When Has Bond Been Spoofed On “The Simpsons”?

Nearly a dozen and a half times at last count. Many Bond fans have wondered exactly who is it on THE SIMPSONS creative team that is the big fan and the answer, it would appear, is none other than the producer himself, Matt Groening. Both of his shows, THE SIMPSONS & FUTURAMA have paid tribute to the Bond series in their own unique, warped way.

In episode 3F23 “YOU ONLY MOVE TWICE”, Homer goes to work for the Globex Corporation, run by Hank Scorpio. Hank relocates the Simpson family to the Cypress Creek planned community, where it seems everyone who lives there also works for Globex. Hank`s office is actually at the base of a hollowed out volcano. Homer doesn`t realize what he`s gotten himself into when he decides to come work for Globex. The company aims to conquer the world with “the doomsday device” unless a ransom is paid. “James Bont” infiltrates Globex but only manages to get caught, strapped to a table spread eagle, and left for dead. He is nearly castrated by a laser but manages to deflect the laser beams with a quarter he tosses into the air.

Bont runs for his life but Homer tackles him, thinking he`s an employess loafing around on the job. Scorpio thanks Homer for a job well done and together they walk away. When Homer is out of sight, four armed guards with machine guns mow “Bont” down in a hail of bullets. Scorpio`s office is then overrun by military forces who invade the volcano by rapelling down through the crater. A bikini clad femme fatale squeezes the life out of a soldier between her legs. The episode even ends with a song called “Scorpio”, which is curiously similar to the tune of “Goldfinger”, sung by Shirley Bassey. Movies spoofed: Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice and Goldeneye. Characters spoofed: Blofeld, James Bond and Xenia Onatopp. For more biographical information on Hank Scorpio, be sure to visit The Globex Corporation.

In episode 5F08 “BART CARNY”, Homer and Bart become Carnies (carnival workers) to pay off a debt. Homer and Bart befriend and eventually take in a carnival worker and his son, Cooter. The two carnies eventually trick the Simpsons out of their home and begin rummaging through Homer and Barts belongings. At one point, Cooter`s dad (voiced by Jim Varney) tries on some of Homers clothing. Cooter is so impressed by his dad`s new look he says: “Gee Dad, you look just like James Bond”.

In episode AABF01 “Treehouse of Horror IX,” (annual Halloween special) Homer gets a hair transplant from Snake, Springfield`s chief hoodlum, who has just been executed via the electric chair. He shows Marge his new hairdo. Marge is impressed and replies: “If your fly was up you`d look just like Roger Moore”.

In episode 2F10 “And Maggie Makes Three”, the show opens with the familiar white dot known to millions of Bond fans skipping across the screen. The dot then opens to reveal a portly gentleman walking right to left across the tv. At the halfway point, he turns and fires at the viewer. It is Homer Simpson.

In episode 9F03 – “Itchy and Scratchy: The Movie” Bart (as Blofeld) places a James Bond action figure in the microwave, bids him farewell, and begins the melting process.

In episode AABF23 “Beyond Blunderdome” The Simpson family rents a white car and drives it into and out of the water just like the Lotus Turbo Esprit in The Spy Who Loved Me. Additionally, Homer and guest star Mel Gibson steal a car just like the AMC Hornet in The Man With The Golden Gun.

In episode AABF13 “Maximum Homerdrive” Homer changes his name to max power and sings “Max Power” to the tune of Shirley Bassey`s “Goldfinger”. “Goldfinger” also served as the tune for “Scorpio” in “YOU ONLY MOVE TWICE”.

In episode 2F15 “LISA`S WEDDING”, Lisa consults a fortune teller, who predicts in the future she will marry someone from England. When Homer meets his son-in-law`s parents, he says: “You know what I love about the British? Octopussy”.

In episode 5F15 “GIRLY EDITION”, Lisa and Bart compete for a job as television anchors for an all-kids news show. Lisa comes up behind Bart on the set. He swivels around in his chair like Blofeld. Lisa tries to speak. Bart: “So, we meet again Mr. Bond”. Lisa tries to get him to get serious but Bart will have none of it. Bart: “Silence, Octopussy!”

In episode 3F31 “THE SIMPSONS 138th EPISODE SPECTACULAR” Bond henchmen Oddjob and Jaws make an appearance in a casino. The clip is actually a “previously unaired outtake” from “$pringfield (or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)” that was included as a bonus in 138th episode. The “lost scence” from Episode 1F08 – $pringfield featured James Bond in the casino.

Blofeld: 20. Your move, Mr. Bond

Bond: I`ll take a hit, dealer. [Homer gives him a card] Joker! You were supposed to take those out of the deck.

Homer: Oh, sorry. Here`s another one.

Bond: What`s this card? “Rules for Draw and Stud Poker?”

Blofeld: What a pity, Mr. Bond. [Odd Job and Jaws grab Bond and drag him out]

Bond: But…but it`s Homer`s fault! I didn`t lose. I never lose! …Well, at least tell me the details of your plot for world domination.

Blofeld: Ho ho ho, I`m not going to fall for that one again!

In episode 4F21 “The Secret War of Lisa Simpson” – Bart and Lisa are at military school and learning how to fire a grenade launcher. Bart fires his launcher and appears to miss the target. The instructor: “You missed.” Bart replies:”Did I?” and the camera pans over to show a school building in ruins. Movie spoofed: MOONRAKER

In episode 8F05 “Like Father, Like Clown” Krusty`s secretary is named Lois Pennycandy (Mrs.Moneypenny was played by Lois Maxwell). Krusty walks by a porn theater playing “For Your Thighs Only”.

In episode 3F18 “22 Short Films About Springfield” the comic book guy has a photo of Sean Connery signed by Roger Moore.

In episode 9F14 “Duffless” Lisa tries to prove that Bart is dumber than a hampster for the school science fair. Bart strokes the hampster like Blofeld stroked his pussy cat (Bart, being the mischievous one in the series, often plays Blofeld in the spoofs).

In episode 3F12 “Bart the Fink”- Krusty has three nipples like Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun.

In episode 9F22 “Cape Feare” Bart watches an episode of “Itchy and Scratchy” where Scratchy finds himself mounted to a table with a laser aimed at his crotch. Movie spoofed: GODLFINGER

In episode 8F04 – “Homer Defined” – Homer saves the nuclear plant from meltdown with 007 seconds left. Movie spoofed: GOLDFINGER

In episode 1ACV03 – “I, ROOMATE” of FUTURAMA, Bender and the gang decide to check out a movie at the local theater. They decide to see ALL MY CIRCUITS (a big screen version of the popular daytime drama ALL MY CIRCUITS). The credits open, only to reveal a bevy of scantily clad female robots in silhouette writhing and dancing around large laser guns. In one sequence, a female robot cartwheels over the barrel of a laser gun before jumping off the end. Movie spoofed: THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

Possible connections:

In episode BABF09 “Saddlesore Galactica” Bart is racing a horse and jockeys start hitting Bart like Bond in A View To A Kill.

In episode 3F19 – “Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in `The Curse of the Flying Hellfish“” Grandpa Simpson fires a harpoon gun which latches onto Mr.Burn`s boat just like in License To Kill.

In episode 5F23 “The Joy of Sect” Marge attempts to flee a religious cult by jumping across alligator backs as in Live and Let Die.

If you know of any SIMSPONS or FUTURAMA spoofs of 007 not listed here, please email Icebreaker of 007Forever or John Fiedler of The Simpsons Sourcebook.

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