Top Ten Statements To Avoid At A Raymond Benson Book Signing

Written with gratitude to Mr. Benson for being a great writer and a good sport! We enjoyed the Magnificent Mr. B.’s company at our Bond Weekend IV.

10. Please sign this one to sell on eBay, this one to sell at Amazon, this one I want to sell off my webpage…

9. (To another fan on the line for a signing) So, this guy starred in only one Bond movie, huh?

8. Was it hard to think of a first name for Goldfinger?

7. Hi, you are one of my biggest fans!

6. We are doing an interpretive dance called “Shaking but not Stirred.” Can the Ian Fleming Foundation offer our troupe a grant to support…

5. Would you please sign my Christopher Wood novelizations?

4. Mr. Fleming, where were you born? I believe your main distinction at Eton was in athletics?

3. I am Raymond Benson, can I sign your book, my friend?

2. What are the Playboy bunnies REALLY like?

1. My name is Bond, James Bond . . . how’s that, Raymond, is that good, huh, good, yes?

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