The Living Daylights: Art Malik as Kamran Shah

Subject: Kamran Shah
Organization: Mujahedin
Age: 39
Height: 5`11″
Weight: 185lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Skills: Horseback Riding; Munitions; Hand to Hand Combat; Small Arms Fire; Evasion; Disguise; Lockpicking and Safecracking; Stealth;
Weaknesses: None
Fields of Expertise: None

Background: Kamran Shah was the Deputy Director of the Eastern District of Mujahedin Freedom Fighters, a rebel group fighting against a Soviet invasion. Kamran was caught “reconnoitering” the airbase Yeorgi Koskov was using to smuggle heroin in and out of. Lucky for Shah, the staff didn`t recogzine Kamran, or else he would have been executed immediately.

Kamran was set to be executed when James Bond was placed in the same jail. Bond, together with Kara escaped, tossing Kamran the keys to let himself out. Later, when Bond and Kamran learned each others true identity, they teamed up to defeat Koskov and smash an arms for heroin smuggling ring.

The last Soviet soldiers marched out of Afghanistan on Feb. 15, 1989, returning to a country that was changing irrevocably. Officially, 13,000 Soviet soldiers died there—though most veterans of the conflict estimate the true number to be at least twice that. An additional 50,000 were wounded. The U.S.S.R. had suffered a humiliating defeat; never again would the West view its power in the same way.

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