Two-Way 007 Quiz

— Folks are celebrating 2 holidays, Christmas and Chanukah, this week. So here’s my gift–a celebratory Double Bond Quiz. For example, which 2 movie Bonds have Bonded twice now? Answer–Dalton and Craig, though many of us would like to see BOTH do a third Bond film soon.

Q. In which 2 Bond movies does Bond wear a pair of (2-legged) denim jeans? NSNA doesn’t count, by the way, those were overalls and not jeans Bond wore while fishing.

Q. In which 2 Bond films is Bond’s–shall we say–rear exit–made use of in humorous fashion? And in which Bond film did Sir Roger Moore merit 2 extra exits, per his personal report from on set? (Hey, I didn’t say this was an easy quiz!)

Q. In which 2 Bond movies do we see onscreen a heroin needle? And in which 2 films (and these are 2 different movies, not the first 2) is heroin smuggling integral to the Bond plot?

Bonus Q.: Name a Bond film with a body in a trunk 2 times, and 2 bodies in the back of a plane, once. It is implied a body was in a trunk a third time, too! That’s just weird.

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