The Living Daylights: “Where Has Everybody Gone?”

(Performed by Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders)

Where Has Everybody Gone?
I`ve got this feelin`, God, am I here on my own?
Where`s my support now, where`s the ranks of the strong?
In this faceless crowd, where can I belong?

Everybody`s gone insane to catch a plane to help the heavens closer,
They want the kingdom but they don`t want the king,
They want his throne.
(And) There`s no time, there`s no time at all!

Where Has Everybody Gone?
With great pleasure, I sing your national song,
Because you`re beautiful land will soon be long gone…
And the ashes of your memoirs will be strewn across the lawn!

Hack your face, save your case, reserve your place in the ever after,
Cause hallowed halls are lined with walls,
That are cracked with delirious laughter.
(And) There`s no time, there`s no time at all.

Where Has Everybody Gone?
There`s no time, there`s no time at all.
You won`t survive…and you`ll soon be long gone…gone, your gone…you`ll soon be long…gone!

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