Right, It’s AVTAK

I recently posted rankings of the Bond films and thought I might better defend LTK as #1. Having said that, I recently re-watched Licence To Kill but also watched AVTAK last night.

View played much better than I had remembered on a big screen with the new print on the Ultimate DVD set. The production values are huge, the chateau, Paris, and horse racing scenes and sounds were great, and Tanya Robert’s screams, I discovered, were all contextual. She screamed when left in the elevator shaft before somewhat succumbing to smoke inhalation (seen as she limply carried down the fireman’s ladder, and screams when people are murdered and when she nearly plunges to her death from the Golden Gate bridge.

In short, I really liked AVTAK and that might come to topple LTK—making it easier to defend my choice. 🙂

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