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Q: The Wizard

Attache Case (From Russia With Love) Contains 50 Gold Sovreigns, 40 rounds of ammunition, infrared telescopic sight, AR-7 folding stock survival rifle, and a can of tear gas designed to look like talcum powder. The canister will explode if the case is opened inappropriately. 007 used this case to help defeat Red Grant.

Cigarette Rocket (You Only Live Twice) Demonstrated by Tiger Tanaka and his secret service, this nifty little invention miniaturizes a rocket and places it inside of a cigarette. It is ignited by lighting the cigarette. A fuse embedded in the tobacco triggers the rocket out of the lit end. 007 used this gadget to set in motion a chain of events that would help him escape from Blofeld and his underground volcano lair.

Cell Phone (Tomorrow Never Dies) Q Branch, in conjunction with Ericsson Mobile Cellular Phones and BMV, has created one of the most memorable and inventive gadgets. Open the cell phone, tap twice on the pad and the ignition to the BMW750il starts up. Trace your finger around the pad to steer the car. Microcameras placed in the front of the car beam back images to a minituare television display on the cell phone. The combination of pressing 3, Recall, Send will cause a bolt of electricity to jump from the phone. It also comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Other features found in the BMW750il are also controlled by the phone, such as reinflating tires, wire cutters, and missle launchers.Bond used this phone to escape Stamper and his men in Hamburg, Germany.

Key Chain (The Living Daylights) A whistle activated key chain. By whistling “God Save The Queen” the chain emits a stun gas capable of knocking out more normal people withing a 5 ft range. A wolf whistle activates a highly charged explosive compound. Bond used this keychain twice; Once to escape a Russian jailor and another time to destroy Brad Whitaker

Pens (Mightier Than The Sword!):

Acid (Octopussy) Comes in two styles: Ball Point and Fountain. Each pen is pressurized with an inert gas designed to emit a 1 inch stream of fluid acid. The Ball Point pen holds 2 cc`s of acid; the Fountain 4 cc`s. It will cut through all metals. This Q Branch invention was used to help 007 escape from Kamal Kahn`s Monsson Palace.

Grenade (Goldeneye) Class 4 grenade; 3 clicks arms the 4 second fuse and another 3 clicks disarms it

Pick (Moonraker) The pen`s head is pressurized to release a 6 inch knife/pick when triggered. 007 used this gadget to kill a Python.

Peton Belt (Goldeneye) 75 foot rapelling cord built into the buckle; fire and out shoots a peton and a high tensile wire designed to support the weight of one man.


Detonator (Moonraker) Pressing twice on the watch face releases a 16 foot long strand of ultrathin wire and 2 blasting caps. Plastique explosives are embedded in the wristband. 007 used this Q Branch invention to help himself, and Holly Goodhead, escape from the impending blast of a Moonraker Shuttle liftoff.

Garrote (From Russia With Love) The time setting stem can also be used to pull out a long strand of ultrathin wire used to strangle advesaries. Red Grant used this watch.

Laser This Q Branch invention contains a particle laser capable of burning through wrought iron steel or 3 inch armor plating. Laser beam has a shelf life of 60 seconds before diffusing. 007 has used this gadget to escape from Maximillian Largo`s North African fortress in Never Say Never Again and to escape from 006`s death train in Goldeneye.

Magnetic A counter clockwise turn of the watch facing creates a magnetic field strong enough to attract metal objects from as far away as 25 feet and up to 50 lbs. 007 used this Q Branch invention to eliminate Kananga in Live and Let Die.

Printer / Receiver (The Spy Who Loved Me) Contains a shortwave receiver, paper punch,enough paper for a message of 128 characters, and a RAM microchip which stores the message received.

Radar (Octopussy) A miniaturized radar unit packed into the facing of most standard Q Branch watches. They are capable of picking up 4 different types of homing devices. 007 used this watch to monitor the comings and goings of Kamal Kahn at The Monsoon Palace.

Rotary Saw (Live and Let Die) A miniaturized saw and motor are triggered by subtle pressure points in the watch casing. The saw has the capabilities of cutting through steel at the rate of a half inch per minute. The life of the motor is 10 minutes. 007 used the saw to free himself and Solitaire from Dr.Kananga`s roped clutches.

Television (Octopussy) This Seiko/Q Branch invention contains a 1 inch liquid crystal television monitor that displays live images from any remote camera beaming a signal into it. As usual, the watch has all the other basics, such as time settings and alarm bells. 007 used this gadget to locate Octopussy`s position after being kidnapped by Kamal Kahn.


Avram (Thunderball) Lightweight tracer that can be placed on someone else or swallowed in the form of a pill. Range is 3 miles and broadcasts for 3 hours upon activation.

Davey (Goldfinger) Distinguishing characteristic of this tracer is that it is indestructable. Has a 6 hour broadcasting life and a 3 mile range of detection.

Echo (Octopussy) Transmits only in response to certain broadcast frequencies. Radar tracking units, typically found in Q Branch watches, can only home in on the signal from the tracer and cannot be used to track anything else.

X Ray Safecracker (Moonraker) The Safecracker is disguised as either a pocket calculator or cigarette case. A plate swings out to form a viewing screen similar to a flouroscope. A burst battery with an extremely short shelf life generates the needed electricity to operate the safecracker. The life of the battery is less than 60 seconds. This Q Branch invention was used to remove sensitive documents from the safe of Hugo Drax that connected him to a nerve gas facility in Venice, Italy.