Remembrance for Desmond Llewellyn Announced

There could hardly have been a more beloved actor than the delightful “Q”, Desmond Llewelyn, who was a favorite for several generations of 007 fans. An American charity is set to help remember Desmond Llewelyn`s legacy.

Mr. Llewelyn was a “rare breed” of gentleman whose personal and family life matched his sweet and cheerful on-camera persona. The world of James Bond has lost a giant and precious ambassador, who was never too busy to meet with a fan for a personal visit, sign an autograph or promote in any way the legacy of the James Bond films.

007Forever, in conjunction with an American charity, is working to help remember the legacy of Desmond Llewelyn. Mrs. Llewelyn is an Alzheimer`s sufferer, and gifts are being given in Mr. Llewelyn`s memory and collected for the Alzheimer`s Association. Courtesy copies of fans` cards, remembrances or wishes accompanying gifts, will be delivered to the Llewelyn family as well.

A spokesperson for the Alzheimer`s Association said, “I personally am a huge fan and have enjoyed the James Bond films for many years, reading all the Ian Fleming novels as well. No matter who played Bond himself onscreen, Mr. Llewelyn was the perennial favorite in the James Bond movies, as everyone knows, and the volunteers of the Alzheimer`s Association appreciate Bond`s fans everywhere remembering Mr. Llewelyn and his family in this precious way.”

The Alzheimer`s Association mission is to “provide leadership to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research, while enhancing care and support services for individuals and their families.”

Please send your cards, letters, and remembrances, along with gift payments, made payable only to “Alzheimer`s Association” to:

1831 NW 13 ST STE 4

We will update you at 007Forever with news on this special tribute to a dear friend of every Bond fan. On behalf of the many volunteers of the Alzheimer’s Association, thank you in advance for your generous gifts.

Please send any inquiries regarding this special tribute to Desmond Llewelyn to: “Q Branch” gifts.

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