The Living Daylights: Kell Tyler as Linda

Subject: Linda
Organization: None
Height: 5`11″
Weight: 125lbs
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Skills: Seduction
Weaknesses: Forms quick attachments
Fields of Expertise: Fine wines; Foreign culture

Background: Linda was a single woman looking for a good time in the vacinity of Gibraltar at the same time Bond was engaged in a training exercise. On her yacht circling the great base of The Rock, she was commenting to her friend Margo how boring she was finding her vacation…”nothing but tennis pros and playboys. If only I could find a real man.” As if on cue, Bond dropped out of the sky and gently floated down on top of her yacht using his parachute. He telephoned Exercise Control and informed them he`d be reporting in an hour. With a glass of champagne and a seductive look however, Linda convinced James to “make that two”.

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