Was John Gardner forced to entirely rewrite a James Bond novel?

We`ll let John Gardner explain for himself:

“In “Role Of Honour”, there was originally a computer game featuring a large scale version of Waterloo, with computer-generated images of the battle. It was a highly feasible game which was played in two rooms via a computer linkup. It was a lengthy sequence in which Bond played a very realistic computer programme game called “The Battle of Waterloo”. It was a strategic battle game and it could be done–I`d had it carefully checked out by programmers. “But because there was a computer game in “Never Say Never Again”, they made me take it out.”

“Well, I`d spent a lot of time on this when I suddenly got a message from America saying I couldn`t use it under any circumstances. I saw that film and was furious. Theirs [the game seen in 1983`s Never Say Never Again] was merely a zap game, while mine was to be a complex, realistic game which was to highlight the book. Having lost that, I felt that the whole story was weakened, and I had to replace it with the Bunker Hill game which is played as a sort of role-playing game.”

“It was very disappointing, because I thought with the original idea I had the modern equivalent of that famous game of golf in “Goldfinger” or else Bond`s bridge match with Drax. I`d wanted to do something like that from the day I took over the series and it was a great shame when it had to be removed.”

Apparently, this incident combined with Glidrose forcing Mr. Gardner to write the book when he was ill prompted Gardner to publicly announce that he would quit following his sixth Bond novel. Either way, he didn`t think it likely that he would be asked back to write another cycle of Bond novels. Gardner ultimately wrote 16! –Editors

Gardner also rewrote parts of “For Special Services” when his friend Tony Colwell “spotted a serious character flaw and brilliantly suggested a major plot change.”

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