2014: Live And Let ‘Leans

From one of our New Orleans fans: “…And of course thank you, thank you, thank you for a great tour!  I enjoyed every minute of it, and I appreciate not only the many great Bond things you showed us, but the city tour extras as well.  We saw many parts of New Orleans the tourists don’t get to see. Thanks again.  I will never forget the great times we had.”**See the bottom of this page for details from our 2014 trip!Two Sazeracs… This is New Orleans. Relax!

 Thursday evening, October 23: Early Live and Let ‘Leans arrivals gather for Martinis And Shop Talk at (or under) The Sazerac Bar at The Roosevelt New Orleans. Named after the world’s first mixed drink, The Sazerac Bar carries as much lore as its potable namesake. All weapons must be checked at the door, to ensure full magazines. Dinner and mayhem to follow. A night to live in infamy–if we remember it the next day! (Of course, we’re joking, OO7.)


Shall I open it?

Friday, October 24: Group luncheon and fan meet in New Orleans. Next, we cross the Mississippi River and Lake Ponchartrain for the Louisiana Locations Tour including brilliant chase scenes from Live and Let Die. After, limit yourself to a five-course dinner, OO7, to conserve energy for our City Wild Nighttime Tour. This one is way out of the box. You have been warned! Survivors will regroup, refresh and reload at Café du Monde.

Same time tomorrow, Mrs Bell?

Saturday, October 25: The morning dawns on Mr. Big’s Gonna Take Care Of You Tour, visiting more Live and Let Die locations in the company of experts who may or may not be in The Company. After lunch, Solitaire’s Impertinence Tour offers surprises, particularly if we can’t locate Strutter or Hamilton. Then comes a fan group dinner, followed by our Late Night Adventure in your choice of novel or movie costume, casual or formal wear–or wear nothing at all–it’s a free country! Prizes awarded for best and worst costumes. (Yes, you must wear clothing.)

Felix, find out if there’s a Fillet Of Soul restaurant in town.

Sunday, October 26: Enjoy your morning at our Authors’ Bodacious Book Signing and Q&A with several spy scribes. Get your volumes etched in person. (Surcharge for any inscriptions beginning with “Your obedient servant…”) After, take the afternoon and evening to fly home–Mrs Bell will assist you.

Relax, baby, Mr Big’s gonna take care of you in a minute.

3Join us to Live and Let ‘Leans! Update your zapiska (dossier) for just $75 U.S. per attendee, which includes all four expert-led Bondological tours (Friday’s Louisiana Locations and City Wild tours and Saturday’s Mr. Big’s Gonna Take Care Of You and Solitaire’s Impertinence tours), museum admissions, ground transportation, author book signings, prizes and surprises, armament, personal executive secretary and all the usual refinements. Stinger missiles not included.

Recommended French Quarter hotels for (Thursday for early arrivals or) Friday to Sunday, October (23 or) 24 to 26, 2014:

  • The Queen and Crescent Hotel (a charming boutique hotel)
  • The New Orleans Marriott (spectacular views, particularly from rooms on higher floors, not so much from subterranean rooms)
  • For those wishing to stay more economically, Live and Let ‘Leans offers rooms outside the French Quarter for between $30 and $50 nightly per guest, including taxes and amenities like free breakfasts and free shuttles to all Live and Let ‘Leans tours and events (contact M, fire a flare or key the exploder button)

Saturday’s Walking Tours:

Within the French Quarter are frequent street closings and gridlock. Saturday’s Mr. Big’s Gonna Take Care Of You and Solitaire’s Impertinence tours will be at a very relaxed walking pace (fans have been known to fall asleep and be placed in funeral processions). There will be frequent rest, photo and snack stops, as well as significant personal property destruction. Friday’s tours are by vehicle with (most of) the ejector seats removed.


Your host, M, has led numerous spy tours for fans from across the US, Canada and as far as Europe and Asia, to visit hundreds of movie and novel locations. And this time, M joins authors, experts and “Bondologists” to help you Live and Let ‘Leans

…But M says without you he fears for the security of the civilized world. Join us in New Orleans, OO7! Or get more information first then join us via credit card, check or blue-white flawless diamonds between three and eight carats, by contacting:

M’s desk c/o Eve Moneypenny
(USA) 352.871.0967

Laissez les Bond temps rouler!

**“Live And Let ‘Leans” Thrills Bond Fans To The Uttermost**We had a ball in New Orleans this October as Bond fans, all Bonding together. Let me tell you how it went and give you the flavor of our event:LALL (213)Thursday: We gathered at The Roosevelt, a Waldorf Astoria collection hotel, in their sumptuous Sazerac Bar, for, well, Sazeracs, just like Felix ordered for him and James before things went awry in The Big Easy. We spent hours meeting old friends and making new ones over martinis, giz fizzes and the bar’s eponymous drink (they serve 40,000 a year of them) before dining out together–at the nearby Felix’s Restaurant, and especially on their famous chargrilled oysters. We then had front-and-center seats for one of the best live bands anywhere, The Yat Pack, as they did their swinging 50’s and 60’s music at the avant-garde Saint Hotel, where some of us also shot pool in the lobby and others soaked up Moore of the Sainted atmosphere.LALL (277)Friday: This was our first big tour day, around greater New Orleans to visit numerous train, plane, boat and car chase locations from LIVE AND LET DIE. Our tour began at 10 AM and went until almost 9 PM! The morning’s highlight was visiting the airport from the chase scene with Mrs. Bell. We were welcomed to the airport by a corporate sponsor who offered refreshments to our group followed by an exclusive escorted tour onto the airport runways and into the hangars used during the film! We spent nearly two hours at the airport. The WWII Airpower Expo there featured a B-17 Flying Fortress, B-29 Superfortress and other planes that roamed the skies overhead all weekend. We next crossed the Lake Pontchartrain causeway, the longest contiguous bridge in the world, to dine at the aptly named Voodoo Barbecue on delicious sandwiches and platters, followed there by a Bond memorabilia sale and Bond and U.N.C.L.E. book signings by authors Matt Sherman and Jon Heitland. Fan favorite spots in the afternoon and evening that followed included the estates “boated over” in the wedding scene and swimming pool chase scenes in LALD, two long-lost locations that were unearthed especially for this event, and reenacting “Billy Bob passes Sheriff Pepper and the patrolmen” on site in photos. We also visited a dozen other scenes from Roger Moore’s first outing as OO7 including where Bond crashed through a bridge, blew Adam to bits, played cards with Solitaire and more. Evening took us to exotic New Orleans and off the beaten tourist path. We had dinner at local favorites Parkway Bakery and Angelo Broccato for gelato and cakes followed by our “City Wild” tour. We crossed the Mississippi and overlooked the city by night, visited celebrity homes including Brad Pitt’s, John Goodman’s, Nicolas Cage’s, Sandra Bullock’s and Anne Rice’s hangouts, the Lower Ninth Ward where Hurricane Katrina struck hard but the locals are gamely recovering, a haunted skyscraper and a haunted mansion, the Amtrak station used by Felix, James and Solitaire in LALD and even a deserted cemetery by late night.LALL (527)Saturday: After a Bond gift exchange, our group spent the day and evening in film locations in the French Quarter and Central Business District. We visited Cemetary #1 and Louis Armstrong Park, dined handsomely and talked shop at The Gumbo Shop, drank at Napoleon House and at the rooftop bar of the Omni New Orleans, Bond’s hotel from LIVE AND LET DIE, and generally did the town including other hotspots used by cast and crew, with many insider stories en route on tour, ending, of course, at the site of the FILLET OF SOUL restaurant. In all, we visited over 45 locations from LIVE AND LET DIE, during four tours over two days. We finished the night on our balcony high above Bourbon Street, talking, laughing and watching the scene over drinks.

LALL (771)Sunday: We ended our event over brunch with live music at Red Gravy Restaurant, with its exotic mix of traditional breakfast items with mid-morning Italian meatballs and marinara sauce! Some Bondians departed for home while the rest of the stalwarts went atop the Westin Hotel for an hour, to admire the 360-view high above the city, the French Quarter and all the many Bond locations we visited.

Join us on our next James Bond sightseeing and thrilling event!

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    1. New Orleans is a city best visited by eantig your way through. You really need more than three days to dig in’, so I would give myself 5-7 days. Stay in the French Quarter or in the nearby Marigny. This allows you to walk around most of the time and still not be far from your base. You could rent a car for only part of your visit while you explore outside the Quarter.For the Quarter, there is much to do. Of course you can go to all the bars, but let’s put that aside right now. Give yourself a day for shopping. There are antique shops, tourist shops, and assorted art shops on Royal Street and Chartres Street. There is also some interesting shopping along Decatur by the French Market.For traditional creole cuisine, go to Galatoire’s, Arnaud’s, Brennan’s, Gumbo Shop, or Antoine’s. For other Louisiana fare, go to NOLA, Palace Cafe, GW Fins, Bourbon Oyster House, Irene’s Cuisine, or Stella. Have Beignets at Cage Du Monde, or have a full breakfast at Cafe Beignet or Petunia’s. There are so many restaurants in the French Quarter you would never have to leave the area to eat.Other activities include: take a ride on a streetcar to the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) in City Park. The museum is nice and is in a beautiful setting at City Park. City Park also has the Celebration in the Oaks event during the holidays. It is a nighttime display of lights and other holiday festivities. Magazine Street in Uptown has nearly five miles of shopping and dining. Mafazine is best accessed by having a car, so you can stop where you want and walk around. The Audubon Zoo is in Audubon Park by Tulane and Loyola Universities. By the way, you will drive through uptown and the garden district to ge to the zoo. Spend some time driving around in the garden district, it has some of the finest 19th century architecture around.This should be enough to grab your interest. New Orleans is still the greatest place in the country to visit, maybe even live! Good luck!

  1. Sounds very exciting. Can’t wait! Just one question. When do you need the money and what is the deadline by which you need it? Thank you.

    Respectfully Yours ,
    Misha P.

    1. Well, first, I think that you would love visiting the French Quarter for a few days. The architecture, food and music is fantastic. New Orleans is overlooked when you think about cities in the U.S. with a long rich history. New Orleans is particularly interesting because it has a really unique culture that has stayed strong over so many years and challenges. Basically I think everyone should visit. It is less expensive than San Francisco, but with tons to do and see and learn.

      1. You are certainly correct. We’ve done Bond events in both SF and NOLA and the NOLA trip was fantastic including the Bond day featuring the French Quarter. The food and sights were amazing!

    2. Well, first, I think that you would love visiting the French Quarter for a few days. The aetcitrchure, food, and music is fantastic. New Orleans is overlooked when you think about cities in the U.S. with a long rich history. New Orleans is particularly interesting because it has a really unique culture that has stayed strong over so many years and challenges. Basically I think everyone should visit. It is less expensive than San Francisco, but with tons to do and see and learn.

  2. M!

    How are ya? Hope all’s well!

    Not sure if I can ultimately make it, but I’d like to consider this trek, sounds great!

    I must be looking right past the notice, but I don’t see the total cost. It includes everything but lodging correct?

    Hope I can make it. Thanks for any info.

    -Agent Natey-Six-

  3. You are very close to correct. One payment of $75 U.S. covers all four tours, ground transportation, museum admissions, etc. Not covered are lodging and meals for the weekend. Thanks for helping us keep the British end up!

  4. I’ll add this to my list of trips to Bond locations for next year, since I’ll be at a shore duty location then. I’ll be deployed when you have it this year. Have a good time, everyone! Looking forward to the pictures…

    1. I visited New Orleans in 96 and a month later had to moved there. I toltaly felt in love with the city. Beignets, cafe au lait, po’ boys and gumbo can change your life forever. I now live in Florida but New Orleans still has a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

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