The Game That Plays You

From the developers of 007Racing and Tomorrow Never Dies comes MAJESTIC, the suspense thriller that infiltrates your life and leaves you guessing where the game ends and reality begins.

Majestic is an episodic online entertainment experience set against the backdrop of a grand and sinister conspiracy — an unfolding mystery adventure that uses the Internet as a canvas for its story, weaving the player through both real and fictional experiences in real-time. Highly personalized and naturally paced, Majestic tailors the experience specifically for each player as it dynamically changes the content of web pages, e-mails, faxes, voicemails and chat conversations in order to immerse the player at the very heart of a developing story. Majestic players assume the leading role in their own adventure, interacting with other characters, uncovering clues, searching for answers, collecting and using digital objects and resolving challenges to progress through the experience. Unlike other forms of entertainment, Majestic actively pursues and interacts with the user based on events developing within the fiction, creating a uniquely suspenseful entertainment experience.

Majestic represents the first form of entertainment to employ a range of familiar interaction and communication techniques, including fax, chat, email, voice mail, telephone and web-browsing. Use your existing real-world devices or Majestic`s own web-based fax, email and voice mail capabilities. REAL-

You don`t just interact with Majestic, it actively calls, emails, faxes and chats with you whenever the need arises, any time, anywhere. You`re never quite sure when the plot will advance, a character will need your help or a new event will unfold, but it always transpires in real time.

Innovative plot delivery techniques and familiar interactions blur the lines between fact and fiction, building greater suspense and a more immersive story. Use the Majestic search engine to identify websites with information and clues relevant to your adventure. Some parts of your experience will be real and others fictional, but it`s all part of the game. Players will often be left guessing, “Was that real or part of Majestic?”

Majestic is uniquely tailored to you and your life. It learns more about you the more you play, so it can continue to customize story elements and the overall experience for each participant.

Majestic requires no CD or large download; it leverages the best capabilities of the Internet to organize and deliver a completely unique online entertainment experience.

Majestic taps the power of the Internet and your own imagination to put players at the center of a compelling mystery-suspense story.

Majestic delivers its epic story in monthly increments or episodes. As with a great television series, Majestic builds over the course of an entire season to deliver a powerful and suspenseful entertainment experience.

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