The Living Daylights: Maryam D`abo as Kara Milovy

Subject: Kara Milovy
Organization: None
Height: 5`9″
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Skills: None
Weaknesses: Close Personal Ties
Fields of Expertise: Cello Playing

Background: Kara Milovy was an innocent musician, playing Cello in Czechoslavkia, who was used as a pawn and got caught up in a web of international deceit and intrigue by a man she thought she could trust: her boyfriend, Russian General Georgi Koskov.

Koskov convinced Kara that he was going to defect to the West, inform British Intelligence of what the Russians were up to, make the world safe from the Communists, and bring her over to enjoy the amenities of Capitalism. Instead, he set her up to make his fake defection look real, and then die in the process, thereby covering the tracks of what the true purpose of his defection was about.

Kara was set up to pose as a sniper, a KGB agent sent to asassinate Koskov should he try to defect. 007 was positioned on the other side of an intersection with orders to kill the sniper. But his instincts told him the girl was only an amateur and instead of killing her he wounded her. Eventually 007 gains Kara`s trust, though he first lies to her to get it and she follows him to Austria, Morocco, and Afghanistan where they topple an international illegal arms sale and drug ring.

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