wild script – The World Is Not Enough

The World Is Not Enough, despite numerous changes in differing drafts, stays fairly faithful to the first draft turned in by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade on June 18, 1998. (Spoilers to follow).

In the film, Bond goes to Bilbao, Spain to retreive King`s money. In the first draft, it was Havana. Most everything else in this scene stays faithful to the original script, except the name of the middle man is Karoush and he`s not a Swiss banker. Cigar Girl escapes in the same fashion, by knifing Karoush in the neck. Bond is not shot at nor saved by Renard as he is in the movie.

In Dana Stevens “polish” treatment, Cigar Girl hides out in an apartment across the street and tells Renard that the British Secret Service Agent was named James Bond, to which Renard replies: “One of MI6`s more accomplished tin men.” This scene was filmed, but eventually edited out of the finished product.

Bond eventually gets back to London with King`s money, and he presents Moneypenny with a cigar holder, only in the film, the dialogue is a bit more witty, if distasteful. The money is wired to explode in both the film and first two drafts of the film, only in the original script, Bond chases Cigar Girl down the Thames in a jet pack, not a Q Boat. The Q Boat doesn`t show up until Dana Steven`s treatment. There is no Millenium Dome or hot air balloon in the first draft. Bond lands the jet pack on a boat directly opposite Cigar Girl and shoots her to death.

The focus then shifts to the Scottish countryside where MI6 has now taken up residence in the wake of the explosion at their London headquarters. Purvis and Wade put in a scene with the Aston Martin DB5 pulling up to the castle, but it`s dropped by the second draft and is never filmed.

Bond immediately goes to see Dr. Greatrex, later to be dubbed Molly Warmflash by the time Bruce Fierstein does the third and final draft. In the original script, Bond goes to the castle and then goes straight to the doctor for his physical, whom he manages to seduce. In the film, he`s left off the Elektra case because of health concerns, so he then sees the doctor in an effort to get him passed and cleared for duty. The dialogue is more or less the same.

In the film, Tanner and Charles Robinson (Chief of Staff) discuss the methods used to kill Robert King. In the first draft, that job was left up to Q. In fact, there was no “R” in the first draft, nor was there an exit scene for “Q”.

In the debreifing scene in the first draft, we learn that Cigar Girl`s real name is Sashenka Firo, a fact never disclosed in the film. `Renard, the Fox` gets a name change from Claude Serrault in the first draft to Victor Zokas by the time the film opens.

The scene where Renard`s physical health is being discussed, i.e his inability to feel pain due to the bullet in his brain, in the first draft was left up to Tanner and M. In subsequent drafts and in the film, Dr. Molly Warmflash gives the medical breakdown on Renard.

In the first draft, “M” assigns Bond to infiltrate the King organization as a PR consultant. In the film, “M” sends Bond in as a known agent of Her Majesty`s Secret Service. Bond goes undercover in the original draft as David Somerset. Apparently Elektra had not noticed Bond at her father`s funeral.

In the first draft Elektra takes Bond by jeep through the oil fields along the Caspian Sea, rather than him driving in on his own with the BMW. In this scene she refers to Devil`s Breath, natural gas that`s been burning since before mankind. Bruce Fierstein later wrote in our first meeting with Renard by having him hold a meeting at Devil`s Breath, a meeting that was not scripted in the first draft.

The jeep takes Bond and Elektra up to the mountains for them to ski along the pipeline in the first draft, rather than a helicopter. The Parahawks give chase in the first draft pretty much as they do in the film, with the key difference being that when Elektra and Bond collapse into the avalanche, Bond does not have an inflatable ski jacket.

In the first draft, Elektra addresses a gathering of oil tycoons later that evening at Valentine Zukovsky`s casino. In the film, she simply shows up to gamble, running into Bond who has asked Zukovsky for some help.

In the first draft, Renard has a hawk that plucks out the eyeballs of his enemies. In the script, “Blue Eyes” refers to someone who had failed to kill Bond on the ski run. Renard whispers into the hawk`s ear and it lunges for “Blue Eyes”, plucking out the eyeball. The talons of the Hawk draw blood on Renard`s hand, but he`s unable to feel it. This sequence, and the entire concept, were abandoned by the second draft. Look for it to show up in a future Bond film.

At the casino, in both film and script, Elektra plays her hand against Zukovsky`s bank. But in the original draft, she ups the ante, so to speak, and plays several rounds. In the film, she lays down a million dollars all at once and loses everything.

The film follows the script in that Bond and Elektra leave the casino for a night of passion together. Where the film has Bond and Elektra going back to her mansion in Baku, the Purvis/Wade draft has Bond and Elektra going to her yacht.

In the Purvis/Wade draft, Bond tells Elektra in bed that the amount of money Sir King paid for the stolen reports was the same amount as the ransom for Elektra when she was kidnapped. She then pulls out some papers of her father that show King Industries was involved in supplying equipment to move nuclear warheads for the Chechnyans. This is a major plot point in the movie that was not adequately clarified.

In the Purvis/Wade draft, Christmas Jones is a French Polynesian nuclear scientist. She`s also not quite as antagonistic towards Bond as she is in the movie. Bond goes into the decommissioning site as himself, not as a Russian scientist like in the film.

Later, when Bond enters the underground chamber, it is Renard that finds Bond and grabs him, not the other way around, as in the film. “Blue Eyes” helps Renard grab Bond, and “Blue Eyes” now has an eye patch. Renard headbutts Bond, breaking the skin and revealing the metal plate in his forehead. This scene was not filmed for the movie and much of the dialogue was subsequently changed.

A firefight breaks out in the Purvis/Wade draft in the underground test facility, but in this draft, as opposed to the film, Christmas and Colonel Akakievich are above ground. Bond manages to get into an elevator cage just seconds before a bomb goes off, but the ensuing blast forces the elevator up through the shaft like a rocket. In the film, the Colonel is killed underground and Bond and Christmas escape the madness by taking an elevator ride out of the facility.

In the Purvis/Wade draft, Christmas, the Colonel and Bond survey the damage to the underground facility by using a robot like spider capable of surveing damaged areas humans couldn`t get into. They realize from using the spider that Renard stole a warhead. None of this sequence made it into the film.

The theft of the warhead was also intended to humiliate British intelligence, as they helped broker the deal to have the warheads moved to France. Hence the connection to Christmas Jones being French Polynesian. In any case, this whole line of plotting was dropped in subsequent drafts.

Bond leaves a briefing with M. Christmas demands to know where he`s heading, but Bond refuses to tell her. She`s concerned the loss of the warhead will cause her program to destroy the nuclear arsenals of the world to be shut down and instead, taken over by the military, who will insist on keeping the nukes alive. She wants to team up with Bond, but he wants to work alone. He takes off in his car, and she calls a friend who uses a spy satellite to track Bond`s movements. Christmas follows Bond. Bond has gone to Zukovsky`s caviar factory. In the film, Bond and Christmas have teamed up and gone to the factory. But in the Purvis/Wade draft, Bond goes alone.

Bond sees a shadow and punches his hand through some dead wood in the wall, yanking the intruder through the wall and into the room, then delivering a blow to the chin before realizing it`s Christmas. Wisely, this scene was dropped in Dana Stephens draft and was reworked in the film. The helicopters then bear down on the caviar factory as they did in the film. The key difference in this set of events is that in the film, Bond and Christmas already know that Elektra is working against them and have already defused the bomb in the pipeline. After leaving the caviar factory and getting information from Zukovsky, Bond and Christmas head back to the terminus, which by this point, have been hit by Renard`s men. The bomb is in the pipeline.

This sequence is different from the film because in the film, the caviar factory sequence comes after the defusal of the bomb in the pipeline. Also, in the film, M and Charles fly out to Kazakstahn to help Elektra, upon which Elektra kidnaps M. The kidnapping of M, nor her flying out to Asia happens in the first draft. Only in subsequent drafts is this role expanded.

Bond, Christmas and Zukovsky all end up in Istanbul trying to find the sub, Valentine`s nephew, Elektra and Renard. In this draft, Valentine`s nephew is named Yevgeny. He insists to Bond that if anything has happened to Yevgeny that he must be allowed to kill Elektra, not Bond.

A bomb goes off in both the Purvis/Wade draft and in the film. However, where the chase ends as it begins in the film, in the script, Bond gives chase through a Turkish steam bath. The Dana Stevens draft had Bond and a thug fighting it out on top of an electric cable car running through downtown Istanbul. Both sequences were cut from all drafts and the film takes us from the dye factory to the Maiden`s Tower in one transition.

Christmas gets taken to Renard, while Bond is strapped into the Garotte.

ELEKTRA (to Bond): “Cure me. Tell me why I should relent. Talk me out of it. Tell me the calvary`s on its way. All I see is one spy and a foolish girl, floundering in a city they don`t understand. You don`t know what i`m up to…and neither does M.”

BOND: “One thing M knows is what your father told her about you.”

ELEKTRA:”And what did my father tell M?”

BOND: “That his little girl was insane.”

Zukovsky limps in, is shot by Elektra, and then he frees Bond by blowing off the clamps on his wrists. Bond chases Elektra upstairs and kills her. She doesn`t tell Renard to “Dive” like the film shows her.

The submarine sequence comes off in the film almost identically to the first draft. In the end, Bond and Christmas have a tryst in a fishing boat. It was changed to a Turkish rooftop by the time filming began.

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