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David Arnold

David Arnold rose to worldwide recognition thanks to his rousing score for the box office smash hit “Independence Day”, though he was hardly an overnight success. His first work of note was for the 1993 film “The Young Americans”, which spawned the hit “Play Dead”. His next big break came from the release of “Stargate”, a 1994 box office hit. His collaboration with Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich on their film “Stargate” led to his job scoring their next film “Independence Day”. That film would earn him a 1997 Grammy for “Best Instrumental Composition Written For A Motion Picture Or Television”.

In 1998 EastWest Records released “Shaken, Not Stirred: The David Arnold Collection”, a compilation album that featured remakes of some of the most beloved standards in the Bond musical legacy. He also scored the next Devlin/Emmerich production “Godzilla”, as well as the Freddie Prinze flick “Wing Commander”. In 1999 Arnold returned to Bond to score “The World Is Not Enough”. He is expected back for the next James Bond film.

Born: Luton, England

“World” Smashes All Records

Great news for Bond fans: The World Is Not Enough took in an estimated $37.2 million over its opening weekend!

In a fitful box office weekend with “Sleepy Hollow” nailing $30.5 million, (the first time two films have ever grabbed more than $30 million each in their openers)

Mr. Bond is not “in the shadows but on top.” Even better for MGM`s new owners, TWINE has been the best opening weekend for any film in their 75-year history. That is great news for MI-6 as 007 prepares for battle against his new archrival this month, Toy Story 2.

The Bonds always do well with Canadian fans, and the Montreal Paramount scored an estimated take of $100,000 for Bond XIX.
It seems as though TWINE will not only recap MGM`s estimated $100-$130 million dollar investment for Brosnan: Part III, but will be a “Moneyraker” joining the top twenty box office films in the US, ever!

The World Is Not Enough also grabbed $12 Million in its opening night, demolishing “Pokemon” with five times its take. Sleepy Hollow ran second to Bond with a little over $10 Million. Box Office Mojo estimates Bond peaked at $12,130,000 for a rousing start. For a comparison, Dr. No, which opened in the US in May of 1963, grabbed $16,000,000 for its entire run in the States. “You’ve come a long way, Mr. Bond.”

Bond worldwide has taken over two billion dollars at the box office since its humble beginnings.

Today, the US. Tomorrow, “worldwide domination” as Elliot Carver might say. Cheers, EON!

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

“World” Scores $12 Million Opener!

TWINE opened on 3,165 theatres this weekend to demolish “Pokemon” with five times its Friday night take.

Sleepy Hollow ran second to Bond with a little over $10 Million in theatres.

Box Office Mojo estimates Bond peaked at $12,130,000 for a major start to am estimated $30,000,000 opening weekend. For a comparison, Dr. No, which opened in the US in May of 1963, grabbed $16,000,000 for its entire run in the States. “You’ve come a long way, Mr. Bond.”

James Bond worldwide has taken over two billion dollars at the box office since its humble beginnings.

Forever will continue to keep you apprised of Bond box office developments worldwide.

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

“World” Fends Off Arnold…

In a not too terribly suprising box office set of events, Toy Story 2 shot straight to #1 with an estimated $80.8 million dollars in North American markets since it`s roll out Wednesday. Over the 5 day holiday period, Bond held steady at $35 million dollars for the #2 slot. Newcomer “End of Days” failed to overtake 007, but still would up with an impressive $31 million dollar, 5 day haul and the #3 position.

Nothing lasts forever, especially the top spot at the box office. But Bond`s bounty looks to be plentiful this holiday season, with `World` tracking to an all time box office high in the United States, somewhere between $140-160 million dollars.

Sources: Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, Box Office Mojo

“Toy Story 2” Scores Easy Box-Office Victory

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – “Toy Story 2“ remained on top of the North A merican box office in its second weekend of release as overall ticket sales slid in the traditional post-Thanksgiving slump, according to studio estimates issued on Sunday.

The comedy starring animated dolls, which Walt Disney Pictures produced with Pixar Animation Studios Inc., earned about $28.3 million for the Friday-to-Sunday period, a 50 percent decline from its three-day haul one weekend earlier.

The rankings of the top four films were unchanged from last weekend, and there were no new entries in the top 10. The 1999 box office champ, “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace“ reentered theaters on a limited basis in a one-week charity run. It grossed an estimated $1.2 million from 832 prints, said Twentieth Century Fox. The film`s total now stands at $430 million. The latest James Bond movie, “The World Is Not Enough“ (MGM) held the No. 2 spot with $10.6 million, followed by Arnold Schwarzenegger`s “End of Days“ (Universal) with $9.7 million and “Sleepy Hollow“ (Paramount) with $9.0 million. “The Bone Collector“ (Universal) moved up one place to No. 5 with $3.1 million.

“Toy Story 2“ has earned $117.3 million after two weekends in wide release. It passed the $100 million mark on Saturday, its 11th day of release, matching the pace set by Disney`s 1994 “The Lion King.“ Disney said its current weekend haul was the fourth highest for any weekend in December, after “Scream 2“ and two rounds of “Titanic.“

It also beat the original 1995 “Toy Story“ to claim the title for the first weekend in December.

While a 50-percent slide in ticket sales sounds precipitous, it is normal for the weekend following a huge holiday period. Ticket sales for the studio`s 1998 Thanksgiving champ, “A Bug`s Life,“ fell 48 percent the next weekend.

“The World Is Not Enough,“ which fell 54 percent from last weekend, has grossed $90.4 million after 17 days in release. “End of Days,“ off 53 percent, has picked up $45.9 million after 10 days; “Sleepy Hollow,“ down 51 percent, has reached a 17-day tally of $45.9 million; and “The Bone Collector,“ off 43 percent, has corralled $58.1 million after one month.

Walt Disney Pictures is a unit of Walt Disney Co. Universal Pictures is a unit of Seagram Co. Ltd. Paramount Pictures is a unit of Viacom Inc. Twentieth Century Fox is a unit of Fox Entertainment Group Inc.

Copyright © 1996-1999 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters.

Going For The Gold

The World Is Not Enough is one of the seven Oscar nominee finalists for Best Special Effects. The other contenders are Stuart Little, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, Wild Wild West, The Mummy, The Matrix, and Sleepy Hollow.

About 200 board members of the Academy will be viewing 15-minute reels of hand picked scenes from each F/X house responsible for the movie`s effect. The list of seven nominees will be trimmed down to a list of the three final nominations. Criteria includes technique, execution, creative use of existing technology, how pioneering the work was and whether it pushed the boundaries of visual f/x. The special effects team from Cinesite is represented by Chris Corbould, Alex Bicknell and Mara Bryan.

So what scenes will the Academy be viewing from The World Is Not Enough? The `fireball sequence`, the pipeline sequence where Bond and Christmas defuse a bomb on a rig moving 70 mph, the implosion of Renard`s submarine and the destruction of Zukovsky`s caviar factory. The caviar factory used a combination of miniatures and computer work to give the illusion that Bond, Christmas, and Zukovsky were under attack. Much like the `helicopter blades sequence` in Tomorrow Never Dies, the chainsaw blades sweeping out from underneath the helicopters in `World` were digitally inserted into the scene.

The World Is Not Enough is somewhat of a surprise among the nominees, since it is not special effects heavy in the obvious sense that `Phantom Menace` or `Matrix` are, and thus is considered a longshot for a nomination, much less a win.

What MGM should really be pushing for are Best Supporting Actor/Actress nominations for Sophie Marceau and Robert Carlyle. Both performances were exceptional, particularly Marceau`s. And Garbage`s title song is worth a nomination to. But without any momentum from the Golden Globes to speak of (the movie was locked out of every category), it looks like the cast and crew of The World Is Not Enough will just have to be happy with box office records, instead of little gold statues.

BMW To Premiere 007 Spots On Ally McBeal

Monday, November 1st, 1999 BMW offers the world their first glimpse of the new Z8 Roadster with a campaign trumpeting its role in MGM`s latest Bond film “The World is Not Enough”

The Z8, a high performance two-seater with a six-speed transmission and a 400 horsepower V-8 engine, gets Bond more than just around. It saves his life quite a number of times. For `World`, Bond uses his trusty BMW to evade seventeen foot circular saw blades suspended from helicopters and eventually downs one with a surface to air missle.

This isn`t the first time 007 has Bonded with BMW. The first BMW product placement was the Z3 for “Goldeneye”, which was roundly criticized for blatant commercialism without adding anything to the story (Bond did nothing with the car but just drive it) “Tomorrow Never Dies” feated the 750iL and R1200c motorcycle, this time making them more intregal to the plot.

The two new advertising campaigns will debut on FOX`s Ally McBeal (9pm EST), with print ads in Forbes, Fortune and USA Today. On the Web, Duffy Design and Interactive unit has created a BMW Z8/Bond section on the BMW site (http://www.bmwusa.com). Visitors can crack a secret code and virtually test drive the car against most obstacles Bond would face himself.

Real TWINE Track Listing Revealed

Beginning November 9th, US consumers can begin buying the soundtrack to The World is Not Enough. And what they may find is that the tracks are a little different in title, length and order than previously thought.

Here`s the original track list:

1. World Is Not Enough, The – Garbage
2 .Show Me The Money
3. Q Boat Chase
4. Bonding At The Computer
5. M`s Confession
6. Baku
7. Ski Chase
8. Elektra`s Theme: The Bedroom
9. Spying In Baku
10. Going Down
11. Pipeline
12. M And Renard
13. Caviar Factory
14. Garotte
15. Elektra Upstairs
16. Submarine
17. Christmas In Turkey
18. Only Myself To Blame – Scott Walker

Now here is the revised track listing as of 11-4-99 with old titles and chart positions in parentheses:

1. The World Is Not Enough – Garbage 3:55
2. Show Me The Money 1:28
3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up (Q Boat Chase) 5:19
4. Access Denied (Bonding At The Computer) 1:33
5. M’s Confession 1:32
6. Welcome To Baku (Baku) 1:41
7. Casino (9.Spying In Baku) 2:55
8. Ice Bandits (7.Ski Chase) 3:52
9. Elektra’s Theme (8.Elektra’s Theme:The Bedroom) 2:06
10. Body Double (12.M And Renard) 3:00
11. Going Down: The Bunker (10. Going Down) 6:27
12. Pipeline (11.Pipeline) 4:15

Track 13 seems to be a new addition.

13. Remember Pleasure 2:45
14. Caviar Factory (13.) 6:01
15. Torture Queen (14. Garotte) 2:22
16. I Never Miss (15. Elektra Upstairs) 3:32
17. Submarine (16.) 10:19
18. Christmas In Turkey (17.) 1:27
19. Only Myself To Blame – Scott Walker (18.) 3:37

Netiher Scott Walker`s track nor Garbage`s theme song will accompany the closing credits. Instead, a techno version of the Bond theme, not unlike Moby`s, will usher movie goers out of the theater.

Heineken Launches Ad Campaign Supporting “The World is Not Enough”

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Nov. 8,1999–James Bond might be known for his martinis (shaken, not stirred, thank you), but in a national television ad breaking this week, Bond`s gadget man “Q” affirms his preference for Heineken.

The campaign, supporting Heineken`s sponsorship of the November 19 launch of the new James Bond film, The World Is Not Enough, features Desmond Llewelyn (a.k.a. “Q”) in :30 television spots and radio ads describing gadgets he`s concocted to help him enjoy a bottle of Heineken beer. A corresponding print ad, which will run in November publications such as Sports Illustrated and TimeOut New York, includes a photo of a cold Heineken with the tagline “Some things shouldn`t be shaken or stirred,” and a teaser for the new film. Llewelyn is a veteran of Bond films, appearing in more than any other actor since the inception of the series in the early `60`s.

“Heineken prides itself on staying on top of the latest in movies and popular trends,” says Dan Tearno, Vice President of Corporate Affairs at Heineken USA. “We`re very excited to be supporting The World Is Not Enough, showcasing James Bond, the most successful film franchise of the century!”

The campaign marks the second time Heineken has supported the James Bond franchise, after having sponsored the last Bond film, 1997`s Tomorrow Never Dies. Heineken also created a major ad campaign and sponsorship program for last summer`s Austin Powers The Spy Who Shagged Me hit. Heineken`s support of The World Is Not Enough also includes point-of-sale items, such as table tents, standees and banners, along with a consumer offer for a Heineken/James Bond leather jacket.

Lowe & Partners/SMS (New York), Heineken`s advertising agency, created the campaign. Heineken USA, Inc., the nation`s largest beer importer, is a subsidiary of Heineken N.V. (Netherlands), which is the world`s second-largest brewer. Brands imported into the U.S. include: Heineken Lager, the world`s most international beer brand; Heineken Special Dark, Amstel Light, the largest-selling imported light beer brand; Murphy`s Irish Stout; Murphy`s Irish Amber, the only authentically Irish amber imported to the U.S., and Buckler non-alcoholic brew.

Mr. Boer, Meet Mr. Brosnan

…”My name is Boer…James Boer.” I’m Dutch, and my middle name is Jacobus (“James”). I’ve handed Pierce Brosnan the story excerpted here . . . Think my biggest hero is James Bond? It’s the Lord Jesus Christ!

Before you leave this BondFanEvents page thinking I’m a Jesus freak, I encourage you to read a bit longer! Or as Q says, “Now pay attention, 007!” The reason I love Christ above our friend James is that Christ paid for my sin!

The Bible says all of us are sinners, breaking God’s law in actions, words and thoughts. Even 007, though sarcastic, agrees with this in For Your Eyes Only, saying to Q, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned.” Our sin and guilt separate us from God. To go to heaven, however, we must be perfect. We can never go to heaven on our merits.

God loves us, though, and wants us to be with Him in heaven eternally. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to take our sin. Christ went to the cross and paid for sin there, taking punishment we deserve. After, He rose from the dead proving He had paid for sin. All He asks us to do in response is to place our trust in what He has done, not trusting our merits to get to heaven but what He did. The Bible says that:

“…God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever trusts in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life.”

It’s simple, God loves me, but I have sinned. Jesus paid for my sin and if I trust Him, I am assured of heaven! I know for certain I have eternal life and my sin is forgiven! I have a purpose to live for, to tell others what Christ did for me! “It’s a new world…with new dangers…but you can still depend on one man…Jesus Christ!”

—Kees Boer has been with 007Forever.com’s Bond Weekends since they were a fevered dream of a few crazy folk.

The World Is Not Enough (Novelization)

Raymond Benson’s novelization of The World Is Not Enough screenplay reads “fast and loose,” but of necessity, the book follows the screenplay so closely that fans will have to dig in with grit to unearth the fans’ treasures hidden inside.

By Mr. Benson’s own admission, he was rushed by Hodder & Staughton’s publishing schedule combined with a fast post-production on the TWINE final film, to do very much of anything exotic or innovative with the book. Raymond Benson’s knowledge of the James Bond phenomenon is encyclopedic in nature, however, and besides being a leading Bond writer, he is a fan’s fan who can recall chapter and verse of any significant Bond novel section, and he adds spicy details to his 007 movie novels.

Tidbits of Flemingiana are scattered throughout the TWINE novel, as when Bond savors the “scent and smell and sweat” of Valentin Zhukovsky’s casino (confer with Chapter 1 of “Casino Royale”). There are fun pokes at the Purvis/Wade/Feirstein scripts of recent years, shared lovingly, like when M admonishes Bond that “Contrary to what you may believe, Double-O Seven, the world is not populated by madmen who can hollow out volcanoes, fill them with big breasted women, and threaten the world with nuclear annihilation . . . ” (!) from a rejected Bruce Feirstein script bit. Benson adds his response, “Bond grinned at the irony of her remark . . . “. Bond ducks into the Bilbao, Spain art museum for a wistful look at great works after leaping from a window away from a sniper, in another place. We get fun and Fleming-like travelogue, weapons and vehicle details throughout.

Another help for any avid Bond movie fan Mr. Benson provides is his thorough covering over of some of the final film’s weightier continuity errors in his work, a pleasant tradition dating back to the first Bond novelization for “The Spy Who Loved Me”. How does Bond’s small craft leap up to destroy “Giuliana’s” gun placement on her boat? (Bond uses her craft as a launch ramp.) Why do all four of the dreaded parahawks chase down Bond instead of at least half targeting Elektra King on the slopes, to make Renard’s “attack” on her look valid? (Two hawks indeed chase King in the novel, until she is “frightened” enough to turn tail and head conveniently in Bond’s direction.) Bar bets and newsgroup disputes on TWINE continuity errors should be checked here first. Mr. Benson is thoroughly meticulous in making Bond’s world dovetail with our real world where possible.

Best of all the goodies, a delightfully Fleming-ish chapter late in the book explores in detail Renard’s history as a terrorist/Bond villain. Benson’s yarn of villain Renard and his “affair” with Elektra King receive treatment from Benson at a clever spot in the narrative, and makes this book worth a read by itself. Thanks, Raymond!

In sum, “The World Is Not Enough” movie novel gives readers a quick taste of Bond while they await Benson’s forthcoming novel, “Doubleshot”. Plus in its first printing British hardcover, The World Is Not Enough from Hodder & Staughton, is fetching US $75 to $150 for its scarcity only two months after publication! (Rumor has it Hodder ran merely 2,250 copies of the first printing state, with many copies gone to libraries immediately.) Oh Hodder, when will you promote your Bond novels like you did years ago, when John Gardner standees and fancy displays headlined “License Renewed” and every Bond novel hit the NY Times list?

–Matt Sherman collects all the British Bond firsts and many more hot collectibles with you at 007Forever Collectors’ Corner.

Roulette, Mister Bond?

American and European versions of roulette use the same rules. The difference between the two versions is that the American machines have a zero and double zero for 38 compartments, and the European machines have only the single zero for 37 compartments.

Each player is given his own colored set of chips (except in France, where some problems arise since all players use the same colored chips). The chips have no face value; each player tells the croupier the value of his chips when he purchases them. The croupier keeps track of the value of each set of chips by putting a small check chip with this value on the stack of chips.

Half the 36 numbers for the compartments are red and the others black. The zero and double zero are neutral colors (usually green).

The croupier asks the players to place their bets. A player does not have to sit at the table to place a bet. Once all bets are down, the croupier spins the wheel clockwise and then flips the ball counterclockwise around the rim of the wheel. Eventually, the ball lands in one of the compartments and the bets are paid off.

The simplest bet is to place chips on a single number. This is betting Straight Up (Plein); if the ball lands in this numbered compartment, the player is paid off at a ratio of 35 to 1.

Chips can be placed to cover several numbers at once. The diagrams on this page show the American and European roulette tables. The chip marked A touches “14” and “17”; this is called Split Numbers (Cheval). If either of these numbers wins, the player is paid off at a ratio of17 to 1. The chip marked B is placed on the corners of 26, 27, 29 and 30; this is called a Corner (Carre) and pays off at 8 to 1.

A Trio (Traversale Plein) bet is on the three numbers in a particular row (chip C in the diagram is betting on 28, 29, and 30); this bet pays off at 11 to 1. On the American version only, a Five Numbers bet can be made (chip D in the diagram covers 0, 00, 1 ,2, and 3); this bet pays off at 6 to 1. A Six Numbers (Traversale Simple) bet covers two rows (chip E in the diagram covers 10, 11, 12 , 13, 14, and 15); this bet pays off at 5 to 1.

A Column Bet (Colonne) covers 12 numbers (chip F in the diagram) in a column, and pays off at 2 to 1. The European tables allow a Split Column (Colonne a Cheval) that covers two columns (24 numbers); it pays off at 1 to 2. A Dozen (Douzaine) bet covers 12 numbers (chip G in the diagram covers 1 through 12); it pays off at 2 to 1. The European tables allow a Split Double (Douzaine a Cheval) where a chip covers 24 numbers; this bet pays off at 1 to 2.

Players can make Even Chance (Chances Simples) bets where the number that will come up will be red (Rouge) or black (Noir), odd (Impair), or even (Pair) or low (Manque; low numbers 1 to 18) or high (passe; high numbers 19 to 36.) These bets pay off even money.

In the American version, if the number that comes up is a 0 or 00, only single bets made on those numbers win. All Even Chance bets are lost in this case. In the European version, a 0 means the croupier “imprisons” the chips (that is, the chips stay on that bet until the next roll) but the chips lose half their value.

Spain, Vietnam and China – bond movie locations

Spain: Was once an original location shoot for Tomorrow Never Dies but was scrapped just prior to filming. The film was behind schedule and this may have been the reason. Spain and the Guggenheim made it back into the next film, The World Is Not Enough.

Vietnam: The producers wanted to actually film the relevant scenes of Tomorrow Never Dies in Vietnam where part of the film is set. Apparently the Communist factions of either China or Vietnam didn`t approve and took away Bond`s permit to film there. Thailand was then used as a substitute. EON will tell you though that they backed out of Vietnam, not the other way around. Why China would crush this production is a mystery, since the script is very complementary of them. Speaking of China…

China: Was one of the original locations for Licence To Kill. Locations had been scouted as early as December of 1987 in preparation for a summer 1988 filming date. What happened to the China angle? The primary reason is that EON wanted to be the first major Western film production to use China as a backdrop. “Empire Of The Sun” beat them to it. And it would`ve been more expensive to film in China as well and EON found a good place to film with Cherubusco Studios in Mexico City.

The World Is Not Enough: Monica Belluci and Milla Jovovich

Belluci would have played Paris Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies had she gotten the chance. She screen tested for the part, and impressed Pierce Brosnan enough to be his choice. But executives at EON wanted a “name actress” so they hired Teri Hatcher instead (see also Tomorrow Never Dies: Julia Bremermann for more on this subject). She may have been the number two choice on a short list of actresses to play the role but Roger Spottiswoode was quite high on having her play the part, and yet overruled by the studio.

She was born September 30th, 1968 in Perugia, Italy. In 1988 she began studying law but dropped her studies a year later to move to Milan to become a model. She`s appeared in the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola film “Dracula”, and has been nominated for a Cesar as The Most Promising Actress 1996. Her name may have come back up for consideration when the role of Elektra was in the early stages of being cast. As casting narrowed down to a conclusion, European news sources at the time indicated the role was down to two actresses: Milla Jovovich and Sophie Marceau. Sophie Marceau, the older actress, and older looking and far more experienced actress, got the part.

javier bardem – an early look

When Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, February 13th, 2001, an audible gasp and a thunderous round of applause went out when the name of Javier Bardem was called. The actor, nominated for “Before Night Falls”, was considered a long-shot to get a nomination for a film that, as a whole, had not generated much Oscar-buzz.

Bardem was to soon become a household name around the world (and was already a big star in Spain), but had he accepted the offer to play Renard in THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, he may have become even more famous much sooner. In the February 23rd, 2001 issue of Entertainment Weekly, Bardem tells the reporter Steve Daly why he turned down Renard: “With all my respects….that is not the kind of thing I like to do. I want to be on risk. Otherwise this job has not a meaning.”

His English still needed work and perhaps that`s the real reason he didn`t play Renard.

ginger spice? Liz Hurley?

Better known as “Ginger Spice” of The Spice Girls, Geri met with The World Is Not Enough director Michael Apted for the role of Dr. Christmas Jones. She didn`t get it. Her only explanation was that “things just didn`t work out”.

Elizabeth Hurley, world supermodel and girlfriend of Hugh Grant, an actress in her own right, was rumored to have been approached for a role in GoldenEye and ever since. She didn`t do anything in the film, but she did present a 45 minute tribute to the Bond series that aired on FOX-TV in the United States later in 1995.