Tomorrow Never Dies’s Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh fans will be pleased to see her new film CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON hitting movie theaters December 8th, 2000. The film took top prize at the Toronto Film Festival in September and had good word-of-mouth at Cannes, last May. She`s also producing a new movie, THE TOUCH, about an acrobatic circus troupe “involved in a revenge plot” according to the issue of CINESCAPE Magazine.

Particularly interesting is where Michelle confirms to the magazine that she has indeed had several meetings with Steven Spielberg about starring in the next installment of the Indiana Jones series (hopefuly with a different actor in the role of Indy; Harrison is too old–Editor). Of Spielberg and INDY4 she says: “We had a couple of meetings and we did talk about that. He is one guy who has a passion for filmmaking. And I love the Indiana Jones films! Would I be interested? Of course I`m going to jump up and say, `Yes, please!`

” Even before Michelle hit it big in TOMORROW NEVER DIES, Hollywood was looking for a way to introduce her to America. BATMAN RETURNS scribe Daniel Waters wrote the script for the proposed film CATWOMAN, to star Michelle Pheiffer. He wrote a large part for Michelle in the form of tough as nails superhero `Spooky`. Though the film was never made, it did show Michelle was already on the minds of Hollywood. That was summer 1995. It would take two more years for Michelle to hit America in a big way. Excellent reviews of her performance in Tomorrow Never Dies propelled her into into a full fledged American star.

Soon, she became a household name and the buzz surrounding her convinced then MGM/UA, now just MGM, to begin developing a series of projects for her. There`s been talk that her Wai Lin character may be spun off into it`s own series, while a “bodyguard comedy” has been in development for her for quite some time. At one point she was in discussions to play an “angel” in the big screen version of “Charlies Angels” but that deal fell through and Lucy Liu of “Ally McBeal” got the part.

Rumors, completely untrue, had Michelle`s character coming back in the next James Bond movie (which eventually became THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH). While waiting for her film projects to firm up, she began appearing in Anne Klein`s 1998 Fall fashion line, gracing print ads and billboards around the world. She also lent herself to being pixallated for the premeire of the videogame TOMORROW NEVER DIES, now available on Playstation. Players can actually choose to be Wai Lin for parts of the game.

To coincide with the release of TOMORROW NEVER DIES for PSX, Yeoh sat down with Incite Magazine ( for a revealing update on where she is in her career and her life. Here are a few excerpts:

INCITE: Maybe it`s time for your own game, just like your old co-star Jackie Chan.

Michelle: We`re hoping to have our own game soon. These days, every movie you do can go branch off into a game.

INCITE: There`s been talk that MGM is developing a movie just for you.

Michelle: Yeah. Hopefully, that will be coming out soon. But we`re also talking about me being in another Bond movie! It would be fun for me to come back and say, “Oh Bond, our paths cross again. Get off my turf, buddy!” Another film, MINT CONDITION, is now in production.

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