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John Frankenheimer Flirts With Directing Bond

John Frankenheimer, the director of such films as `Reindeer Games`, `The Manchurian Candidate` and `Ronin` has his own connection to the Bond world. He spoke with Oregon-based journalist Shawn Levy on a promotional tour for `Reindeer Games` and the subject of 007 came up.

SL: Here`s a crazy thought. Back in the `60s, were you ever approached to do a Bond movie?

JF: You know what? I was offered the role of James Bond in 1962. I was at a nightclub in London, and (Bond producer) Cubby Broccoli saw me. And I looked just like what Ian Fleming had written, and he asked me would I do it? And I turned him down. But I wouldn`t direct one. Those action sequences are bigger than life, and I don`t do action sequences that are bigger than life. You have to sublimate yourself to the style of the movie, and I can`t do that.

Ironically, his 1976 film BLACK SUNDAY appears to have inspired Michael G. Wilson and Richard Maibaum when writing LICENSE TO KILL. BLACK SUNDAY ends with Robert Shaw being lowered from a helicopter onto a blimp that is being piloted by terrorists. Shaw hooks the blimp to a cargo line and the blimp is pulled up and away from a stadium packed with Super Bowl attendees. In LICENSE TO KILL, Bond is lowered onto the back of a light airplane piloted by a drug czar, where he then hooks the plane to a fishing cable and the plane is pulled up and away to be reeled in like a fish.