Summer of 1,000 Movies

I have serious reservations about Quantum of Solace at the box office this fall? Why? Because I have serious reservations for theater tickets to spend dollars at the movies all summer!

I’ve been fortunate to see Prince Caspian (better than I expected, I must say), Iron Man, the new Indiana Jones, 21 and other flicks recently. And my wallet is burning a hole for the upcoming or already out:

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (French Bond spoof now in limited release)
Get Smart (Would you believe?)
Star Wars: The Clone Wars
Dark Knight
Speed Racer
The Mummy 3
Etc., etc.
My question: Will 007’s moviegoers be too broke for the gas to get to the theater by October/November, let alone the tickets?

What movies are you waiting for, and which flicks do you think could overtake QOS in box office (after each film has had a several month run)? Crystal Skull looks like it still has some good momentum…

EON or Spielberg/Lucas? I know I hope Bond will whip Indy this time round (pun intended).

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