Trevor Anderson 0008

In the 1960`s Clyde Allison [a pseudonym for William Knowles] paid tribute to Ian Fleming and his master spy James Bond by creating Agent 0008 Trevor Anderson and the agents of the Evil Sadisto. Because they were only published in paperback not many survived making the ones that did extremely rare. He wrote at least 68 novels during his time, a time in which his books were considered soft porn.

With titles such as Platypussy, Nautipussy, Gamefinger, Sadisto Royale, For Your Sighs Only, The Sex-Ray and 0008 Meets Modesta Blaze along with eye catching cover art, it`s easy to see why they may have caused some controversy back then.

By todays standard`s however, the racy content would have a difficult time fetching much attention. The cover art is provocative, but the contents are tame.

William Knoles committed suicide in 1972.

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