20 Years of Fan Events!

Visit Atlanta and New Orleans with M in 2018!

M. Sherman’s spy collectibles and his spy meets have featured on C-SPAN, DISCOVERY, HGTV, VH-1, TLC, TNN and in Ripley’s Believe It or Not! His contributions have appeared in The Daily MailThe Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles TimesThe New York Times, The Washington Post, Parade Magazine, Time and Time Europe.


M, an experienced tour guide and insider who has worked on numerous spy projects from books, scripts, music and film to charity work and grand galas, has provided face time for genre fans with a huge array of special guests (see below).
Some highlights from M’s events:
04 Chicago 1Chicago – Guided tours of the world’s biggest OO7 collection, the 20,000-piece Doug Redenius Archives. Luncheon 95 stories above Chicago atop John Hancock Center with nine-time Bond novelist Raymond Benson. Bond piano concerto and author’s book signing. Memorabilia show featuring Corgi prototype vehicles and themed props. Fan playtime with Ian Fleming Foundation’s screen used vehicles including the Bath-O-Sub and Neptune Sub, Moonraker Boat, Q’s TWINE Boat, a Parahawk and more. Trivia game night and champagne reception.
7Gainesville – Celebration of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service in a private 300-seat theatre and presentation of rare OHMSS memorabilia to attendees. Collector-hosted booths at a James Bond show at our Piz Gloria Room for the press and public. Catered fan evening with martini bar service. European memorabilia giveaway. Screening of unique footage from the Eon archives. Poolside and floating party. Locations tour from films including Moonraker and Sean Connery’s Just Cause.
Sailin TwoJamaica – Cruises to Ocho Rios and visits to Sans Souci resort (Dr. No, Live and Let Die) with unlimited meals and entertainment including trivia and dining together nightly. Locations tours including private visits to more than two dozen locations from the films and many of the Bond novels, including guided tours of Dunn’s Falls (Dr. No), The Falls Restaurant (Live and Let Die). Insider talks and special guest presentations at sea. Author talks and book signings. Once-in-a-lifetime visits to Ian Fleming’s desk where he penned the Bond novels in his Goldeneye Villa. Special presentation of Ian Fleming portrait as the centerpiece of the Fleming space at this world-famous resort.
sadfKey West – Guided tours and cruises to Key West including exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime visits aboard ship and inside Felix Leiter’s home and U.S. Coast Guard Station Key West, hosted by production team members from Licence To Kill. Visits to the airstrip, homes and vehicles used in License to Kill and Tomorrow Never Dies.
2 Las Vegas (03)Las Vegas – Rare memorabilia auction benefiting charity. Luncheon with Don McGregor, Bond comics and graphic novels creator and Eon archivist. Escorted VIP trip atop Stratosphere Las Vegas. Planet Hollywood event at Caesar’s Palace with Lana Wood of Diamonds Are Forever. Fan photo shoot with actors and with Aston Martin DBS from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Locations tours of Vegas Bond sites including Williard Whyte Techtronics and a private tour of Slumber, Inc. Rare memorabilia sale and silent auction. Party in Downtown Vegas with casino visits in costume. Fans and event filmed for Discovery Channel.
06 Long Beach aLong Beach – Insider access at M’s SpyFest, the world’s largest espionage convention and the sole public event in history to receive CIA approval, featuring more than 80 guest appearances including appearances by Bond production team members and 10 Bond actors and actresses including David Hedison, Maud Adams and Tanya Roberts. Unique convention appearances from spy stars including Robert Culp and Earle Hagen of I SPY and writers and actors from Batman, Star Trek, The Recruit, Spy Kids, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and hundreds of other spy and action films and shows. The public world premiere of circular video technology including an 8-ton round video screen trucked specially to the convention to display archival footage and music videos. Treasures from The International Spy Museum and The Guns of James Bond. Car show with James Bond and Austin Powers vehicles. Fans were treated to Gold Passes for all shows and panels, a tour aboard a Russian submarine, guest cabins aboard the RMS Queen Mary, boat rides bayside, a tour of Howard Hughes’s facilities for The Spruce Goose, a private VIP party with real world intelligence officers from CIA, FBI, NSA and KGB and David Carradine of Kill Bill and Kung Fu, a private memorabilia sale benefiting Camp 9/11, drinks with James Bond himself, George Lazenby, and a gala fan dinner with dozens of Bond and spy celebrities held inside the Queen Mary’s magnificent Grand Salon.
10 L.A 01Los Angeles – Escorted tour of the world’s most valuable spy memorabilia collection, Danny Bierderman’s Spy Fi Archives. Martini reception atop The Standard overlooking the L.A. skyline. A memorabilia spectacular with each attendee receiving hundreds of dollars in rare posters, books and memorabilia. Tour of Los Angeles James Bond locations. VIP party at Galpin’s Aston Martin Club benefiting JDRF with Luciana Paluzzi of Thunderball and live music from Gloria Hendry of Live and Let Die, and other actors and models. Dinner at The Standard. Fan luncheon with four-time Bond screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz and Bernie Casey of Never Say Never Again.
07 Miami 01Miami Visits to Key Biscayne, Watson Island and Miami Beach and locations from Goldfinger, Thunderball, Casino Royale and more. Costume party with memorabilia giveaway. Meals at Joe’s Stone Crab from Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger and an exclusive tour of The Fontainebleau Miami as visited by U.S. Presidents and dozens of films and shows including Goldfinger, Scarface, The Bodyguard and The Specialist.  Guided tours of the Dezer Collections with its 50,000 sq. ft. of Bond memorabilia and vehicles. Presentations by Paladin (para rescue operative, CIA NOC agent and secret service agent), author Dr. John Flynn (Everything I Know About Life I Learned From James Bond), author Joe Darlington (Being James Bond), Colin Clark (Board Member, Ian Fleming Foundation) and Steve Fuller (producer of the Miami Antique Toy Show). Dining and dancing at Club Whisper, 50 stories above the Miami skyline. Instructor-led gunplay on the firing range with Bond’s Beretta, Walther PPK, P99, assorted pistols, semis and automatics.
03 New Orleans 01New Orleans – Fan evening with Bruce Glover of Diamonds Are Forever. Tours of plane, boat, car and train chases and action from Live and Let Die including tours of the private airport and private homes from the film, along with dozens of other film locations. Show Day featuring martial arts and weapons demonstrations, talks with directors and the casts of several spy spoof films, and a rare books presentation from Brad Frank of Ian Fleming Foundation. Auction including items provided by Pierce Brosnan. Costumed Mardi Gras night at Harrah’s Casino. Luncheon alongside the Mississippi River with Gloria Hendry of Live and Let Die. Locations tour with Timothy Napier-Moxon of Dr. No. Performance by Vic Flick on the 1962 Signature James Bond Theme Guitar. Memorabilia show hosted by artist Jeff Marshall.
08 New York 01New York – Gala caviar and champagne reception at the Waldorf Astoria New York. Three days of Bond book and film locations tours of uptown, midtown and downtown Manhattan. Presentation to Sean Connery at his home on the occasion of his 75th birthday. Luncheon with Geoffrey Holder of Live and Let Die, Max Vesterhalt of For Your Eyes Only, Deb Lipp of The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book, John Griswold of Ian Fleming: Annotations and Chronologies, Michael Di Leo of The Spy Who Thrilled Us and more. Costume, weapon and black tie party at the Waldorf.
243San Francisco – Guided tours of Golden Gate Bridge and the Lefty O’Doul Drawbridge, City Hall, Stacy Sutton’s house and more from A View To A Kill during a weekend commemorated by the City of San Francisco. Costume party with awards hosted by Barbara Bouchet of Casino Royale ’67. Luxury Penthouse Suite reception at Mark Hopkins Hotel. Memorabilia show hosted by Swatch and featuring autograph sessions and props display with unique items from each Bond film. Vic Flick Bond concert. Luncheon at Top Of The Mark with Richard Kiel and Lois Chiles of The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Special appearance by the Mustang Mach 1, Sean Connery’s hero car from Diamonds Are Forever. Fans and event filmed for TNN.
123The Bahamas – Cruises to Nassau with unlimited meals and entertainment including trivia and dining together nightly. Black tie night with cosplay. Swimming and snorkeling at Love Beach (Thunderball, Casino Royale). Locations tours including private visits to the British Colonial hotel, Sir Sean Connery’s past and present homes, and dozens of locations from the Bond films and books, including behind-the-scenes at Government House and sneak preview locations and follow-up visits from the filming of Casino Royale starring Daniel Craig at locations including One & Only Ocean Club. Insider talks and special guest presentations at sea. Author talks and book signings. Tours of Stuart Cove with staff and filmmakers from seven Bond films. Meeting with staff and crew from Thunderball, Never Say Never Again and Casino Royale.
Washington, DC – Presidential-level seating at the International Spy Gala, including gourmet food and drink, party favors and casino gaming. Private unveiling of artwork commissions for the International Spy Museum. Private guided tour of the Exquisitely Evil: 50 Years of Bond Villains exhibit. Themed city tours of fictional and real-world spying locations. 007 artwork and memorabilia sale.
Other fan events led by M have included spy locations tours and vehicle displays, lectures and seminars, displays of props, books and memorabilia at symphony concerts, museums and libraries, press events and film premieres, academic conferences, toy shows, gala dinner parties and fundraisers, events at the CIA and International Spy Museum, fan conventions, exotic car and luxury watch dealerships, trivia contests and fan giveaways sent to millions of subscribers to win many thousands of dollars in prizes.

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