You Only Live Twice: (Demo Version)

This version of You Only Live Twice has never been traced back to it`s author. Record searches of archives conducted by John Barry and associates have failed to turn up who performed this demo version and no one has yet stepped forward claiming to be the demo singer. Based on the tune and the lyrics, it`s not hard to see why!

You Only Live Twice,
no more than twice,
and each life you live,
you`re playing with dice!

The first game is love,
beware, it`s nice!
The second is death
whose cold arms entice you…

You gamble with danger…You gamble with love…Each one is a stranger…In a black velvet glove!

And if you should lose,
you`ll the pay the price,
good luck with the dice,
You Only Live Twice!

(repeat stanza)

You gamble with danger,
You gamble with love,
Each one is a stranger,
in a black velvet glove!

And if you should lose,
You`ll the pay the price,
Good luck with the dice…You Only Live Twice!

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