4 takes place in Monte Carlo aboard the LaFayette Frigate.

Frigate: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Rescue Hostages
Objective #2 – Plant tracking device on helicopter

Frigate: Secret and 00 Agent

Objective #1 Resuce the Hostages Objective #2 Disarm the bridge bomb Disarm the engine room bomb Plant the tracking device on the helicopter

Miscellaneous Tips

Learn to differentiate between a hostage and a captor. If you kill a hostage your mission is a failure. If you allow too many hostages to be killed by the guards your mission could also be a failure. When you see a gaurd aiming at a hostage you must act quickly, decisively and with good aim. These guards will shoot hostages so act fast!

You`ll automatically be armed with a tracking device on this mission. The Pirate Helicopter is on the bow of the ship. Come up close to it, choose the tracking device from the menu found in your laser watch, and plant it on the helicopter. Your mission will be a success when you`ve rescued at least one hostage and gotten back on the boat you got out of.

Goldeneye007 Mission #5

Mission #5 takes you back to Severnaya. This mission is again divided into two subsections: Bunker and Surface.

Surface: Agent Level

Objective #1–Break bunker communications link
Objective #2–Gain entry into the bunker

Surface: Secret Agent

Objective #1 – Break bunker communications link
Objective #2 – Disable support helicopter
Objective #3 – Gain entry into the bunker

Surface: 00 Agent

Objective #1 – Disrupt all surveillance equipment
Objective #2 – Break bunker communications link
Objective #3 – Disable support helicopter
Objective #4 – Gain entry into the bunker

How do you disrupt the surveillance equipment? Shoot the cameras! It`ll help cut down on the amount of guards that are able to find you.

How do you break the communications link? Go into the satelite dish control center (but do this only after you`ve gotten a security key card off a soldier), shoot up the equipment and leave. Sounds easy enough? Wrong. If you don`t shoot the computer and radio console before it comes on then it means you`ve been spotted and at that point, no matter how much you shoot the console to pieces, you will not be able to break the link.

Disable the helicopter? There`ll be a helicopter ready to take off. Pick a timed mine and latch it onto the helicopter, then run for cover into the bunker.Once inside the bunker you will be put in a jail cell next to Natalya.

Bunker: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Get CCTV Tape
Objective #2 – Escape with Natalya

Bunker: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1 – Compare Staff/Casualty List
Objective #2 – Recover the CCTV Tape
Objective #3 – Disable security cameras
Objective #4 – Escape with Natalya

Bunker: 00 Agent Level

Objective #1 Compare Staff/Casualty List Objective #2 – Recover the CCTV Tape Objective #3 – Disable Security Cameras Objective #4 – Recover the Goldeneye Operations Manual Objective #5 – Escape With Natalya

In your jail cell…go over and talk to Natalya. Then call the guard over to your cell. Pick your magetic watch from the menu. It`ll stealthily pull away the jail cell key from his body. Open your cell, but before you do, get yourself ready for hand to hand combat. You have no gun and the guard does. So, after opening the jail cell the guard will fire upon you. Run towards him and karate chop him. Grab his gun. Leave Natalya in the cell until you accomplish getting the CCTV tapes. She`ll just get in the way and get shot to death and then you`ll fail the mission.

Once you`ve busted Natalya out (with the key to her cell, not yours) your escape route should take you back to the Operations Center where they activate the Goldeneye. Natalya, who should be right behind you, will make a beeline for the computer console. Don`t bother trying to stop her. Why? Two reasons. The game designers programmed the scenario to go this way and also she`s a woman and is going to do whatever she wants anyway. Natalya will head over to the console and realize Ourumov activated the Goldeneye to fire upon Severnaya in 1 minute. You both have to escape. Stay in front of or behind Natalya depending upon where the shots are coming from. You`ve got body armor and she doesn`t, so you`ll need to provide cover for her. Open the glass doors, head down the corridor and up the stairs out into the night.

Goldeneye007 Mission #6

Mission #6 takes you to St. Petersburg. This misison is divided into five subsections. They are Statue Park, Military Archives, Streets, Depot, and Train.

Statue Park: Agent, Secret and 00 Agent Levels

Objective #1 – Contact Valentin
Objective #2 – Confront and unmask Janus
Objective #3 – Locate the Pirate Helicopter
Objective #4 – Resuce Natalya
Objective #5 – Locate Flight Recoder

Statue Park is very disorienting. Sort of moody or spooky and a virtual maze to go through. But here goes:

Valentine will be hiding inside of an opened, reddish colored box car. He`ll tell you where to meet Janus. Janus won`t meet you there until you`ve spoken with Valentine.

Use Lenin`s statue for cover, but you`ll have to drop your weapon, or else Janus won`t reveal his true identity to you. Once he has, then you can take up a defensive stance.

The helicopter is back at the park gates. You`ll need to memorize your route in order to get back to the helicopter in under 3 minutes(that`s when the helicopter is set to detonate).

A proximity mine is attached to the helicopter, so even if you make it to the helicopter with time to spare, the countdown clock will automatically reset to 15 seconds. Wake up Natalya and hide behind a statue.

After the helicopter explodes, you`ll need to get the flight recording data. The explosion will have thrown the data box (orange, with handles) clear away from the helicopter and somewhere at the bottom of the hill. Check around statues and poles. It`s there.

Once you`ve gotten the box, head back up to the gates to get Natalya. She will be held at gunpoint. DO NOT SHOOT! These are Mishkin`s guards who just want to talk to you. Lower your weapon and walk through the park gates. Mission Accomplished!

Military Archives: Agent Level

Objective #1–Escape from Interrogation room
Objective #2–Find Natalya
Objective #3–Escape with Natalya

Military Archives: Secret and 00 Agent Level

Objective #1–Escape from Interrogation room
Objective #2–Find Natalya
Objective #3–Recover the Helicopter Flight Recorder Data
Objective #4–Escape With Natalya

Unlike the movie, the two guards monitoring you in the interrogation room are not friendly, nor aligned with Mishkin. So, grab the weapon, dispatch the guards, and TRY to escape.

There will be a ton of guards in this corridor on you like fireflies. Better be prepared for a fight. In the room directly across the hall is some body armor. Get in there and grab it!

During several run throughs of this mission, i`ve run to the end of the corridor and hid under the stairwell. From that vantage point you can get guards coming down the stairs, plus use them to protect yourself from other guards at the far end of the hall from where you`ve just come. In a last ditch emergency only would I suggest hiding underneath the stairs. It seems to get the game in a rut, and a non stop continous line of soldiers run down it trying to kill you.
Natalya is in a room, behind an iron door, being held hostage. She`s at gunpoint, so you`ll need to get her guard first.

Once you`ve taken care of the guards, you and Natalya can shoot out the windows and jump to safety

Before leaving the archives you can find Mishkin and talk to him but it`s not necessary to accomplish this (Agent) mission.

Streets: Agent Level

Objective #1–Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
Objective #2–Minimize Civilian Casualties

Streets: Secret and 00 Agent

Objective #1 – Contact Valentin
Objective #2 – Pursue Ourumov and Natalya
Objective #3 – Minimize Civilian Casualties

After taking out several guards, you may want to get into the tank. You`ll have under 5 minutes to locate Ourumov and Natalya.

The path you`ll need to take is complicated, but here goes. Once onto the street, turn right. Keep following the streets. Make a left at the first street where you have a left hand turn option. Follow that path and turn right when you come to your first right hand turn option. At your very next first right hand turn option you`ll come across the train depot. Drive to the end. Mission Accomplished!

If for some reason you get a late start and lose large amounts of time…. Valentine is hiding in a building. Get out of the tank (or drive in the alleys for the more adventurous) and pull up to a building that looks like a theater. Valentine is inside and will call his people to delay Ourumov. That will reset your game time back to 5 more minutes.

Where exactly is Valentine located? Well, if you are coming just out of the archives building and onto the street, hang left and run (or drive) in between the buildings. He`ll be about a quarter mile down on the left.

Try not to run over civilians or land mines (the blue discs on the ground) The noise that sounds like Roman Candles going off are surface to air missles being aimed at the tank. Too many direct hits and your dead.

Depot: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Locate Trevelyan`s Train

Depot: Secret Agent Level

Objective #1 – Destroy the Computer Network
Objective #2 – Obtain the Safe Key
Objective #3 – Recover the Helicopter Blueprints
Objective #4 – Locate Trevelyan`s train

Depot: 00 Agent Level

Objective #1 – Destroy the Illegal Arms Cache
Objective #2 – Destroy the Computer Network
Objective #3 – Obtain the Safe Key
Objective #4 – Recover the Helicopter Blueprints
Objective #5 – Locate Trevelyan`s train

For 00 Agents and the Truly Daring: You`ve tracked down the Janus Base, including Natalya and Ourumov. They, plus Alec and Onatopp have boarded a train somewhere around the disused depot.

You`ll have five things to do in 00 Agent Difficulty. Destroy Illegal Arms Cache, Destroy Janus Computer Network, Find Safe Key, Recover Helicopter Blueprints, and Find Trevelyan`s Train. No problem; it`ll just give you more time to listen to this level`s music!

First, after eliminating the Janus Marines in the first compartment, leave by way of the gates and turn right. Keep going until you get to the second supply warehouse. In here is the Arms Cache (Did I mention it`s illegal?) Eliminate any lingering Marines inside and pick up the Rocket Launcher w/ Three Rockets. Walk back to a safe distance and blow up the brown ammo boxes with your D5K Deutsche. Remember to blow up ALL of the boxes or you won`t complete the mission.

Objective A: Complete.

Oh, by the way, don`t bother picking up the KF7 Soviets on the other three tables, okay? They don`t have any bullets in them. Open the door and be prepared to shoot. Janus Marines know your whereabouts, and will be waiting right at the door. After eliminating everyone in the vicinity, turn left and go straight to the last supply warehouse. Inside, Janus`s Computer Network is hacking from MI6 and will know all of their weaponry. Kill the Marines, then use your Rocket Launcher to destroy the turret gun. Then blow up the computer screen with the world map on it, and then the two Mainframes.

Objective B: Complete.

Then walk over to one of the computer desks and pick up the Safe Key.

Objective C: Complete.

Run back to where you found the Arms Cache, but this time, turn left. Enter the large empty building and go upstairs. Instead of entering the nearest door, turn left from it and open the safe. Turns out Janus is planning to build a bigger and better Pirate Helicopter. Grab the Blueprints for it.

Objective D: Complete.

Now enter the door, go down the stairs and open the door to reveal Trevelyan`s Covert Missile Train. It won`t leave without you.

Objective E: Complete.

Kill the guards inside and walk into the train. Now straighten your tie, loosen your cuffs, and you`re on your way!

Train: Agent Level

Objective #1–Disable the brake units
Objective #2–Rescue Natalya
Objective #3–Escape from the train

Train: Secret Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the brake units
Objective #2 – Resuce Natalya
Objective #3 – Locate Janus`s secret base
Objective #4 – Escape to safety

Train: 00 Agent Level

Objective #1 Destroy the brake units
Objective #2 – Rescue Natalya
Objective #3 – Locate Janus`s secret base
Objective #4 – Crack Boris`s password
Objective #5 – Escape to safety

Each of the 6 train cars has a handbrake unit. You must destroy all 6 units in order to stop the train.

Natalya will be held at gunpoint by Ourumov. When Ourumov warns you to stop moving, STOP MOVING. Take aim at him and fire. Then fire at Xenia. If you hit her, you`ll gain extra time in escaping from the train. And you`ll need every second you can get.

Natalya will crack Boris` passwords. You just concentrate on opening that white square hatch in the corner. It`s locked down tight by nearly a dozen hinges. Use your laser wrist watch to burn off the hinges. Wait for Natalya to say she has Boris` password and then make a run for it!

Goldeneye007 Mission #7

Jungle: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Destroy the Drone Guns
Objective #2 – Eliminate Xenia
Objective #3 – Escort Natalya to Janus Base

Jungle: Secret and 00 Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the Drone Guns
Objective #2 – Eliminate Xenia
Objective #3 – Blow up Ammo Dump
Objective #4 – Escort Natalya to Janus Base

There are multiple drone guns you must destroy. Run for cover once you hear incessant firing and look for where it is being fired from. Shoot all drone guns to complete Objective A.

The Janus Syndicate has a dangerous Assault Rifle– It would be perfect to use. Loud, but effective. Halfway across the bridge, Xenia Onatopp will call out to you. She hides behind a tree and will uncover herself. Use your automatic to fire on her, until she is fallen dead. That will complete Objective B.

Xenia is a devastating charcter. Even more deadly than in the film, and she`s virtually impossible to take on straight away. But Xenia has one weakness that can be exploited to your advantage: she won`t shoot diagonally across the bridge. Stand at the end of bridge and wait for Xenia to appear. Move to the left or right of the bridge and use the AR33 as Xenia tries to cross. She won`t return fire from the bridge unless you stand directly in front of her.

If your can kill her before she crosses over to your side, you can pick up her grendade launcher. Otherwise, you may have to get creative with your remote mines to destroy her. On Secret Agent level i`ve placed a remote mine at the end of the bridge, then ran backwards. I detonate the mine right as she crosses over it. That may help weaken her some. She`ll still survive it. From there you need to use the AR33 to keep firing away at her. I`ve found it effective to hide behind trees and let them take the full brunt of her assault. With a few shots from Natalya, Xenia usually goes down.

As soon as you cross the bridge, directly on your left there will be a drone gun hiding behind a tree. Take it out. Move forward and then on your right will be the cove where the ammo dump is. There is a drone gun inside the cove deeply hidden in the darkest parts of the cove. If you have your rocket launcher with you it may be wise to fire off as many rounds as possible here to help clear out any obstacles.

Walk up the pathway but be careful. On SECRET AGENT level there are two guards at the top. There`s also a step ladder. Climb it, but just as you reach the top, peek over. Don`t fully expose your presence. There`s a drone gun aimed right at you (on SECRET AGENT level) and another one behind and to the right of this one (on AGENT level). Also on SECRET AGENT level, there will be rectangular shaped boxes lying on the ground in the same area as the two drone guns. Destroy these boxes to complete objective C (on AGENT level). Finally, to complete the mission, run to the end of the jungle and enter the elevator.

Control Center: Agent, Secret and 00 Agent Levels

On SECRET AGENT level secure the area by shooting all the guards when out of the elevator. There will be 6 guards outside of the elevator, plus 3 drone guns suspended from the ceiling in hard to see areas. Once you take care of them, go back to the elevator and get Natalya. She won`t leave until you have secured the area.

Natalya will open a security blast door, so follow her orders and get to the control center of the base. She`ll stay behind. Natalya can only open one blast door. The rest will open only after you have completed certain tasks.

On the way, multiple guards will hide behind boxes, holding hand grenades. Defeat them and take the grenades. When you go through the security door Natalya has opened for you, there will be a long hall with a box of remote mines at the end. You`ll need them, and to get them you`ll have to take on a half dozen or more guards.

Boris will be there and try to shoot you, but he isn`t skilled at firearms and will drop the gun. Drop your guard and he will run away. Chase him and he`ll uncover body armor for you. Don`t kill him, or Natalya will refuse to help you.

There will be 6 armored mainframes you`ll need to destroy. Only 5 of them can be destroyed before Natalya comes back into play. Two are on the middle floor and two are on the bottom floor. One is behind the only security door that you`ll be able to access. Watch out! There are drone guns suspended from the ceiling! Mainframe number 5 is inside this room.

My next suggestion would be to prepare yourself for Natalya`s arrival. This part of the game is one of THE HARDEST stages you`re likely to encounter. You see, Natalya is the only one capable of destroying the Goldeneye, and she`ll be on the computer the whole time.

Guards will come from all angles to shoot her, so your best bet is to prepare the area to maximize every angle to your advantage. Blow up all the legs from underneath the computer tables except for the front/center computer console. This is where Natalya will work, and it will give you a clearer shot as all the guards start pouring in to kill you. Once you`ve got the computer area ready, go up the right hand staircase( if you are looking at the giant video screen) and open the security door. Natalya will exclaim: James, i`m coming!

Find where Natalya is and she will automatically open the door. She will make sure the GoldenEye is realigned to burn up in Earth`s atmosphere. She will activate the security systems. Protect her from any guards until she cracks the GoldenEye`s code and leaves. This completes Objectives A and B. Once she has realigned the satellite, she`ll take off, unharmed, and you`ll have to blow up the last mainframe. It`s on the bottom floor, behind a door previously inaccessible. Take your grenades or remote mines to blow up the Mainframes. This completes Objective C.

Leave by going through one of the blast doors and go across the room. Once Trevelyan says, “Too Slow, 007!”, go back to the other end of the room and escape through the elevator.

Water Caverns: Agent Level

Objective #1 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Water Caverns: Secret Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the Inlet Pump Controls
Objective #2 – Destroy the Outlet Pump Controls
Objective #3 – Destroy the Master Control Console
Objective #4 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Water Caverns: `00` Agent

Objective #1 – Destroy the Inlet Pump Controls
Objective #2 – Destroy the Outlet Pump Controls
Objective #3 – Destroy the Master Conrol Console
Objective #4 – Use the radio to contact Jack Wade
Objective #5 – Minimize Scientist Casualties

Antenna Cradle: Agent, Secret, and 00 Agent Levels

Objective #1 – Destroy the Control Console
Objective #2 – Settle the score with Trevelyan

Immediately beginning this phase, there is some body armor directly behind you. Grab it! Once you reach the top of the cradle, Alec will activate the Goldeneye to go off in 3 minutes. The computer console is located inside one of two sheds. It`s protected by two drone guns suspended from the ceiling. Knockout the drone guns and destroy the computer console. Objective A completed.

There is body armor on the floor of the other shed. Grab it!

Only shots fired at close range will affect Trevelyan. They won`t kill him, but it will take several attempts at this before Trevelyan finally initiates the final part of the game: the ladder.

He`ll drop down several hundred feet while hanging onto the ladder. Follow him. But you better have your guns ready, because you`ll have only one chance to pick him off on the antenna or he`ll blow you off.

Goldeneye007 Aztec Mission (Bonus)

This secret mission opens up after beating all regular GoldenEye levels on Secret Agent Difficulty.The Drax Corperation is still operating, and they`ve got the best of the Moonraker Elite on this one– they`re armed with AR33s and they`re not afraid to use them.

Plus the best weapon, second only to the Golden Gun,is available in this mission. The Moonraker Laser can kill a regular trooper in one or two shots. You`re great with them, but the Elite are extremely deadly.

As soon as eliminating the Elite in the first two rooms, go across the stone board on the large hole and open up the wall on the other side. Eliminate the troops in the computer room and go into the mainframe by firing a few shots into it to attract attention.

Destroy the computer on the left in the room under the NASA Shuttle and run into the grating. Destroy the turrets on either side and watch out for the Moonraker Elite. Turn right to find some body armor.

Go to the left and enter the shuttle room, destroy the turrets, and defeat the Moonraker Elite. Go up the ladder and activate the computer to close the exhaust bay. Go down the ladder, and into the grating on the opposite side of the room.

Go down the stairs and you`ll find your good pal Jaws. Shoot him once with the laser and back into the shadows you go. As soon as he comes to get you, get close and start firing. His arms are too long, so it`ll be easier that way.

After eliminating Jaws, a silent alarm is activated and multiple guards with lasers will come after you. Grab the Smart Card from Jaws and run back to the computer room and place the Guidance Data Floppy Disk in the disk compartment.

Objective A: Complete.

Grab the Launch Protocol DAT from the computer desk and run back to the shuttle room. Go up the ladder, activate the computer to open the exhaust bay, and run across the room to the mainframe. Put in the DAT and run into a grating. The shuttle will blast off in thirty seconds. Guards will be a lot more abundant now, and be aware you still can die during this period, so be careful and fast.

There is no exit to this mission, but you will complete and exit the mission once the shuttle timer reaches zero.

Objective B: Complete.

Goldeneye007 Cheats

Cradle level with Gameshark: Turn on the code “Have all objectives done.” Also, turn on slow motion. Invisibility helps a lot, too. What you do is go to the control console in the room and destroy it. After you are done with that, you follow Trevelyan down the ramp and kill him. If he won`t die, the “All Weapons” Cheat will help. After you have successfully killed him, meet where the helicopter would pick you up. What should happen is Bond will be walking in slow motion to the helicopter and the helicopter should take off without him and you should still beat the level —-sent in by ???

Invisible mines: When you find an ammo crate, throw a mine on it. After you have completed that, get the crate(you won`t be getting the mine).Now, look around and see if you can find it. If you did everything right, the mine shoud appear to not be there. Just step back,and let her blow!

Flying mines: Throw a mine on a window. Then shoot the window out. The mine should not blow up, and should be floating in the air. Step back and blow it up!

Take a gun, find a scientist, shoot him in the leg twice, he pulls out a gun kill him take his gun, which is a DD4D and repeat with another scientist, if the second one is not dead, he takes out grenades. Of course this only works in Secret agent or 00 agent.–sent in by MadCat. Thanks.

If you beat the Aztec Temple on 00 agent and have completed all others on 00 agent, You go to the Egyptian Temple ,Home of the Golden Gun and of Baron Scaramanga!! He has 3 lives and ends up in 3 differents spots! —sent in by Roxanne Mundt.

If you have a gun that youcan hold 2 of, switch weapons superfast then fire. If it fires while you are switching, the weapons will lock, giving you a different weapon in each hand!—sent in Roxanne Mundt.

if you`re in Multiplayer, shoot ammo boxes (not explosives in boxes) in may split into two!—sent in by Roxanne Mundt.

2x weapon code: To do it, you`ll have to have two sets of double weapons such as two Automatic Shotguns and two Sniper Rifles.This is a difficult trick to perform, so if you cant git it to work the first time, try it again and make some subtle changes to your timing. First, activate the second set of weapons you`d like to have and then press the A button. But beforethe gun rotates away press the Z trigger twice then release the A button but as soon and again AS SOON as you take your finger off the A buttn tap it again and then press the Z trigger until both weapons lock. If your timing is perfect you should have twop different sets of weapons.—sent in by Kid Comet!

Facility: Invincibility: Skip the intro movies and run straight for the hole in the ventilation system. As you are falling, open the door, and run out of the bathroom. Run straight down the stairs, strafing around the boxes on the left and right into the room below. Kill the guard with the keycard as soon as you can, making sure not to put a bullet in the wall. Otherwise, guards from the bathroom will run downstairs to kill you. After getting the keycard, run straight into the room with the security door switch, ignoring the guards inside completely. When you get to the small room with the lockers and two guards, ignore them and get out your mines. Open the door leading to the hall with three guards and throw a mine. While the mine is in mid-air and close to them, press A, B, and R at the same time to detonate the mine. Run into the room with the intersection, and take a left down that hall. Kill the guard in the corner, pull out your KF7 Soviet, and shoot the glass near the door. This will alert a guard on the other side. He will open the door. Cycle backwards (A and Z) with your weapons to the silenced PP7 and shoot the guard while he opens the door. Run upstairs into the lab, killing all but the scientists with your PP7. If you don`t find Dr. Doak, you have to start the level over again. If he is there (he can be in one of two glass rooms, or in the hall), the minute you get the decoder run straight for the decoder door. When you meet Trevelyan, start setting mines on the floor inbetween four gas tanks until you run out of mines. You need to lure Trevelyan away from the gas tanks before you detonate them, otherwise. . . well, you know. Start backing up to the conveyor belt exit, and when objective C is complete, blow the mines and bolt out.

Facility: Another Point of View

1. You will Start off in the vent. Take your first left and then a right to fall into the bathroom. open the stall door as you fall and ignore the gaurds completely.

2. (Be sure that as you leave the bathroom you have your mines equiped). Run out of the bathroom and down the stairway.

3. When you get to the bottom of the stairway look/aim downward and throw a mine. (Don`t throw the mine to close to the computer room door or the remote door opener will blow up). If the mine skips make sure that it is not to close too the computer room door. Take your time to ensure that the mine lands safely, but try not to get shot.

4. At the bottom of the stairs after dropping the mine, turn around to your left and go into the door under the stairway. At the same time you should be switching to PP7 silenced or if you find it easier you may use “unarmed”. (Note: You will find it useful in this level to change weapons by using your “change weopon” & “fire button” to cycle through your weopons backwards). After Entering the door kill the guard (preferably before he shoots) and take his keycard and gun.

5. For best results, wait a few seconds and then (with your detonator) blow up the mine killing all gaurds in the computer room and maybe one in the hall. Switch to your silenced PP7.

6. Run back out into the hall and then into the computer room (the door may or may not be open). Assuming that the computer is still working tag it and run back out into the hall. (Note: you may also find it nessecary to pick up droped ammo) Turn left and shoot any guards in the way as you run down the hall (try to kill but don`t worry if you just injure). Turn left as soon as you can and enter then immediatly exit the room with the remote door. Pass the locker room ignoring the guards and at the same time switch to your KF7 Soviet.

7. This next room is likely to be a drain for your health. Try to stand in the doorway and kill the gaurds as quickly as possible (this is a skill that good players/00Agents aquire). You may run in after killing one or two and take out the remaining opposition. Run to the next door and, to preserve health, instead of opening the door when it is right in front of you, turn to the right or left and tag it there.

8. Inside you should do the same thing to avoid being shot (get to one side of the room). Run out and turn left shooting the guards in your area (if the place is allready flooded with guards try your best to avoid the ones behind you). The noise of the KF7 Soviet should alert the guard on the other side of the security door and convince him to open it for you.

9. Once the door is opened, kill the guard and run into the lab area ignoring the gaurd in front of you. Turn to your right and run up the stairs (positioning this may be difficult). Kill the gaurds at the top as you make your way through the hall. (Long distance shooting may be nessecary to take out far away gaurds). After turning right from the long stretch of hallway, you should be able to see the glass windows of the laboratory.

10. Continue down the hall until you get to the area with two gaurds behind a pilar. Turn right when you get there and look for Doctor Doak. Should he not be there, quickly check the glassed in laboratories for him (you may not survive this task unless it is done quickly and your health is OK). If he is not in any of them your luck has run out and you must restart and try again. If you find Doctor Doak immediatly run up and talk to him. As soon as you say “Time to leave Doctor Doak”, run back to the hall (if you are not already there), and continue along (a left turn from where you originally came from). There will be a few guards in your way and it will be very important to kill them. Your health may be low (mine was). When you get to the bottling room door press “start” and equip your door decoder. Use it by pressing “Z” (Solitare).

11. Now the real pressure begins. As soon as the door is open, go down the stairs and over to the tanks. Begin talking to Alec Trevelyen. There are 10 tanks you must destroy, but only four mines. Place mines on the floor so that they land between four tanks. Then quickly run away from the tanks and try to avoid gunfire if it is there. You should run towards the conveyor belt exit which will be ahead at your right. Wait until Alec says “For England James” and make sure that he is far enough away from the tanks so that the explosions won`t kill him. Don`t worry, you should still have enough time. As soon as he is out of the way, Blow up the tanks with your detonator completing the objective and then run out of the facility on the conveyor belt.

Archives: Invisibility: When the level begins, slap the guard with the key and run out of the room before the other guy gets a chance to shoot at you. Remember that you should NEVER fire any weapon on this level. Run out of the interrogation room straight into the large room with two guards. Ignore them and run through the room and upstairs. When you open the door, chances are you will see a guard with twin Klobbs at the end of the hall. If you don`t run down the left hall fast enough, the bullets will knock you back and put your chances of getting invisibility in jeopardy. Ignore the guy with the soviet and run out of the door at the end of the hall. Take a left through the double doors, and find Natalya. Simply open the door, and when she screams “James!” turn around and run out of the double doors you came in by. Take a left down the straightaway to the stairs. Don`t worry if you get hit by bullets–they propell you forward faster more than they do damage. Also, don`t worry if you can`t see Natalya. When you get down the stairs, go right and into a room with bookshelves. The second you enter the room, run left. You should see another door in front of you. Take it, and then go left into the room with Dimitri Mishkin. Wait close to the door, and let him walk to you. While he`s talking, walk to the safe. You should walk to the closest left corner, so when he gives you the key you can open the safe and take the box even before the door opens completely. After taking the box, go right from the safe. The door there will put you into a short hall; pull out your DD4D and open the door at the end of the hall. It will put you into a room with windows and books–blow the windows and run outside. Both of these cheats take several tries, so don`t get discouraged if you don`t make it the first few times.

Disappearing Mines In Multiplayer select remote mines ane when you get them keep piling on top of each other. After about 30 mines they will start to disappear.

The Golden Gun and Baron Samedi in Egypt For the true 00 agents who were able to acquire Egyptian, but can`t seem to reach the Golden Gun, here`s how to get it. Make your way to the Golden Gun room to the right of where you start. When you step on the first tile beyond that narrow hallway, don`t take another step. The entire room is pressure sensitive, save for a few tiles that let you reach the gun safely. From where that tile is, take this path: left 2, forward 2, right 3, forward 2, left 1, forward 1, left 1, forward 2, right 1. This pattern should place you directly in front of the Golden Gun and its box of gold bullets. Take this and start using it immediately–you can kill everyone in one shot! Exit the room via the left exit (it has the same silver square as the door you came in) and pick up the body armor, and then continue out of that hall. You should drop down into a huge room. Run straight out until you see (and hear) Baron Samedi. Shoot him once (that`s all it should take, with the Golden Gun) and then go back to the room you started in. Baron has reappeared, and is back for more. Kill him this time, and the lights go out (not that you can avoid this). Now, run back to where Samedi was in the beginning. Check for any discoloration along the walls (you might want to try this before the lights go out), and try to open it like you would a door. The panel slides aside, allowing access to a long hall. There are several holes on the right side of the hall–they are there so drone guns have an open shot at you. Ignore them (not doing so will cost you time and energy) and take a left at the end of a hall. You should see a room with a large black pillar in the middle. Behind it is a stronger Samedi. Kill him and you`ve won. Also, don`t be afraid of getting the all guns cheat–it`s the easiest one to get in the entire game (and be sure to watch the entire ending “movie” for a disturbing clip. . .)—sent in by BrandonBond

20 SECOND TRICK: On the train in 00 agent, you have only 6 seconds after breaking Boris` password to get out with Nataylia alive. To change it to 20 sec, line up Ouromov`s head with Xenia. After shooting Ouromov in the head immediately shoot and kill Xenia. If you did it right you will now have 20 extra seconds, but she`ll (Xenia) appear in Cuba. But if you`re like me and want a challenge and make the make the game look like the movie you`ll try it without this Trick.

AZTEC STAGE: In the Aztec stage go to the second room where there is one man in a hall, one on each side of him and three in the back behind crates. Kill the guy in the hall and the two next to him. Then run out of the hall and directely to the left or right. Go up the little stairs to the platform and stop. The three guys left will aim but wont shoot at you. You can pivot around but don`t move or they will shoot. Then just kill them with your pistol to save ammo and be on your way. Sent in by — Travis Bowers

Rigging the World
In multiplayer you can rig all the devices including guns and ammo. This can only be used with mines but is best used with proximity mines. Pick up a gun or ammo or mines. Remember where it was. Throw a mine on the ammo box or gun. If using proximity mines when the ammo or gun reappears your enemy will see it but hopefully not the mine and get blown to smithereens. This also works on Body Armor. And it blows up the body armor so the enemy or you can`t pick it up for a couple of minutes. –DGGCruz@aol.com

Shoot Tank Shells From Your Forehead
This is a pretty cool glitch that works only in the tank levels (Streets or Runway). You also need to switch the infinite ammo code on. Go to the tank and climb on top. Switch your weapon to the one immediately before the tank shells. Then, while switching to the tank shells, jump off the tank. If you did it right, Bond`s weapon will still be switched to tank shells you`re ready to fire some “big ones” from your forehead.–DGGCruz@aol.com

Shortcut To Invisibility in Archives
When you start out go over to the guy with the key and slap him. Get the key and leave before the other person gets a chance to shoot you. When you open the door take a right. you will see a person standing their, run right past him and go up the steps. You will see a person with two klobbs, ignore him and turn all the way around and go straight. Take a right and go straight and the person standing their. Go through the door and go left through the double doors. Enter and go to the room where Natalya is. Just simply open the door and then open the door to the left of you . Go in to the room and go down the stairs. Ignore the person at the bottom of the stairs. Go straight to the double doors, open them. Go around the bookshelves and go right. Go straight and you will see a door. Go through it and then go left through the other door. Then you should be in the room with Mishkin. Wait till he gives you the key then get the helicopter recorder. Go out the opposite door you came (right behind the safe) then follow that hallway till you get to the door. Open it and pull out your DD44 Dostov and shoot the glass and get out. (hint: dont stop to shoot anyone and never shoot your gun until you get to the window!) —-By: Morgan of Seattle!

Mission 6: The Interrogation Room.
Don`t take the gun. Instead walk over to the first soldier and stand right next to him. He won`t do anything to you at first. Then whack him with your hand, one hit and he will be dead. Then immediately run over to the other soldier. You may need to crouch down to hit him as sometimes he crouches down. Whack him about three times to kill him. Now you have their guns. You can grab the one on the table if you want it. The advantage to doing this rather than grabbing the gun on the table immeadiately is that it will not alert anyone out in the hallway. You can then just walk right out and through the second door to get the armor. If you shoot the guards with the gun on the table you will get into a huge gun fight with the soldiers trying to come into the room. ——Mr. Camaro

More Archives suggestions
I have passed Goldeneye, needless to say my favorite game, and I just wanted to help some people out on an especially difficult level, the Military Archives on 00 Agent. I have found that the easiset and fastest way to beat the mission is to not shoot your gun at anyone at all. This stops the guards and infinite numbers of soldiers from coming as the shooting of the bad guys is for some reason not heard. This may seem a stupid idea, playing the level without any weapon, but it works, all you need is a bit of patience. When you meet a soldier two chops with your hand will usually kill him. This trick can also be used to get the invisibility cheat, you only need to chop the guard right in front of you to get the key, then you must rush out the door, let Natalya see you, talk to Mishkin, who is agonizingly slow, get the flight recorder, pull out any gun you have and shoot the window—-Tomas R.

This is a code I learned from a friend, so I can`t take all the credit. On multiplayer mode, select the bunker level (only for three players) and remote mines as your weapon. Get some mines and head for the large room with the T.V. screens hanging off the ceiling. Place a mine on each T.V. hanging down and detonate them all at once. Toss another mine out in the open. If done correctly, all the mines for the rest of the game will float in the air! This is a great trick to pull on the other players.

66 Characters in Multi-Player
This will double the amount of characters to choose from in Multiplayer mode.

Hold the L and R buttons and press C-Left
Hold the L button and press C-Up
Hold the L and R buttons and press “left” on the D pad
Hold the L button and press “right” on the D pad
Hold the R button and press “down” on the D pad
Hold the L and R buttons and press C-Left
Hold the L button and press C-Up
Hold the Land R buttons and press “right” on the D-pad
Hold the L and R button and press C-Down
Hold the L button and press “down” on the D pad.

Mr. Boer, Meet Mr. Brosnan

…”My name is Boer…James Boer.” I’m Dutch, and my middle name is Jacobus (“James”). I’ve handed Pierce Brosnan the story excerpted here . . . Think my biggest hero is James Bond? It’s the Lord Jesus Christ!

Before you leave this BondFanEvents page thinking I’m a Jesus freak, I encourage you to read a bit longer! Or as Q says, “Now pay attention, 007!” The reason I love Christ above our friend James is that Christ paid for my sin!

The Bible says all of us are sinners, breaking God’s law in actions, words and thoughts. Even 007, though sarcastic, agrees with this in For Your Eyes Only, saying to Q, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned.” Our sin and guilt separate us from God. To go to heaven, however, we must be perfect. We can never go to heaven on our merits.

God loves us, though, and wants us to be with Him in heaven eternally. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to take our sin. Christ went to the cross and paid for sin there, taking punishment we deserve. After, He rose from the dead proving He had paid for sin. All He asks us to do in response is to place our trust in what He has done, not trusting our merits to get to heaven but what He did. The Bible says that:

“…God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever trusts in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life.”

It’s simple, God loves me, but I have sinned. Jesus paid for my sin and if I trust Him, I am assured of heaven! I know for certain I have eternal life and my sin is forgiven! I have a purpose to live for, to tell others what Christ did for me! “It’s a new world…with new dangers…but you can still depend on one man…Jesus Christ!”

—Kees Boer has been with 007Forever.com’s Bond Weekends since they were a fevered dream of a few crazy folk.

goldeneye – never say never again – casino royale ’67 – Monaco!


Monaco is often described as the jewel of the Cote d`Azur. As one of the smallest countries in the world, it is in the heart of the Riviera at just over 13 square miles in diameter. Monaco was designed with the rich and famous in mind, and it`s easy to see why James Bond frequented this beautiful area of land in both film and book.

Monte Carlo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and has something for everyone. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim, golf, shop, or go to the opera, Monte Carlo can accommodate you.

While in Monte Carlo, spy out the royal palace of the Grimaldi`s on the Place du Palais. Or if you are in to sports, check out the Monte Carlo Golf Club. The course, at 2600 ft. above sea level, is short but challenging. From it`s tenth and thirteenth holes players can gaze at the beauty of the Mediterranean, the Alps, distant Italian towns and even St. Tropez. The adjoining Monte Carlo Country Club offers superb tennis facilities. From September through December, the Monte Carlo Symphony offers Sunday concerts in the auditorium of the Convention Centre. The best troupers from around the world are invited to perform in the International Circus Festival in December. The arrival of spring is celebrated with the Bal de Rose, whit one hundred violinists playing in a ball room decorated with 12,000 roses, where, it is said, champagne flows like water.

The Casino de Monte Carlo

Monaco boasts of having the largest and the most famous gambling establishment in the world-the Casino de Monte Carlo. Since it first opened it`s doors in 1863, the Casino has welcomed statesmen, royalty, international celebrities and her majesty`s most sophisticated secret agent, James Bond 007.

The Casino and its neighboring counterpart, the Hotel de Paris, are both owned and operated by the Societe des Bains de Mer (Society of Sea Bathers). In 1863, one of it`s members, Francois Blanc was asked to take over the financially troubled casino. Blanc is credited with turning the “Rock” as Monte Carlo was known in those days, into the fashionable and sumptuous resort visitors enjoy today.

Today, the S.B.M is a privately-owned company, regulated by the government. The taxes paid by the SBM go towards public works and supporting the principality.

In Monte Carlo, as anywhere where gambling is a major industry, superstition and legends flourish. The most interesting of these stories concern people who have “broke the bank”. One could never break the Casino itself, but, in the old days, each roulette table was assigned a fixed reserve of money. If a player won a table`s entire reserve, the “bank” at that table was considered broken and the table was covered with a symbolic mourning cloth until the bank was replenished.

In the summer of 1891, an Englishman named Charles Wells broke the bank not once but several times. In three days he turned 10,000 gold francs into a million. When he returned to England he found he was a national hero. Wells later returned to the Casino in November of that year and started winning all over again. The Casino management naturally wanted to make sure that Wells was not cheating and hired private detectives to watch Wells and the Casino staff for any signs of collusion. They found nothing. Unfortunately Wells squandered his forunte and tried his hand again the next year. But his streak of luck had ended, and he died in poverty and disgrace. No one has ever figured out the number combination that was the source of Well`s initial good fortune. There have been a number of theories: a coat check number, a room or restaurant table number, a specific date or a child`s age.

The American Room

In April 1979, the American Room opened in the Casino. Since that time it has been welcoming visitors from North American with comparable style gambling and an English speaking staff. (The staff members are sent to an intensive training course in Las Vegas) An ornate skylight allows daylight to filter into the room and the eight chandeliers of Bohemian crystal (each weighing over 300 pounds) provide nighttime illumination.

Gambling in the American Room is played with American rules. For example, the American roulette wheel displays both a double zero and a single zero. Each player is given different colored chips and players fix the value of the chip themselves. Minimum and maximum bets on other games are 25 and 2500 francs for blackjack and craps. In addition to the 4 roulette wheels, the room also features 12 blackjack tables, 3 crap tables, a baccarra table and 150 slot machines. The American Room is open daily (except the evening of May 1st which is Labor Day in France). The slot machines can be played from 10 am to 4 am. You must be 21 and over to gamble.

The European Rooms

For spies who prefer a more traditional form of European elegance, the Casino offers the European Rooms. The Salles Touzet (named after the rooms designer) and the Salon Prive (also called the Salle Medecin after its renovator) are open daily. The Salon Super-Prive is a small, ultra-exclusive room that is available only by appointment.

The Touzet rooms were built in 1889 and share three arches. The most striking feature of these rooms are the stained glass windows which portray the most famous society women of the late 19th century. The paintings that hang upon the walls of the Touzet are called “Folly” and “Fortune”. The Salles Touzet is open from 10 am until 4 am. It contains four European roulette tables, a trente-et-quarante table, and a punto banco/baccara table.

The Salle Blanche (White Room) is reserved for overflow crowds from the American Room. It is sometimes used as a salle prive for high-stakes games where the participants desire quiet and privacy. The Salon Prive (Private Room) was decorated in gold and silver in “Empire” style by Francois Medecin in 1909. A formal dining room connects with the Salon Prive, which is open from 3pm to 4 am. The Salon Super Prive is an exclusive room that has the rich look of natural leather and mahagony. It contains a single baccara table with a double layout. The Salle Prive offers five European roulette tables, two trent-et-quarante, five baccara/chemin de fer tables, and one banque a tout ba table. The dress code is formal (the American Room is casual) and the games are European versions (roulette does not have the double zero and the chips are all the same color). There are no slot machines the the European rooms.

Monaco Grand Prix

There are two major car races each year in Monaco: the Monte Carlo car rally in January and the Grand Prix in May.For over 50 years the Monaco Grand Prix has been regarded as the most prestigious motor race in the world. With the Principality of Monaco as the backdrop it is no surprise. The seductiveness of Monte-Carlo during the Grand Prix of Monaco week is like no other. Monaco is where the high rollers come to experience motor racing. http://www.f1-monaco.com/

The Grimaldi family has ruled Monaco for over 700 years, ever since Francois Grimaldi delivered her from the Genoese. Seven centuries ago, Francois Grimaldi, disguised as a monk, gained admittance to their castle. Once inside, he drew his sword and opened the gates, letting in Monegasque soldiers who seized the castle and freed Monaco.

The population of the Principality consists of 29,972 people , 5,070 of whom are Monégasques, 12,047 French and 5,000 Italian

The Principality is divided into five areas :

1) Monaco-Ville on the Rock, the old fortified town, with the Prince`s Palace, the ramparts, the gardens, the Cathedral and the Oceanographic Museum

2) The Condamine, the harbor area

3) Monte Carlo, created in 1866, in the reign of Prince Charles III who gave it its name, with its internationally famous Casino, its great hotels and leisure facilities, some created recently : Larvotto beach, the Monte Carlo Sporting Club, the Boulingrins Gardens

4) Fontvieille, a great technical achievement with the filling-in with rock of 40 meters of water to produce a platform of 22 hectares supporting an urban, tourist and sports complex adjoining a yachting harbor and a pollution-free industrial zone

5) Moneghetti, the Révoires and the Exotic Gardens (on the western border with Cap d`Ail)


By air :
The Nice – Côte d`Azur International Airport is located 22 kilometers away from Monaco. Helicopter and bus services, taxis and hire cars provide permanent links between the airport and the Principality.

By helicopter (scheduled services or on request), the duration of the flight is 7 minutes.

By train :
The Monaco-Monte Carlo (SNCF) railway station is a stop for many international trains. The railway is a rapid means of communication between the Principality and all the localities of the Côte d`Azur from Cannes to Menton. By road :
The A8 motorway, which connects with the whole of European motorway system, serves the Principality by means of easy access roads (an exit A8 – RN7 coming from Nice, la Turbie going to or coming from Nice, Roquebrune going to or coming from Italy).

By sea :
The two harbors of the Principality, the Condamine (Hercule harbor) and Fontvieille, are equipped to handle yachts of all tonnages while intercontinental liners are able to anchor in the bay of Monaco.

Daytrips from Monte Carlo:
Roquebrune village : mediaeval castle, 6 km
La Turbie : Tower of Augustus, 8 km
Eze village : the Eagle`s Nest of the Côte d`Azur, 9 km
Menton : the Cocteau Museum, 10 km
Beaulieu : the Greek villa Kerylos, 11 km
Villefranche sur Mer : Jean Cocteau Chapel and Citadel, 11 km
Saint Jean Cap Ferrat : Ile de France Museum, 12 km
Saint Paul de Vence : the Maeght Foundation, 38 km
Antibes : Picasso Museum, 40 km
Vence : Matisse Chapel, 42 km
Biot : Fernand Léger Museum, 42 km.

–Some information provided by Thrilling Locations (Victory Games) and by Monte Carlo Online

ginger spice? Liz Hurley?

Better known as “Ginger Spice” of The Spice Girls, Geri met with The World Is Not Enough director Michael Apted for the role of Dr. Christmas Jones. She didn`t get it. Her only explanation was that “things just didn`t work out”.

Elizabeth Hurley, world supermodel and girlfriend of Hugh Grant, an actress in her own right, was rumored to have been approached for a role in GoldenEye and ever since. She didn`t do anything in the film, but she did present a 45 minute tribute to the Bond series that aired on FOX-TV in the United States later in 1995.

GoldenEye: The Skatalites

The Skatelites covered well The Original James Bond Theme on their Ball Of Fire 1997 release.

A Skatalites spokesman said the ska band were requested to turn in their work for 1995’s GoldenEye at EON’s request before releasing the theme cover along with their tune s”Latin Goes Ska” and “Swing Easy”.

The Skatalites’ James Bond Theme version is 6 minutes and 59 seconds of drums, sax, guitar and trumpet glory. Available from Island Records under their Island Jamaica Jazz label.

Mel “Double Oh” Gibson

The story about Gibson becoming the next James Bond got a lot of play in 1992, when mega-Hollywood producer Joel Silver attempted to buy the rights to James Bond. At one time they were up for sale. Silver has gone on record as saying he would have cast long time friend Mel Gibson as 007.

Major media outlets such as Entertainment Weekly and Newsweek claimed that Albert R. Broccoli, then producer of the Bond films, waved an unconditional $20 Million U.S. paycheck in front of Gibson`s face to star as 007 in GoldenEye. According to the story, Gibson replied about the role: “Too frivolous”.

Was he really ever offered the role? EON and it`s publicists have denied it to this day. Others have stood by their story that he had. So it depends upon who you ask, or who you want to believe.

The Name’s Rickman . . . Alan Rickman . . . MISTER Potter . . .

Alan Rickman, of Die Hard fame, originally tested as James Bond in 1993, and by 1994, was reportedly offered the role of Alec Trevelyan. He was ready to do it, but changed his mind at the thought of being typecast as a megalomaniac, (Die Hard, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves) The role eventually went to Sean Bean, who in turn also screen tested a few times for the role of Bond.