The Diva and The Secret Agent

I had a hunch when I first heard the Whitney Houston rumor that there was some truth to it somewhere. And slowly, but surely, more news is trickling out as to exactly what involvement Ms. Houston may have in the next Bond film.

Club James Bond 007 France, always a good source for reliable information, has confirmed that Whitney Houston is indeed under consideration for a role in the next film. What that role is has yet to be defined. It could include anything from being the lead Bond Woman to simply singing the title song to being a supporting actress in the film.

Laurent Perriot writes:Amanda Lundberg, a spokesperson for MGM, has confirmed that Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson will be talking with the singer in the near future, although Ms Lundberg describes the talks as “general in nature.”

Houston`s publicist, Nancy Seltzer, confirmed the meeting. If you can read French, there`s more at: Club James Bond 007.

Other sources have suggested that MGM is the one who really wants Houston, that they want her to sing the title song and that this is just one huge trial balloon to see what the public reaction will be. The notion of Whitney Houston as a Bond Woman is being floated around by her “people”, who are desperate for any positive spin or publicity.

Last year Houston was detained by airport security for possession of marijuana but took off before she could be arrested. Numerous cancelled concert appearances led to widespread accusations that Whitney had a drug problem. MAD-TV mercilessly mocked Whitney Houston and her husband, Bobby Brown, by portraying them as crack addicts who sold all their possessions and their daughter to feed their habit. Another sketch showed Whitney constantly slurring the lyrics to her own songs while dazed and confused on a drug trip. Her rumored drug abuse is only part of the problem. She`s a diva with a large entourage and a husband who is overshadowed by the success of his more popular wife. Her backstage antics and drama queen ploys are not the place for a movie set where most people are family and have known each other for years.

There are other factors to consider. Normally talk of who will sing the title song doesn`t take place until after the film has begun production. It would seem a bit odd for Houston to be in talks about doing the title song right now when the movie is more than 8 or 9 months from going before the camera. That could mean that her role in the production could include more than simply singing. Perhaps a starring role and doing the title song?

There`s also the age factor. Whitney turns 38 this year and she`d be close to 39 when the movie begins to roll before the cameras and premieres. For Bond Women, that`s getting up in years. Only a few actresses have ever been that old and still played the lead Bond Woman: Honor Blackman and Maud Adams to name only a few.

And if MGM were open to the idea of casting a black actress in the lead role, which would certainly be a long overdue, welcome and refreshing change, they could certainly do much better than Houston. Halle Berry and Michael Michelle from NBC-TV`s “ER” are infinitely hotter looking and better actresses.

If MGM simply wanted Houston to sing the title song, we could even suggest a few artists that could infuse Bond with some much needed chart-climbing hits: AeroSmith or Bon Jovi would be a great place to start.

We hope to have some more news out of California this week, so keep checking in.

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