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Brosnan Undergoes Kneeded Surgery

The 48-year-old dash, Pierce “Bond Version 5.0” Brosnan, is back in London, England on the set of Bond 20 after undergoing minor surgery friday in Los Angeles, California, near his adopted US home

Brosnan suffered a knee injury during an action sequence for the new Bond due out in November 2002. The rumor mill says the sequence was a Hawaii-Five-Oh-type water surfing scene.

Said EON publicist Dick Guttman, “This is one of the most physical of all the Bond films, and he [Brosnan] wants to be completely fit for it”.

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Breaking the `Ice`

By now most everyone who hasn`t been living under a rock or living on board The Mir Space Station has heard the rumor that THE EQUALIZER star, Edward Woodward, is in talks to replace Judi Dench as “M”. Yahoo!, Reuters, E! Online, Aint It Cool News and countless other media outlets, some who should know better, have run the story. With the release date of the next Bond film probably not until Summer 2002, these are just the kind of premature, unfounded rumors we at 007Forever would like to have just ignored. However, due to the many kind fans and visitors who kept emailing us with the news links, we decided to tackle the issue head on and tell you what we know…and what we think.

We could have believed the Edward Woodward rumor if it hadn`t originated in The Daily Mirror, a London based tabloid, which is the American equivalent to The Star, or The National Enquirer. To put it diplomatically, their track record when it comes to 007 rumors is questionable. Only two years ago they claimed that all the James Bond actors would be working together in Bond 19 (later titled THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH). Of course that didn`t happen. But the real tip off that made this rumor suspicious to us is the Mirror`s assertion that the film is in preproduction under the working title of BEYOND THE ICE. Two years ago Bond 19 was “supposedly” under the working title FIRE AND ICE, ZERO WINDCHILL and ON HOT ICE. Do we see a pattern here? Not only were those three titles supposedly under consideration for Bond 19, but they were also rumored to be titles for Bond 18 (TOMORROW NEVER DIES).

One thing that we can unequivocally state is that BEYOND THE ICE is not the working title of the next James Bond film. 007Forever has confirmed that neither EON, nor MGM, have made any casting decisions at this time. In fact, they don`t even have a script or a draft of a script. They have nothing going on at this time in regards to Bond 20.

You have to maintain continuity in the series, so what would the point be of replacing Judi Dench, a recent Oscar winner and an actress whose role was greatly increased for `World` after her Oscar win? Woodward is 70 now. By the time Bond 20 comes out, he`ll be 72. Do you really want to initiate a new long term character under those circumstances?

And the Alaska rumor? Don`t even get us started. It is sufficient to say that the Alaska rumors are premature in the face of the fact that there is NO SCRIPT. How one makes the leap from having no script to the conclusion that Michael Wilson is going to set the precredits sequence in Alaska boggles the imagination. This is nothing new. Various rumors have circulated before that the precredits sequence would be set in Idaho (Brosnan was actually filming DANTE`s PEAK there) to Antarctica.

So, in effect, the Mirror`s story is an old rumor with a new twist, the new twist being Edward Woodward. In light of the fact there is no script, no draft, that BEYOND THE ICE is a reworked version of older title rumors, and that Alaska is just another cold weather location for older location rumors, we find it very hard to believe that Judi Dench is leaving or being forced out of her role as “M”. That`s not to say it won`t happen, but the odds don`t look to good for Edward.

And what of Gretchen Mol being cast as the next Bond Girl? While we don`t dispute she had lunch with Barbara Broccoli, a lot of other actresses have had lunch with Barbara Broccoli, and not all of them were cast. Brigitte Nielsen comes to mind. Most of the casting on Bond films comes a few weeks before filming, and in some cases even during filming. Take a look at our section, Almost Acted and Sung, for a long list of actors and actresses who auditioned, had lunch with, met the producers or were approached about starring and for some reason or another did not. The chances of Gretchen Mol being cast this far in advance of the film, without a script, are remote.

Bond 20 Rumors Send Fans Into Frenzy

In the absence of any official word from EON or MGM about the state of production on the next Bond flick, the rumor mill, which was quite dormant for a while, has exploded with a vengenance the past few weeks.

The latest rumor, which was posted on a well known entertainment gossip website, involved the supposed return of Bruce Feirstein to script writing duties with a story that dealt with a “money scam”. This sent the fans into a foaming frenzy(an issue we will get to shortly) both pro and con. Where ever your sympathies fall on this issue, you can relax. Bruce Feirstein is NOT, I repeat NOT writing Bond 20. Not only is he not writing the film, but it has absolutely nothing to do with a “money scam” as alleged elsewhere, nor is it going to be based on any rough drafts or first drafts of other scripts written by Feirstein, as Cinescape`s website claimed several weeks ago. Mr. Feirstein has told 007Forever that he is in possession of any and all drafts, scripts, notes, etc…relating to his work in the Bond series and EON is not adapting old work and has no plans to.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago when we told you that Judi Dench was still “M” (a fact officially confirmed last week by EON at www.jamesbond.com) and that the title was not BEYOND THE ICE, we don`t reprint or link to rumors, particulalry those that are recycled, patently or obviously false, or those that originate from tabloids. Major news outlets and other Bond websites that should`ve known better chose to run or link to those scurrilous stories and then never bothered to issue a retraction when they were proven wrong. So why did we mention the Bruce Feirstein rumor? Three reasons: #1 To tell you that it was wrong #2 To tell you why it was wrong and #3 To set our policy on reporting news and information regarding the next James Bond film.

Not only was the rumor offbase, but the person proffering this supposed tidbit of news had his facts all wrong. He was either a complete idiot who knew nothing about how the Bond series is produced or had no style (anyone who thinks Renny Harlin is a “genius” needs to have their head checked). The bottom line here is that 007Forever is not going to track down every crackpot rumor to find out if it is true or not. We don`t have the time for it, and since most don`t pan out anyway, it would be an incredible waste of our time and yours. If we mention it on our site, in our newsletter, or on our message boards, you can be reasonably certain that it is the truth. If you hear a rumor but we`ve not mentioned it anywhere on the site it is because we know it to be false. Who would know better what is going on with the state of production on a Bond film than a website completely devoted to James Bond? Think about it.

So where does the production stand? Despite what other sites may be telling you, here are the cold, hard facts: Robert Wade and Neal Purvis are the writers but they have, as yet, turned in no script and no draft and from what we have been told, they have no story idea(s) from which to develop a script. In other words, there is little to no movement regarding a script right now.

The title is NOT, I repeat, NOT BEYOND THE ICE. There is NO TITLE. The film can`t be partially set in Alaska when there is no script, right? They could only plan a stunt to be filmed there…

Edward Woodward is NOT, I repeat, NOT replacing Judi Dench as “M” and for that matter Gretchen Mol has NOT been cast as a Bond Girl. No casting decisions have been made at this time.

The film is not about a “money scam”. No script, no draft, no nothing has been sent to directors John McTiernan, Danny Boyle, Stephen Herak or Anthony Minghella. In fact, Michael Apted IS, I repeat, IS The Director on record for the next film.

If it sounds like we are a bit weary of all these rumors running around, you are right. The Internet has created a society of webheads who have developed a bloodlust for the latest little bit of gossip, rumor or innuendo about the next Bond film, regardless of how far fetched or stupid it is. We now live in a culture that wants its information like it wants its Big Mac: fast, easy, quick, convenient and totally disposable.

The next Bond film is at least 1 year away from filming and at least 2 years away from hitting theaters. There will be plenty of time to track the latest goings on from the set of the next Bond film (a set we intend to visit). So between now and then, we are just going to relax, enjoy ourselves, and look at all the other fascinating aspects of the James Bond universe.

Bond 20 Breakdown

TITLE: Unknown
RELEASE DATE: November 15th, 2002 (US); NOVEMBER 22nd, 2002 (UK)
STARRING: Pierce Brosnan (007); Judi Dench (M); Samantha Bond (Moneypenny); John Cleese (R)
PLOT: Unknown
WRITER(S): Robert Wade and Neal Purvis until otherwise announced.
DIRECTOR: Michael Apted until otherwise announced.

SUMMARY: Despite a flurry of gossip and unsubstantiated rumor, there isn`t much going on with the latest James Bond film. The real information to be gotten about the film will begin next year when pre-production on the film begins.

What will Bond drive? British magazine HEAT is reporting that EON has signed a deal with Ford to feature a new Aston Martin in the next Bond pic, with their product expected to quadruple on the heels of the deal. Ford thought they had a deal to feature the DB7 in Goldeneye, and even a promotional tape was shown to fans at the Los Angeles Creation Bond Convention in 1994, but the studio used BMW instead. Conventional wisdom has it that the producing team of Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson is unwilling to part ways with the kind of money BMW is offering simply for the sentimental factor that Bond driving an Aston Martin brings to the film; a point well taken.

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David Arnold

David Arnold rose to worldwide recognition thanks to his rousing score for the box office smash hit “Independence Day”, though he was hardly an overnight success. His first work of note was for the 1993 film “The Young Americans”, which spawned the hit “Play Dead”. His next big break came from the release of “Stargate”, a 1994 box office hit. His collaboration with Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich on their film “Stargate” led to his job scoring their next film “Independence Day”. That film would earn him a 1997 Grammy for “Best Instrumental Composition Written For A Motion Picture Or Television”.

In 1998 EastWest Records released “Shaken, Not Stirred: The David Arnold Collection”, a compilation album that featured remakes of some of the most beloved standards in the Bond musical legacy. He also scored the next Devlin/Emmerich production “Godzilla”, as well as the Freddie Prinze flick “Wing Commander”. In 1999 Arnold returned to Bond to score “The World Is Not Enough”. He is expected back for the next James Bond film.

Born: Luton, England

Best Buy Creates Bond Theme World For Collectors

MGM Home Entertainment (NYSE:MGM) and Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) today announced a long-term strategic alliance to promote the most successful franchise in film history, James Bond. Beginning in 2002, North America’s leading electronics retailer, Best Buy, will team up with the ultimate technology gadget guru, James Bond, to celebrate the impending release of the 20th film in the series on November 22, 2002.

Best Buy Co., Inc. stores, including Best Buy, Sam Goody, Media Play, Suncoast, On-Cue and Future Shop, will create special Bond-themed environments within the stores to provide one-stop-shopping for consumers and establish the retailer as a premiere Bond retailer. Merchandise will include Bond DVD box sets, soundtracks, the James Bond interactive product line, as well as licensed product and related merchandise from promotional partners. Best Buy will support the effort with a multi-faceted marketing campaign including advertising circulars featuring James Bond that will be distributed to 50 million consumers, a Bond-themed sweepstakes and a Best Buy “Fun Zone” technology truck outfitted as a mobile Bond activity center. In addition, Best Buy stores will host the exclusive retail launch of the Bond 20 trailer.

“As the premier retailer of technology and entertainment products, Best Buy was our first choice for an alliance in support of our biggest film property,” said Blake Thomas, executive vice president of marketing – MGM Home Entertainment. “The Best Buy management team is known for its marketing prowess, and we are thrilled to be working with them on a campaign celebrating the imminent release of the 20th film in the Bond Franchise.”
“The high-tech gadgets and all-out action found throughout the James Bond series perfectly fits the interests of our customers, especially when delivered on DVD,” said Jeff Maynard, vice president of marketing services for Best Buy. “The enduring popularity of the James Bond franchise and the marketing savvy of MGM sets the stage for an exceptionally successful retail campaign.”

About EON Productions Eon Productions/Danjaq, LLC, is owned by the Broccoli family and has produced nineteen James Bond films since 1962. The Bond films make up the most successful franchise in film history and include the recent blockbuster films GoldenEye, Tomorrow Never Dies, and The World Is Not Enough, produced by Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli. Eon Productions and Danjaq, LLC, are affiliate companies and control all worldwide merchandising of the James Bond franchise.

About MGM Home Entertaiment MGM Home Entertainment controls the home video and DVD rights to the largest modern library of filmed entertainment in the world. The Company manages worldwide home video and DVD distribution rights to United Artists and current Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatrical releases, as well as titles from Orion, Goldwyn, and PolyGram libraries, totaling more than 4,100 films. For more information about MGM Home Entertainment, its products, and services, access MGM online at www.mgmhomevideo.com.

MGM Home Entertainment is now offering access to publicity artwork through a new image database website located at www.mgmhe-art.com. After initial registration, users may log in at any time and have access to downloadable, high-resolution images including DVD and VHS box and key art, title treatments and a wide variety of publicity stills. Artwork is available for all MGM titles that are currently in the marketplace.

About Best Buy Co., Inc. Minneapolis-based Best Buy Co., Inc. (NYSE:BBY) is North America’s number one specialty retailer of consumer electronics, personal computers, entertainment software and appliances. The Company operates retail stores and commercial web sites under the names: Best Buy (BestBuy.com), Future Shop (FutureShop.ca); Magnolia Hi-Fi (MagnoliaHiFi.com), Media Play (MediaPlay.com), On Cue (OnCue.com), Sam Goody (SamGoody.com), and Suncoast (Suncoast.com). The Company reaches consumers through more than 1,800 retail stores in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Mr. Boer, Meet Mr. Brosnan

…”My name is Boer…James Boer.” I’m Dutch, and my middle name is Jacobus (“James”). I’ve handed Pierce Brosnan the story excerpted here . . . Think my biggest hero is James Bond? It’s the Lord Jesus Christ!

Before you leave this BondFanEvents page thinking I’m a Jesus freak, I encourage you to read a bit longer! Or as Q says, “Now pay attention, 007!” The reason I love Christ above our friend James is that Christ paid for my sin!

The Bible says all of us are sinners, breaking God’s law in actions, words and thoughts. Even 007, though sarcastic, agrees with this in For Your Eyes Only, saying to Q, “Forgive me father, for I have sinned.” Our sin and guilt separate us from God. To go to heaven, however, we must be perfect. We can never go to heaven on our merits.

God loves us, though, and wants us to be with Him in heaven eternally. God sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to earth to take our sin. Christ went to the cross and paid for sin there, taking punishment we deserve. After, He rose from the dead proving He had paid for sin. All He asks us to do in response is to place our trust in what He has done, not trusting our merits to get to heaven but what He did. The Bible says that:

“…God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever trusts in Him, will not perish, but have eternal life.”

It’s simple, God loves me, but I have sinned. Jesus paid for my sin and if I trust Him, I am assured of heaven! I know for certain I have eternal life and my sin is forgiven! I have a purpose to live for, to tell others what Christ did for me! “It’s a new world…with new dangers…but you can still depend on one man…Jesus Christ!”

—Kees Boer has been with 007Forever.com’s Bond Weekends since they were a fevered dream of a few crazy folk.