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Real TWINE Track Listing Revealed

Beginning November 9th, US consumers can begin buying the soundtrack to The World is Not Enough. And what they may find is that the tracks are a little different in title, length and order than previously thought.

Here`s the original track list:

1. World Is Not Enough, The – Garbage
2 .Show Me The Money
3. Q Boat Chase
4. Bonding At The Computer
5. M`s Confession
6. Baku
7. Ski Chase
8. Elektra`s Theme: The Bedroom
9. Spying In Baku
10. Going Down
11. Pipeline
12. M And Renard
13. Caviar Factory
14. Garotte
15. Elektra Upstairs
16. Submarine
17. Christmas In Turkey
18. Only Myself To Blame – Scott Walker

Now here is the revised track listing as of 11-4-99 with old titles and chart positions in parentheses:

1. The World Is Not Enough – Garbage 3:55
2. Show Me The Money 1:28
3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up (Q Boat Chase) 5:19
4. Access Denied (Bonding At The Computer) 1:33
5. M’s Confession 1:32
6. Welcome To Baku (Baku) 1:41
7. Casino (9.Spying In Baku) 2:55
8. Ice Bandits (7.Ski Chase) 3:52
9. Elektra’s Theme (8.Elektra’s Theme:The Bedroom) 2:06
10. Body Double (12.M And Renard) 3:00
11. Going Down: The Bunker (10. Going Down) 6:27
12. Pipeline (11.Pipeline) 4:15

Track 13 seems to be a new addition.

13. Remember Pleasure 2:45
14. Caviar Factory (13.) 6:01
15. Torture Queen (14. Garotte) 2:22
16. I Never Miss (15. Elektra Upstairs) 3:32
17. Submarine (16.) 10:19
18. Christmas In Turkey (17.) 1:27
19. Only Myself To Blame – Scott Walker (18.) 3:37

Netiher Scott Walker`s track nor Garbage`s theme song will accompany the closing credits. Instead, a techno version of the Bond theme, not unlike Moby`s, will usher movie goers out of the theater.

License To Chill

Chromatic Records is getting set to release an album entitled “Licence to Chill”, a trip-hop tribute to the James Bond series. “Licence to Chill” is the brainchild of two musicians, Christoph Bull and Larry Washington, along with a host of guest musicians. The album is inspired by James Bond and the music that has transpired from his movies to enrich us all.

Track listing:

001. Introducing: JB
002. Diamonds Are Forever
003. Martini-Mix
004. Live And Let Die
005. Diamond Shake (Medley)
006. Concerto for G
007. License To Chill
008. Martini Dry
009. Diamonds R 4 Evah (Medley)
010. In The Hood Alone
011. Forever
012. You Know You Did (Live And Let Die – Reprise)
013. Moonraker – Streng Geheim
014. Outroducing: JB

Street date: Feb
Internet Date: Jan (check back with us here at crcinfo@aol.com)

Release dates, retailers, and other album information can be found at: www.chromaticrecords.com

For suggestions or questions on the album, email: crcinfo@aol.com or phone (310)-281-6274

For submissions write:
Chromatic Records
8391 Beverly Blvd. Suite 226
Los Angeles, CA USA 90048
or fax: