The Living Daylights: Sam Neill, Lambert Wilson and Finlay Light

Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson and Director John Glen all considered Sam Neill to play 007 for “The Living Daylights”. His name was circulating around the studios at that time in part due to the mini-series Reilly: Ace of Spies but the one producer whose vote counted the most, Albert Broccoli, wasn`t so certain. He was thinking of Lambert Wilson.

And Aussie model Finlay Light also was mentioned for the role, but how seriously his ranking was on EON`s list is not known. It appears that Mr. Light may have bragged, exaggerated or even flat out fabricated a story that had EON interested in him. In fact, some even wonder if Finlay Light exists. No one seems to have ever seen him, talked to him or heard of him. Alright, actually we’ve seen his screen test.

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