Which Actors Appear Frequently In Recurring Roles?

Desmond Llewelyn has what may stand always as the most appearances. As “Q”, he appeared in 17 films.

In descending order: Lois Maxwell (13)
Bernard Lee (11)
Roger Moore (7)
Sean Connery (7)
Geoffrey Keen (6)
Walter Gotell (6)
Robert Brown (5)
Judi Dench (3)
Samantha Bond (3)
Caroline Bliss (2)
Albert Moses (2)
Jeremy Bulloch (2)
Martine Beswick (2)
Maud Adams (2)
Colin Salmon (2)
Michael Kitchens (2)
Robbie Coltrane (2)
Valerie Leon (2)

Valerie Leon appeared in two Bond films. In The Spy Who Loved Me she played the bizarre hotel desk clerk in the Sardinia hotel that Bond and XXX stay in. Never Say Never Again found Valerie as a fisherwoman who `catches Bond later`.

Albert Moses played both Sadruddin in OCTOPUSSY and a bartender at the Mojave Club in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

Colin Salmon played Charles Robinson in TOMORROW NEVER DIES and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, while Michael Kitchens plays Tanner in GOLDENEYE and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH.

Maud Adams was in both THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN and OCTOPUSSY. She also made a “blink-if-you-miss-her” appearance on the trolley car in A VIEW TO A KILL.

Jeremy Bulloch played Smithers, Q`s demolition assistant in FOR YOUR EYES ONLY and OCTOPUSSY. Rumor has it that two different Jeremy Bullochs played the same role, but we fail to see it.

Martine Beswick played a gypsy woman in FROM RUSSIA, WITH LOVE and Paula in THUNDERBALL.

There are others if you watch very closely…!

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