TSWLM and Moonraker: Richard Kiel as Jaws

Subject: Jaws
Organization: Freelance
Height: 6`8″
Age: 31
Skills: Boating; Skydiving; Swimming; Driving; Mountainerring; Stealth; Evasion; Hand To Hand Combat; Fire Combat; Disguise
Weaknesses: None
Method of Killing: Biting people to death

Background: All attempts to learn the background of this henchman have proved useless which is remarkable considering his size. He doesn`t speak, but instead is a man of action. The only name known to him is Jaws and his services as a hired assasin are open to anyone who can afford him. His trademark mouth is inspired by Russian attempts at creating stainless steel teeth. Jaws took the idea one step further and had his own teeth replaced by a chrome, razor sharp set that can bite throgh steel cable.

Jaws prefers to kill by sinking his teeth into the jugular vein of his victims. They have included Fekkesh, Max Kalba, a great white shark and a cable car. He can chew through almost anything. But using his teeth isn`t his only resource. He`s able to navigate using a speedboat, a car, and he`s handy with a machine gun. Jaws` days as an assasin for hire came to an end though after 007`s Moonraker mission was over. There, aboard Drax`s outerspace version of Noah`s Ark, he learned the true meaning of life and retired from “the game” with his sweetheart Dolly.

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