The Bond Women: OO7 Style

Tim Greaves’ long-awaited Bond tome is now available with illustrations provided by French artist Stephane Tron. Here are the juicy details:

So, you think you know everything there is to know about James Bond’s women? Think again.

Were you aware, for example, that…

Dolly, Jaws’ diminutive girlfriend in Moonraker, was originally intended to have been 7 feet 4 inches tall
The bikini worn by Honey in Dr. No—and auctioned recently for over £40,000—was rustled up for the film by Ursula Andress and one of her girlfriends
The actress frequently credited as Bambi in Diamonds Are Forever wasn’t actually the girl who played the part
The heroine of Tomorrow Never Dies almost ended up named Sidney Winch
These are but a mere (OO)7 facts plucked from the cornucopia of fascinating data inside this, the ultimate reference guide to the women of the James Bond films. Representing everything you always wanted to know about the James Bond girls—and no longer need to ask! —If it isn’t inside “The Bond Women: OO7 Style” it isn’t worth knowing!

With 2002 being the 40th anniversary of the year that pre-production began on the first James Bond film, DR. NO, it is remarkable to note that interest in the longest running series in film history has never been greater. Interest in James Bond’s lovely female acquaintances perhaps even more so!

“The Bond Women” comprises a unique assembly of biographies, narrative detail, trivia, filmographies and interview material (much of it exclusive, hosted by Tim Greaves for this book). Among many other exciting revelations, it identifies at last many previously unknown players. It also boasts many hitherto unrevealed or long-forgotten facts about the ‘James Bond Girls’—both the actresses who played them and the characters they have portrayed—garnered from interview material and unprecedented access to original press releases, newspaper reports, and numerous drafts of original scripts and on-set call sheets.

Among the many actresses interviewed in “The Bond Women” are world renowned Golden Girl Shirley Eaton (GOLDFINGER), cult movie queen Caroline Munro (THE SPY WHO LOVED ME), athletic “Baywatch” beauty Kristina Wayborn (OCTOPUSSY), champion ice skater Lynn-Holly Johnson (FOR YOUR EYES ONLY) and the actress whose interracial love scenes with OO7 caused a major controversy, former “Playboy” model Gloria Hendry (LIVE AND LET DIE)… to name but a few!

In total more than 250 actresses and models are unveiled in the extensive text, from the lead players to the bit-parters, from the girls who ended up on the cutting room floor to the characters that never got any further than the pages of a script!

“The Bond Women” is being published privately as a limited edition by author Tim Greaves during March/April 2002. Tim is now taking orders at The Bond Women.

Tell your friends. Tell your friends’ friends. But whatever you do don’t miss out yourself!


Size: 210mm x 297mm Pages: 116 Softcover Price: £10.95

Postage/PackingRates Per Copy: UK: 1st Class £1.75 2nd Class £1.50 Europe: Air £2.60 Surface £2.20 Rest of the World: Air £4.50 Surface £2.20

Please note that “The Bond Women” contains no photographs. It will, however, include a number of original illustrations by French artist Stephane Tron. The first pressing of “The Bond Women” will be in limited quantity.

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