The Bond Weekends: Fan Testimonials

…Join us for BCW5, August 30 – September 2, 2002!

What Our Attendees Say!

Did you know? Bond Weekends have been held in Las Vegas, Florida, New Orleans, and Chicago, in addition to our 2002 event at [write us and see]!

From Our 2001 Event In Chicago, Illinois:

“I had an incredible time this weekend… Not in my wildest fan dreams did I ever expect to meet such a great bunch of people who just happen to be Bond fans like I am… Many thanks for your hospitality… The book signing was wonderful and it was a thrill to hear Raymond talk… I thought it was fantastic… It was great to take that trip down there, watch Bond videos on the way… My first Bond Weekend has passed, but it will never be over… For a Bond collector like myself, it was the ultimate Bond experience… To see and actually touch so many of the Bond vehicles in one place was a big thrill for me… Thanks to Ron of Spy Guise and the representatives from Corgi, I have several ideas for gifts for [a guest’s] birthday in October as well as Christmas gifts… Had a great time and want to thank you again for all your hard work… The dealer’s room surprised me with how many new and cool things I found there… I’m sure you are getting thank you notes from many of those who attended the convention…I enjoyed it to the full… I say the convention was absolutely wonderful… Whew! What a weekend… It went so smoothly… The Chicago convention was excellent… For me, being a first-timer and a novice collector, I truly appreciated how you went out of your way to make [us] feel welcome and among friends…”

From Our 2000 Event in New Orleans, Louisiana:

“Thanks for a great Weekend…I had a great time!!!”-Dean W., California

“Just a note to let you now how much I enjoyed the New Orleans get together…Your choice of hotel was good too. I had a terrific room and it was close to everything worth seeing…Keep me on the mailing list for the next BCW. I had a ball!! I can’t wait for the next one!!”-Bob C., Virginia

“Fantastic…You outdid yourselves this time. You know how I can tell? I came home broke. Thanks for putting this together. I am already looking forward to the BCW ‘01.”-Bryan F., Missouri

“Just a quick note to THANK YOU for the fantastic time I had at BCW 2000 in New Orleans. You topped yourselves with this one. Count me in for 2001: A Bond Odyssey.”-John C., California

“…Thank you for all your efforts in making Bond Weekend 2000 an outstanding success. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and met a number of new friends…Meeting Bruce Glover, Timothy Moxon, Don McGregor, Vic Flick, Gloria Hendry, Jeff Marshall and the guys from SpyGuise was a great pleasure.”-Raymond L., Colorado

“I think the event went about as well as could be expected, if not better. It certainly surpassed my expectations…Creatively, it was a success. You had great, articulate and very warm and friendly fans…Gloria [Hendry] was splendid. The brunch was magnificent and the setting was fantastiqué! …The location was great. The festive atmosphere of New Orleans put everyone in a good mood. Who couldn’t help but have a great time sipping on champagne, feasting on duck and lamb, while on the back patio with a Mississippi breeze blowing around as you listen to jazz and watch the steam boats paddle by? It was just a great combination of people, places and things.”–Mike K., GA

From Our 1999 Event in Las Vegas, Nevada:

“…I brought back a lot of memories from the BCW in Las Vegas and I have to tell you again how much I appreciate all that you did as hosts, can`t wait for next year.”

“The most important part of collecting Bond is the friends you meet along the way…what`s the use in having Bond stuff, if you can`t share it?”

“How many Bond fans get to talk with “Plenty O`Toole,” Lana Wood, in Las Vegas’ “The Riviera Hotel” about the movie “Diamonds Are Forever?” How cool is that?”

“My collection got a lot of new plus very rare items! I also want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet Lana Wood and my now good friends, guests Don and Marsha McGregor!”

“I enjoyed Bond Weekend 1999 tremendously.”

“I had a great time in Vegas. Thanks for the Collectors’ Weekend. I will treasure the items I purchased over the Weekend, not due to value, but the memories that I have of the Weekend.”

“I wanted to tell you again what a great time I had over the 1999 Bond Weekend. It really was so much fun to get to see old friends and make new ones…so many people mentioned to me that they had a really good time and I wanted to let you know…next time for sure!”

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