The Man With The Golden Gun DVD

The Man With The Golden Gun DVD

NOTE: Review of The Man With the Golden Gun is based on features found on Region One encoded discs. Options, problems or quality may differ on discs found in other regions.

• Theatrical Release Date: December 19, 1974
• Run Time: 125 minutes
• Widescreen Anamorphic – 1.66:1
• Layers: Dual
• Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono)
• Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
• Commentary by director Guy Hamilton, the Cast and Crew
• Theatrical trailer(s)
• Inside The Man With The Golden Gun Documentary
• Stunts documentary
• Exciting Still Gallery
• Original TV Ads & Radio Spots
• Collectible Making-Of Booklet

The aspect ratio of the film, sound and color all seem adequate, so we`ll leave it up to the experts to pick apart fidely and equalization arguments. John Cork and his team at T.W.I.N.E. Productions do a first rate job of putting together interviews and stock Bond footage for the documentary. People whom you were never likely to see, and names that you would probably never remember, all get a chance to tell their unique stories. Jerry Juroe, one time head of marketing for United Artists, makes an appearance, as do Peter Murton and Peter Lamont. Cast interviews include all the principal actors except for Herve Villechaize, who had died well prior to production.

The documentary ofthe movie yields a few interesting surprises:
• Roger Moore was approached about doing Bond after You Only Live Twice came out
• Initial scouting for film locations included both Iran and Cambodia, but war and political instability voided both places
• Jack Palance was asked to play Scaramanga
• In Tom Manckwiecz`s draft, Nick Nack was called Demitasse; Tom also wrote the first draft and then the third draft, which was a rewrite of Richard Maibaum`s second draft.

As noted above, the DVD also contains radio, tv, and theatrical spots. The trailers for the Bond films, in the “old days”, would never work today. They contain too much dialogue and not enough action. They also run upwards of 4 or 5 minutes. All the major stars of The Man With The Golden Gun got their name presented in the trailer for the film, something that does not happen with the Bond films anymore. Despite their archaic look, these advertisements are fun to watch.

It`s good for The Man With The Golden Gun to be presented on DVD, for it surely can do nothing but help the picture, and in some instances, the extra features provided are more interesting that the picture itself.

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