The Living Daylights’ Timothy Dalton

Timothy Dalton has hardly wanted for work since his final appearance as Bond in “Licence To Kill”. Among his most noteable works, he played the villainous Neville Sinclaire opposite Billy Campbell and Jennifer Connolly in “The Rocketeer”. He also took on one of the most beloved, complex, and daring characters in cinematic history: Rhett Butler, in the 1994 CBS-TV miniseries “Scarlett”. It was almost a thankless task to try and fill the shoes of Clark Gable, but Dalton more than held his own in the role.

He also did a documentary on wolves and starred in several independent projects, before doing “The Informant” for Showtime. The movie concerned a British officer (Dalton) who convinces an IRA member to work with him and spy on his superiors in war torn Northern Ireland. Dalton also played Julius Ceaser opposite Billy Zane`s Marc Antony in the 1999 ABC-TV miniseries “Cleopatra”.

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