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Bondiana With Mysterious Books

The Mysterious Bookshop, located in Manhattan, is one of the world’s original mystery specialty stores. The bookshop, which specializes in James Bond collectibles, is owned by Otto Penzler, author of the popular monograph, Collecting Ian Fleming’s James Bond. Among their long line of publishing the best of mystery and espionage works, Penzler’s Mysterious Books published the three limited editions of License To Kill most sought-after by collectors, two of which are fetching $1,000 today. (LTK was also publishewd in hardback by a British Book Club–editor.)

Mysterious Search is the search service for The Mysterious Bookshop, and it is located in Atlanta. The search service is staffed by fulltime professionals, who have invested years in developing a network to allow them to locate rare items for dedicated collectors.

The search is conducted at no charge to collectors. When a request is submitted, the item is meticulously researched. Once the item has been found, the searcher re-contacts the customer with a description and price. The collector can, at that time, make a decision on whether or not to buy the desired title. The search service then purchases the book or item for the collector, receives it and checks its condition, professionally re-packs it and ships by Priority Mail or UPS to the customer. The purchaser’s credit card is charged at that time.

Betty Breckenridge is the James Bond specialist and a member of the search service for the bookshop. The advantage the search service offers is that you, the collector, are not limited to what the store has in stock at any given time. If they don’t have a title you want, Bettycan look far and wide for it, on your behalf. Betty performs this service at no charge to you.

Here is a typcial Mysterious book listing. There prices are in the mid-range of what is being offered by dealers worldwide. If you want detail on descriptions, or you’d like Betty to search for items in greater or lesser condition, you only need to ask:

Betty Breckenridge
The Mysterious Bookshop, NY
877.30.BOOKS, toll-free
404.321.9849, fax