Thunderball: Claudine Auger as Domino Vitale

Subject: Domino Vitale
Organization: None
Height: 5`8″
Weight: 128 lbs
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Hazel
Skills: Diving; Seduction
Weaknesses: Close Personal Ties

Background: Domino is the sister of Air Force Pilot Francois Vitale, and reluctant mistress of Emilio Largo. Francois plays a vital role, albeit unwittingly, into SPECTRE`s plans to steal two nuclear bombs. He is murdered by his lover, Fiona Volpe (a SPECTRE agent herself), and then doubled by an imposter. After 007 finds Vitale`s body, he heads to Nassau to investigate Operation:Thunderball and tell Domino her brother is dead.

She was vacationing in Capri when she caught the eye of Largo. His plan was to get close to Domino and then in turn get close to Francois whom he knew to be an Air Force Pilot. In time Domino became his mistress or “kept woman”. She`s kept happy with the extravagant jewels, gowns, furs, fine dining, gambling, and housing that Largo can provide.

Being Largo`s mistress can be dangerous. Being Largo`s mistress and being seduced by a man like James Bond can be deadly. But once Domino learns her brother is dead, she`s more than willing to help bring Largo and SPECTRE down. 007 equips her with a camera that doubles as a geiger counter to measure radioactivity and determine whether the stolen nuclear bombs are on board Largo`s yacht. Domino is not an agent of any kind, but when the desire for revenge is strong, even Largo will find it a difficult task facing down a woman scorned.

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