Tomorrow Never Dies: Teri Hatcher as Paris Carver

Name: Paris Carver
Organization: None
Age: 32
Height: 5`8″
Hair Color: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Seduction
Weaknesses: None
Fields of Expertise: Fine Arts; Customs

Background: European socialite Paris Carver married for money, not for love, after being disappointed by James Bond one too many times. She originally met Bond in Switzerland but then lost contact with him after she realized his job came first. Many years later, her husband, media baron Elliot Carver, became the subject on an MI5 investigation being spearheaded by 007. Their paths crossed once again, this time with Paris vowing not to help Bond at all. But no woman can say no to 007, and she gave Bond directions to a secret laboratory in Carver`s Hamburg headquarters that even she wasn`t supposed to know about. Paris took her chances by rebuffing Bond`s offer for government protection, instead opting to handle Elliot in her own way. Sadly, Elliot and his henchman, Dr. Kauffman, proved to be too cunning for Paris` own good. She was murdered and her death was used to set 007 up. Bond, however, turned the tables, and avenged Paris` death by killing not only Dr. Kaufmann, but also Elliot, along the way realizing he had deeper feelings for Paris than he once thought.

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