Vic Flick, Guitarman

“Without Prejudice

…I have no wish to be further involved with Monty Norman’s litigious career on the now sordid subject of who wrote the James Bond Theme…I am not privy to whatever negotiations may have led to that statement. If Mr. Norman wants even more, then I suggest you tell him to go squeeze the nearest rock.

Yours faithfully, Victor Flick”

Vic Flick, Guitarman: From James Bond to the Beatles and Beyond is a good read. Follow as Bond Signature Theme Guitarist Vic Flick battles broken amps, broken hearts and crazy singers as he backs John Barry (“We got there and the castle’s owner, a Count DeQuela, met us and fussed around making sure we were comfortable in our suites”), Burt Bacharach (“…always a seeker of perfection in the studio…”), Dusty Springfield, Shirley Bassey (“Oh, but I did find her difficult to work with. She always had something to say about how the song should go, but never seemed to think it was the right time for her to sing…”) and countless more Bond and other luminaries. Whether it was “a cuppa” with Lennon and McCartney or strumming the Bond theme with Eric Clapton, Flick was there!

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