Thunderball: Lucianna Paluzzi as Fiona Volpe

Subject: Fiona Volpe
Organization: SPECTRE
Height: 5`11″
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: Red
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Firearms; Disguise; Stealth; Torture; Interrogation; Seduction
Weaknesses: None
Method of Killing: Random

Background: The “other woman” of Emilio Largo, Fiona Volpe is a highly trained SPECTRE agent in her own right, though she tends to let others do the dirty work while she remains perfectly coifed and good looking.

Fiona`s part in what would become Operation:Thunderball began when she seduced Francois Vitale, an Army Pilot stationed in England. She spent time with him, photographing him, studying his voice, his mannerisms, etc…and then passing them on to SPECTRE. From Fiona`s reports, SPECTRE crafted an exact double to replace Colonel Vitale, knowing that the real Vitale was too honest to succumb to SPECTRE`s offer.

Her methods of getting rid of opposition have varied. She killed an incompetent Count Lippe by blowing up the car he was driving with a rocket launched from her motorcycle. She gassed the real Francois Vitale to death, and kidnapped Bond`s assistant Paula, who was forced to take cyanide tablets rather than confess secrets. Don`t let her good looks and fashion sense fool you. This kitten`s got claws.

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