The Living Daylights: Joe Don Baker as Jack Wade

Subject: Jack Wade
Organization: CIA
Age: 50
Height: 5`11″
Weight: 210
Hair: Grey/Brown
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Driving; Disguise; Evasion; Lockpicking and Safecracking; Stealth; Hand to Hand Combat; Fire Arms
Weaknesses: None
Fields of Expertise: Gardening; Foreign Affairs

Born in Texas, Jack Wade worked his way up in the ranks of the CIA until he became a foreign field agent. He speaks several foreign languages including Russian and Japanese. He has spent several years spying on and infiltrating the new Russian Mobs. Those mobs have included The Janus Group, and other such organizations that peddle nuclear technology on the black market. Wade was 007`s contact on his Goldeneye mission and was responsible for getting 007 in touch with Janus` rival, Valentine Zukovsky. That meeting eventually led to 007 unmasking Janus. Wade also was responsible for 007`s insertion into Cuba, and into Vietnamese waters.

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