TSWLM: Barbara Bach as Anya Amasova

Subject: Anya Amasova (Agent Triple X)
Organization: KGB
Height: 5`6″
Weight: 118 lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Hand To Hand Combat; Firearms; Driving; Swimming; Evasion; Seduction; Stealth; Disguise; Lockpicking and Safecracking

Weaknesses: Close Personal Contacts

Background: The KGB`s foremost female agent, Triple X and 007 worked together on a common mission: to discover who, or what, was stealing Russian and British submarines. She first came to Bond`s attention when they were both trying to contact Fekkesh at an outdoor historical presentation of The Great Pyramids of Egypt. They later crossed paths at a nightclub where both tried to bid for the microfilm of a submarine tracking device in the possession of Max Kalba. Though they were at first at odds with one another professionally, politically, and personally, they eventually did become romantically involved. However….

That all changed when Anya discovered that her late lover was killed by 007 while on a previous mission. She voed to avenge her lover , by killing 007, after their current mission was over. 007 maintained his cool, eventually saved Anya from Stromberg`s clutches, and melted the Cold War between them enough to the point where she forgave him for something that happened in the line of duty.

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