Top Ten Locales Fans Crave For A Bond Visit

From Our “It’s A Nice Place For Bond To Visit, But Bond Wouldn’t Want To Live There” Department

10. Austin, TX (also home to Raymond Benson and a location for THE FACTS OF DEATH)

9. Xochmilco, Mexico (the Venice of Mexico and a location in the role playing game GOLDFINGER II)

8. Tibet (a location in the novel HIGH TIME TO KILL)

7. Iceland (second unit work was performed there for A VIEW TO A KILL, but it doubled for Siberia)

6. Vancouver, British Columbia (a location for BROKENCLAW)

5. Antarctica (strangely, fans have asked for this for years)

4. Norway (the Scandinavian countries have gotten short changed in the film series, but John Gardner did put Bond in Finland for ICEBREAKER)

3. Kenya (the game reserves of Kenya or The Congo would make an excellent choice for some exciting adventure. The Dark Continent beckons)

2. Sydney, Australia (an overwhelming fan favorite, but the novelty of working there has taken a hit now that Mission:Impossible 2 has been there/done that.)

1. Hawaii (the lush jungles and active volcanoes make this the perfect backdrop for Shatterhand`s return)

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