Thunderball: Adolfo Celi as Emilio Largo

Subject: Emilio Largo
Organization: SPECTRE
Height: 5`10″
Weight: 210 lbs
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Diving; Boating; Interrogation; Torture; Fire Combat; Disguise; Stealth; Gambling
Weaknesses: Blind in one eye
Favorite Method of Killing: Shark Feeding

Background: SPECTRE`s Number Two man; given the responsibility of heading up what would be SPECTRE`s most ambitious project to date: stealing two nuclear bombs and holding the world for ransom.

Largo was a brutal, sadistic man who kept people loyal to him through intimidation, fear and torture. Those who have double crossed or failed Largo paid the ultimate price. Their life. When Christe failed to kill 007 in his hotel room, Largo fed him to his Golden Grotto Sharks. He also had Paula Kaplan kidnapped. Rather than talk, Paula was forced to kill herself. When Count Lippe botched the job with Angelo, it was Largo`s report that convinced Blofeld to have Lippe executed.

Largo kept a house on Palmyra, in the Bahamas, and that is where he retreated, with his yacht The Disco Volante, and the nuclear bombs on board. When Largo met up with Bond at the gambling tables in Nassau, Largo knew right away who 007 was. Bond had long been an enemy of SPECTRE, and his life was marked immediately after that first encounter.

Joining 007 in his effort to thwart Largo and SPECTRE was CIA Agent Felix Leiter, as well as the US Coast Guard, Paula Caplan and Largo`s mistress Domino, who was eager to leave him. 007 and the Coast Guard eventually defeated Largo`s forces, but Largo managed to retreat to the Disco Volante in a last ditch effort to escape. Bond jumped on board and managed a fight to the finish with Largo, but it was a shot from Domino`s gun that put Largo out for good.

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