tweeting 007

Whether you think it’s sick or sane, Twitter is here to stay. Somehow condensing comedy or action updates into 140 characters or less has caused a great craze worldwide.

For James Bond, consider how compactly you can describe his movies and books. For example, The Spy Who Loved Me becomes “The one with Jaws” and Moonraker, “The other one with Jaws”.

Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, therefore, might be “The one with Craig” and “The other one with Craig” or “The other Blonde Bond (not Sir Roger Moore)” and “The other-other Blonde Bond” or even “The Bland Bonds” if you’re a Pierce Brosnan fan. Or condense Bond 21 and 22 still further with “Bond begins” and “Bond continues”.

What are your “tweets” of the Bond films and books?

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