“World” Smashes All Records

Great news for Bond fans: The World Is Not Enough took in an estimated $37.2 million over its opening weekend!

In a fitful box office weekend with “Sleepy Hollow” nailing $30.5 million, (the first time two films have ever grabbed more than $30 million each in their openers)

Mr. Bond is not “in the shadows but on top.” Even better for MGM`s new owners, TWINE has been the best opening weekend for any film in their 75-year history. That is great news for MI-6 as 007 prepares for battle against his new archrival this month, Toy Story 2.

The Bonds always do well with Canadian fans, and the Montreal Paramount scored an estimated take of $100,000 for Bond XIX.
It seems as though TWINE will not only recap MGM`s estimated $100-$130 million dollar investment for Brosnan: Part III, but will be a “Moneyraker” joining the top twenty box office films in the US, ever!

The World Is Not Enough also grabbed $12 Million in its opening night, demolishing “Pokemon” with five times its take. Sleepy Hollow ran second to Bond with a little over $10 Million. Box Office Mojo estimates Bond peaked at $12,130,000 for a rousing start. For a comparison, Dr. No, which opened in the US in May of 1963, grabbed $16,000,000 for its entire run in the States. “You’ve come a long way, Mr. Bond.”

Bond worldwide has taken over two billion dollars at the box office since its humble beginnings.

Today, the US. Tomorrow, “worldwide domination” as Elliot Carver might say. Cheers, EON!

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

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