Spy vs. Spy: “Assassin Maggie” vs. James Bond

Point Of No Return was a vastly underrated spy flick deserved better treatment than it got by critics when it hit theaters in 1993. The movie is a virtual scene-for-scene remake of Luc Besson`s 1990 film “La Femme Nikita”.

Turning the traditional role of a spy being male on its head, Bridget Fonda plays Maggie, a strung out drug addict who kills a cop shortly after the opening credits. She`s sentenced to die by the court, but a shadowy intelligence organization seems some potential in Maggie. Her execution is faked and Maggie wakes up to a new life: that of an assassin.

At first it takes Maggie a while to get used to the idea that she has no choice; she either fulfills her obligation to “Operations” or she`s terminated and put into that burial plot for real. At first Maggie stubbornly refuses to be made over from heroin junkie to a perfectly coiffed killer, but under the discipleship of Anne Bancroft, Maggie confronts the inevitable.

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