The Thrills of baccarat

Before his assignment to investigate Dr.No, Bond was challenged by Sylvia Trench. While playing chemin de fer at his favorite London casino, he enjoyed a startling run of good luck as the banker. Trench seemed determined to break Bond`s bank and called “Banco” over and over. It soon became obvious to the people around the table that this private battle had implications beyond baccarat.

After rescuing the Countess Tracy di Vicenzo, the daughter of Marc Ange Draco, from an apparent suicide attempt and then a kidnapping, Bond came to her salvation against at the Casino in Estoril, Portugal. Tracy had called “Banco” at chemin de fer and did not have the money to cover her bet when she lost. Bond gallantly stepped forward to cover her bet, which eventually led to their short but loving marriage.

At a casino on the island of Corfu, Bond was controlling the shoe at chemin de fer and playing against a perspiring gentleman named Bunky. After losing a number of times to Bond, the man decided to match only half the bank…that is until his nerve was questioned by the Countess Lisl Von Schlaf. He then matched the whole bank…and lost. (Lisl was schillng for the house.)

In the Casino de Monte Carlo (pictured left), James Bond plays a game of Baccarat against evil villainesses Xenia Onatopp. After losing the first hand, Bond battles back to overtake Xenia on the second hand, thus earning her eternal wrath.

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