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The Ultimate James Bond CD-ROM

This two disc set is packed with over 55 minutes of full motion video clips, over 22 minutes of audio clips, over 1,800 still photographs and 850 detailed articles on different aspects of 007`s world.

Highlights from all 17 Bond films (exludes Tomorrow Never Dies and Never Say Never Again), an original video montage of the key story elements for each adventure, storyboards detailing the who, what, when, and where for each film; an animated geographical map of every Bond mission; original film reviews, news clips and box office results plus photos of the original theatrical posters; complete film credits hyperlinked to individual data pages for key cast members.

The Ultimate James Bond also contains the ultimate Bond trivia game: an exciting 4 level trivia game lets you test your secret agent skills with over 400 questions requiring you to identify voices, photographs, audio clips and more!