Tomorrow Never Dies’ Soundtrack Is Reminiscent Of Other Films…Why?

There are many allusions to other soundtracks, both Bond and non-Bond. Those with sharp ears can hear cues from “Cape Fear” (Bernard Hermann), “The Russia House” (Jerry Goldsmith), “F/X” (Bill Conti), and even from “The Godfather, Part III”. Oddly, you can hear parts of the “Surrender” theme in Sheryl Crow`s song “If It Makes You Happy”. Listen closely to the segment approximately three minutes into (about 70% of the way through) the song.

Allusions to other Bond soundtracks (by John Barry, Michael Kamen and Bill Conti) are numerous and almost pointless to list. Those who`ve heard Arnold’s Godzilla score should recognize the “march” cue from Octopussy”.

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