Tomorrow Never Dies DVD

Tomorrow Never Dies was reviewed using a DVD player equipped with a Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound system.

The advantage of DVD is the huge storage space it provides developers, especially over video. This extra storage has been used for production notes, cast lists and biographies, theatrical trailers, multiple soundtracks, director commentaries, in short, everything that can compliment a movie is usually thrown in. MGM`s previous Bond titles have all included extras like this. Moonraker, Spy Who Loved Me and Goldfinger even included featurettes on the making of these respective films.

Tomorrow Never Dies has but one bonus feature, the trailer. It is a good trailer, very reminiscent of the Goldeneye trailer. Plenty of explosions and of course, the Bond theme is played loudly. Unlike the Goldeneye trailer however, there were only film clips, no new footage of Brosnan. I know this seems like a small point, but as this was the only bonus on the entire disc, it does not seem like much. Obviously, I was very disappointed with this. MGM usually whips together enough special bonuses to make the disc worth the price EVEN without the movie!

Of course, nobody buys the discs just for the bonuses. The movie itself was excellent for the most part. Of course, the video itself was extraordinarily clear. The sound quality was exceptional. The soundtrack (at least the English one) was mastered in Dolby Digital. Every bullet shot rings out with crystal clarity.

MGM messed up with the subtitles however. By subtitles, I am not referring to the closed captioning, I mean the subtitles needed in the movie to describe the locations Bond is at. The nice yellow text used in the theater for titles like “Terrorist Arms Bazaar, Somewhere in Russia” was missing for all subtitles with the exception of “The Devonshire”. The rest of the text looked like blocky Commodore 64 text. Very disappointing! I am not sure why MGM went this method. I am not sure if the home video version uses the original theatrical font, but I am guessing that it probably does. It is only a minor complaint, but it is very annoying and looks almost amateurish.

Tomorrow Never Dies is MGM`s weakest Bond release. This is a shame for a few reasons. First, all other Bond titles they have released on DVD have been of the utmost quality. Furthermore, rumors of a “Tomorrow Never Dies” Special Edition DVD including all the bonuses which would normally come with a DVD have surfaced. Regrettably, I can only assume MGM held back on this release, saving the bonuses to squeeze more money out of me come December. Still, this disc has one undeniable feature which guarantees it will sell; the home video version will not be for sale for at least six months, and possibly longer. Until such time, DVD is the only way to own Tomorrow Never Dies.

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