Producers Unshaken By Website Scoop

LONDON (Reuters) – It sounded like a dastardly plot from a James Bond movie — an unknown spy infiltrates Hollywood, steals a blockbuster script and reveals all on the Internet.

But just like a typical Bond villain, a website which claimed it had the details of the next film about British secret agent 007, has failed in its mission, the producers said on Wednesday. They dismissed the supposed plot outline as pure fantasy.

The Bond fans’ website,, which is dedicated to providing information about the 20th film in the series, said it had seen the script for next year’s movie which it said would be titled “Final Assignment”.

It said 007 would confront the killer of his father, Andrew Bond — who was also a British spy — in an action-packed adventure filmed on location in Australia, France, Tokyo and New York. The final fight to the death would take place on the crown on New York’s Statue of Liberty.

To whet fans’ appetite further, Sean Connery, the original cinema Bond of the 1960s, would appear in flashbacks as 007’s father while British actor Nigel Havers would play the film’s baddie, David Saten, the website said.

But the Bond film production company said the plot was the product of a fan’s overactive imagination and had left them neither shaken nor stirred.

“It’s fabricated. We have spoken to the producers about it and I’m afraid it’s a fan who’s done a James Bond script — it’s not ours,” a spokeswoman for Eon Productions told Reuters.

“The film hasn’t got a name yet. It’s only in the very beginning of pre-production.”

She said casting should start in the next couple of weeks (Ed.- see article on Arnold Vosloo) and they hoped to start shooting in January next year.

New Zealand-born Lee Tamahori was on board as director and had started working on the film, she added.

The website’s claims are the latest speculation about the film. Newspaper reports earlier in the year tipped singer Whitney Houston to appear as the next “Bond girl”.

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