Who Has Directed The Bond Films?

Nine directors over the course of twenty Bond films (if you count Never Say Never Again) have been involved. John Glen holds the record for most Bond films directed with 5. Guy Hamilton comes in second with 4 films. Lewis Gilbert and Terrence Young tie for 3rd with 3 films each. Peter Hunt, Irvin Kershner, Martin Campbell, Roger Spottiswoode and Michael Apted are all members of the One Time Only Club (though Apted may return to direct the next Bond film).

Give each of these directors enough time and enough opportunity and they will inevitably direct a disappointing Bond film. Ironically enough, Guy Hamilton directed what is widely considered to be the best Bond film ever: Goldfinger. Ten years later he would direct what would widely be considered the worst Bond film ever: The Man with the Golden Gun.

Lewis Gilbert directed Roger Moore`s highs and lows. He directed Moore to his finest performance in The Spy Who Loved Me, only to turn around and direct Moore in his lowest point as Bond: Moonraker.

John Glen directed every Bond film of the 1980s. He book marked his tenure as Director with a fine effort in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, and a woeful effort in LICENSE TO KILL.

Irvin Kershner directed the uneven Never Say Never Again amidst script problems and clashes with Connery (he wanted to tell Connery how to portray James Bond). Peter Hunt did an admirable job directing George Lazenby in the box office underperformer ON HER MAJESTY`S SECRET SERVICE but was never asked back.

Dr. No – Terrence Young
From Russia, With Love – Terrence Young
Goldfinger – Guy Hamilton
Thunderball – Terrence Young
You Only Live Twice – Lewis Gilbert
On Her Majesty`s Secret Service – Peter Hunt
Diamonds Are Forever – Guy Hamilton
Live and Let Die – Guy Hamilton
The Man With the Golden Gun – Guy Hamilton
The Spy Who Loved Me – Lewis Gilbert
Moonraker – Lewis Gilbert For Your Eyes Only – John Glen
Octopussy – John Glen
Never Say Never Again – Irvin Kershner
A View to a Kill – John Glen
The Living Daylights – John Glen
License to Kill – John Glen
Goldeneye – Martin Campbell
Tomorrow Never Dies – Roger Spottiswoode
The World Is Not Enough – Michael Apted

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